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Problems regarding over-population and pollution of Mutter Erde will one day be resolved with the cosmos shaking event known as Ragnarok.
The catalyst that will start Ragnarok will be the final global war between the zionist world represented by the United States of America and her pet poodle the United Kingdom against their long time enemy Russia alongside countries such as China and zionist-free middle-eastern countries such as Iran. One can see these sides in the process of alligning now. This is the real reason why Israel and her zionist allies will do anything they can to resist Iran developing nuclear capability for military purposes.


Thanks to the traitors and idiots over the decades who have allowed England to become a multiracial cesspit every politician must in effect work for the detriment of the indigenous English and British population. Therefore the solution to the multiracial hell that we are experiencing can not be found in the ballot box.

However the `solution` is coming and it will be a final solution, not one instigated by us but by Mutter Erde Herself. The nuclear holocausts that will be unleashed by the zionists will cause a chain reaction throughout nature and will wipe out most of humanity. This we know has happened before many times in the unrecorded history of the earth. As someone far wiser than me once noted Ragnarok spelled in reverse is Korangar-the spear[Gar-Proto-Germanic] of the Koran. In otherwords Ragnarok will be initiated as the result of Islamic fundamentalism. Recently I noticed that likewise Walhalla spelled in reverse says Allah Law. So the Aryan spiritual forces of Walhalla, the Einheriar will find themselves fighting against hordes of the Law of Allah, in other words Islam.



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