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Re: Couple of TiMs hogging the front row at "women-only" festival. Check the 3rd photo.

What's kinda odd is that they apparently allow "trans-men" to attend... so if they recognize the difference between "cis-men" and "trans-men", shouldn't they also naturally recognize the difference between "trans-women" and "cis-women"? I guess not...

Ok so trans men can attend, and so can women, trans women, non binaries, and agenders. So really only “cis” men are banned. If this kind of exclusion becomes more popular I can totally see “cis” men suing for gender discrimination. They are being barred from events just because of their “gender identity” and not for any good, material reason that is justifiable. In effect, these organisers have said “if you identify a certain way, and have this kind of gender identity, you can’t be trusted to behave yourself” which is discrimination. The non binary “males assigned at birth” , the men who are “females assigned at birth” , and the women who are “males assigned at birth” are all trusted to behave themselves but the men who are “males assigned at birth” aren’t allowed in?

A “cis man” could easily argue that he has the exact same gender identity as a “trans man”, and the exact same same as a “trans woman” and thus his exclusion is unfair and arbitrary. And so “cis men” can’t be banned from anything purely on the basis ‘of what gender they identify as.

Note I’ve used a lot of the kind of language they use so I’ve put it in scare quotes.

Transmen are where the wheels fall off the thing for a lot of people.

"Should transwomen automatically be put in the women's jail?" is a question many people reflexively answer yes to.

"Should transmen automatically be put in the men's jail?" gets some different responses.

Gee, it's almost like oppression is sex-based and you can't identify out of it.

The trans lobby argues that it is more appropriate to separate areas by gender identity as opposed to sex. I’m just pointing out that this may not even be legally feasible. What this means is that gender separated spaces may entirely cease to exist.

Typical colonizing TIMs.

Yeah no. TiMs can go fuck off.



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