antihero_kate et al #homophobia

antihero_kate: 30% of women under 25 identifying as LGBT is a cope for a society of feminized men with poor career prospects. Whichever champion can bring back masculinity will turn this whole thing around. I think in reality women thirst for strong and determined masculine men.

Grant L: This is exactly how the government wants men. Confused, anxious, and not knowing how to fit in with society. Familial norms are no longer. Tv shows men as stupid and weak. It's a sad sad thing and will only lead to codependency on government.

antihero_kate: I think it’s obvious that removing men and strong men is the easiest way to control a society.

business student trash: Nail, meet head. I've seen this SO much. Straight women go from bad relationship to bad relationship with fem men, then identify as bi, then identifying as queer, and then out comes the hair dye and she becomes "them."



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