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Candace Owens #transphobia twitter.com

BREAKING: Trump is proposing a rule allowing federally funded homeless shelters to turn away trans and gender non-conforming people — in the midst of the highest unemployment rates our country has seen in decades.

BREAKING: Trump is proposing a rule not to allow MEN into WOMEN’s homeless shelters, because MEN who self-identify as women, are not actually WOMEN, just as children who self-identify as mermaids, are not actually fish.


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Candace Owens #sexist #conspiracy twitter.com

[Context: referring to an anti-harassment/bullying commercial by razor company Gillette]

The #Gillette commercial is the product of mainstream radicalized feminism & emblematic of Cultural Marxism.

STOP [Clapping emoji] PERVERTING [Clapping hands] MASCULINITY.


Despite what Lena Dunham tells you, women are not into beta males & men are not into chicks w/ armpit hair.

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Callem Aronsen #racist twitter.com

(fun fact, this guy isn't even japanese, he is a new zelander)


Japan is for Japanese culture, don't let other cultures take root in japan.

If anything English rather than korean should be displayed, but i was able to get around japan with very little or no English text

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Linda #conspiracy #racist twitter.com

Do any Americans still wonder how the Nazi's got the Jews to load themselves into Cattle Cars? Look around you. They shut down your businesses, THEN sent an army of gangs to destroy, loot, and burn them, attacked your heritage, and FORCED you to wear a mask while THEY did it.

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Derya Akpinar #crackpot twitter.com

Viruses are smaller then hydrogen molecules and can adhere to the obet layer .When you remove the mask at home, they can penetrate your mouth and nose ,so you can also pass them on.Think logically and medically

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bill #racist twitter.com

Im 68 years old and I never had a problem with people of color untill Obama made everything black and white. And why can [Bubba Wallace] write BLM on his car and we can't my the Confederate flag car

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DeAnna Lorraine #racist #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

So [quotee’s family] didn’t want me there, at the get-together. And not really hurt, honestly, like you know, ‘I miss them so much’. And it’s just the hardest thing, coming out of Covid, where we have already been deprived of friends and social interactions with family especially in California where it’s the most strict and people are taking it the most seriously. And then, to find out that they have a get-together now, finally, I’ve been pushing for a family reunion after all of this, and that they don’t want me there. Some of them didn’t want me there cause they were worried that there would be tensions because of the different political views.


And it just, it really hurts. Because Black Lives Matter, they’re not who they say they are! They’re not just supportive of black people! That’s their ruse! It’s not that they are for black lives, or to end police brutality. Their goal, is really to tear up society and to be anarchists and to remove police and to replace them with their own, nefarious type of police which actually would be much more tyrannical. And they want to fuel racial tensions, they want to fuel the civil war. It appears that they want black supremacy, not black equality. Because everyone in America’s already equal.

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KATWENDRA CHODI #racist twitter.com

[in response to a news story about two store owners being raped and killed by police officers in India]



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George Tanner, #fundie, #wingnut, #pratt twitter.com

Note: NASCAR has banned the Confederate Flag from their races

NASCAR is a sport born in the south if you ban my flag you are stepping on my second Amendment right you also will not make another dime from me I will call all of the products I Buy and tell them Ian will no longer buy their products because of this you can kiss my southern ass

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Sohrab Ahmari #fundie twitter.com

"Although the myth of the particular or unusual cruelty of the Spanish Inquisition is now well debunked by scholars, it survives in the popular imagination." Everything you think you know about Catholic Spain and its presence in the New World is wrong. Even as they committed far greater atrocities, protestant powers used accounts of Spanish misdeeds *written by enlightened Spaniards themselves* to create the Black Legend.

The propaganda continues to misinform minds half a millennium later.

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YEAST #moonbat twitter.com

If the DPRK is so oppressive, how do they remain stable, with no uprising whatsoever, when the entirety of the US is on fire, even though the entire Korean army's budget is the same as the NYPD budget alone ?

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Adigun Forest #sexist #psycho twitter.com


This man raped a woman, went to jail, then beat her in front of her child when he was released from jail days later.
So he's wrong for forcing sex on her, but she isn't wrong for forcing child support/alimony on him? Rape is rape. Slavery is slavery. I don't feel bad for that woman.

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ALL LIFES MATTER #racist twitter.com

(submitter note: despite the bad english, no, this guy isn't a troll, he's actually chinese himself.)

I’m sick of. Black lives matter ! Who ever stand for us when the black people killing Asian during the pandemic? Tell me !?
I’m an Asian ! Tell me ! Who could mother fucker tell me why Asian need tolerate racist with Slience ?
# are your guys kidding me ?

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Miller and Heying #racist twitter.com

Geoffrey Miller: If book-burning didn't have such bad historical associations, you know they'd already be burning all the books they don't like.

They only thing preventing that, for the moment, is the 'bad optics'.

Heather Heying: Five years ago the optics on tearing down statues of the founding fathers were so bad, it couldn’t happen.

What, that seems impossible today, will be within the woke Overton Window in five years?

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YEAST #moonbat twitter.com

If you think about it, it would be literally impossible for the DPRK to exist without the support of the people.
Their military budget is $6 billion, but a lot of this equipment is shit like nukes or missiles, that they can't use on civilians.
Their police is a lot more demilitarized than the US. Even if the military used guns, there is no way the military could prevent an uprising with a budget way smaller than the police of New York alone.

And even the assumption that the military would use guns on citizens is a pretty big one, their entire culture is centered around their love of the Korean people. There is no way the military would shoot civilians.

And even if they did, remember they liberated themselves from Japan through guerrilla warfare and fought a war against the US, beating them multiple times before being genocided entirely. They also know they would have the support of the rest of the world if they wanted to overthrow the state. If there was an uprising, the country would be over in a week.

Now you may say that there is a lot of propaganda, but then again, there is a shit ton of propaganda in the US, and people are still revolting.

And in the US people think they're free, in North Korea, the press is controlled by the state. If they lived in an oppressive dictatorship, don't you think they would have figured it out ? They're not dumb, they're not submissive ants, quite the opposite actually, have you ever seen an angry crowd there? You don't even need to debunk lies to realize that the imperialist narrative is false.

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James Lindsay #racist twitter.com

Too bad.

If you give in to bullies, they always demand more. The point is to humiliate you into compliance so they can keep taking your lunch money.


Oppression is sin.
Enlightenment is the Fall.
Whiteness is the mark of Cain.
Privilege is depravity, which is total.
Antiracism is piety, runs on confession.
Grace is by works for liberation.
Oppressed are the saints.
Social (group) "Justice" is God.


A Kindle plugin that changes every occurrence of "white" to "witch" in White Fragility, the Malleolus Maleficarum of the contemporary age.

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Tommy G #racist #conspiracy twitter.com

Newsweek: Noose found in garage of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only black driver

How much u wanna bet we never see a single security tape of the garage 😂 while the garage contains MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of equipment. 🤦‍♂️

This has Jussie Smollet written all over it. Just stop using the same playbook please. Can u switch it up? I’m not buying this. Sorry.

Prepare for like 500 more of these over the next 6 months guys. Soros ain’t gunna let this race war die.

This was either completely fake and a stunt or some paid actor sent in to do this to blow up the news.

The odds of this being another driver or part of their crew is .01%

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CraigheadLJ #fundie #homophobia twitter.com

Note: Nascar is partnering with the You Can Play Project, a group working to promote LGBT+ inclusivity in sports

NASCAR and this country is going to hell!!!! Thanks to a few damn idiots that say everything offends them so this country has to get rid of them!!! Where in the hell have my rights gone?????? I’m offended by a lot of things but I just overlook them!

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Heather E Heying #transphobia twitter.com

This is how it’s done.

Proclaim something to be true that is patently not. Do not mock those who disagree. Not yet. Instead, ask them, with sadness in your eyes, why you cannot just be generous and kind.

If they resist, shame them.

Most people will roll their eyes and move on. At first.

But after repeated exposure to the thing-that-is-proclaimed-to-be-true-that-patently-is-not, some will begin to question their understanding of reality. Now you make your next move.

Most people have an inadequate knowledge of biology (and other manifestations of reality), and know this. When pushed to the limits of what they are sure of, they may entrench (“er, no, men and women are different…?”) or they may cede small points.

Ceding small points is met with appreciation, & a request: Can’t you go just a little farther? Now that you have declared yourself a believer in X, surely you can also see that Y? This can be more effective than brute force attempts to change thinking.

Disinformation campaigns use many tactics. Words, gently offered, are a pleasant start. “Educate” yourself! They will move to shame, gaslighting, smearing reputations, outright lies, threats of violence, only if you resist. Best not to resist. You’re doing this to yourself!

Proclaim that men can get pregnant and give birth, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Trot out ludicrous examples as if they comprise an argument. Compel some under-smart but over-educated PhDs in biology to back you up, and proceed to argue from authority.

Here is one of many threads that I have written on sex and gender. Do not “trust” it based on the fact that I have a PhD in Biology. Read it with a critical eye. Assess it. Also read @fondofbeetles, @swipewright, so many more.

Proclaim that biologically accurate statements that include respect & compassion for trans people are transphobic, & that the author of such statements deserves any abuse that comes her way. Pretend that this is showing love & support for trans people.

Proclaim that trans people suffer greater abuse and violence than any other demographic. Proclaim this while advocating for natal males to engage in “sport” against women, some of whom take pleasure in hurting women.

Proclaim that the only way to show that “black lives matter” is to sign on with #BlackLivesMatter, which advocates for defunding the police, “disrupting the…nuclear family structure,” etc, which have nothing to do with black lives mattering.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” reminds us that genuflecting before false gods is a road to hell. You may think that you are signing up for social justice, an end to oppression, a veritable utopia, but no. They will come for you, too.

Cede small points, and they will expect you to cede more. Apologize for things you did not do, and you will be held accountable for those things, and more.

Do not accept the horse at the gates.

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jay Dragon 🌌 B-L-M #sexist #moonbat twitter.com

Good morning trans men have a better and more cohesive grasp on what masculinity is and how it's valuable and powerful than basically any cis man, and the conversations trans men have about what masculinity is and why it matters is so much more relevant than anything cis men say.

Me: What is it like to salvage masculinity?
Trans man: Describes a world in which masculinity is a tool of personal and communal uplifting instead of a bludgeoning weapon
Cis man: Uhh no more toxic masculinity lol

And to clarify, no one has any obligation to be eloquent or vocal about this recontextualization. But so often cis men have attitude that they can teach trans men how to be a man, when in reality they should shut up and learn.

This also all applies to femininity and trans woman, yes, but this morning I'm fucking feeling passionate about transformative healthy masculinity

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Based Hungary #sexist twitter.com

Dear Western women,

You’ve successfully:

• downgraded masculinity
• emasculated western men
• repeatedly belittled us
• dismantled the “patriarchy”
• feminised western society to the point it cannot defend itself


And now, what do you think happens next?

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Hank Hungwell #racist #conspiracy twitter.com

Context: A noose was discovered in the garage of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only black driver

Bubba Wallace is the Jussie Smollett of NASCAR. He is winless in the NASCAR CUP SERIES..and now is playing the oh poor me..let me play the race card and get media attention because I suck as a race car driver.

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Lord Ribas #homophobia twitter.com

Think with me:
1. If sexuality is a social construct it is changeable, if it is changeable it is possible to cure a gay, right?!

2. But if it is a factor of biological origin and the gene tendency is reproduction, anything outside heterosexuality is a deviation.

tertium non datur

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The Distributist #racist twitter.com

Let's explore. If you are of indigenous European origin and you say "I am White" then under this explanation you are admitting to membership in a malicious conspiracy to commit hard to other groups. You are therefore painting yourself as a villain with a target on your back. If you say there is someway to stop being "White" why haven't you done it yet? Or have you? I look at wokesters and I don't see saints but petty and self-interested cowards.

What is this new baptism of non-whiteness and how does it have such little evidence in your soul?

Suppose for instance you say "I don't consider myself White". Do you then walk around saying this at woke gatherings? I come from a blue city and I know this doesn't fly. Try this and you will be accused of being EVEN MORE MALICIOUS by denying your privilege. So we end up with a catch-22. You claim Whiteness or deny it and either way you are maliciously attacking non-whites. Sounds pretty shitty right?

Now remember this is the dilemma that progressives are commending for ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. Such moral heroes.

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Sean Fitzgerald #wingnut twitter.com

The commies are trying to compare slavery to communism to try to win on something. Unfortunately for them, slavery comes in the communism package. Forced labor camps anyone?

Commies can't even claim to be smarter than confederates, read their writings, they knew slavery was dying, the whole point of the war was them wrongly trying to hang on. A communist always thinks, it'll work next time.

Bear Grylls Award

Coronavirus? Better drink my own piss.

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Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

Despite Chauvin kneeling on #GeorgeFloyd’s neck, the medical examiner says a preliminary autopsy found no evidence he died of strangulation or traumatic asphyxia. Report suggests underlying health conditions combined w/intoxicants contributed to death.

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Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

The antifa "Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone" in Portland is named after a black male who was killed by police in 2018 after he shot two people and charged at police with his revolver.

Antifa wish he got away with killing more.

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The Distributist et al #dunning-kruger twitter.com

The Distributist: “Force is more effective than voting” - FOR THE LEFT

None of my right wing friends should be under any illusion that they can get away with any amount of force or violence.

Settler's Lament: Force is effective when you have allies on the establishment who will protect or promote you.

Scholar-At-Arms: Force will only work for the Right if things come to an out-and-out civil war.

Davis M.J. Aurini: But if it gets to the point, you've got to ask yourself why the Cathedral sent a general to lead us.

Doc Yellow Pill: Antifa is the adjunct of the Cathedral.

Davis M.J. Aurini: Caveat: explicit, 'chimpout' violence only serves the left. My own people are famous worldwide for our far-right, religiously inspired shadow states.

Southern Daily News: Physical force absolutely not, however don't be afraid to be stern with your beliefs. To stand firm in the face of the anti-white narrative.

Iron (Ken): Voting is just the sanctification of force/initiating force by proxy. The Marxist left can't achieve their goals via legitimized force so they have specialized in alternatives out of necessity. The Right is generally intrinsically opposed to that mode of action.

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LA Libertarian #wingnut #racist #conspiracy twitter.com

Replying to Lebron James’s tweet wrt to a noose being found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only black driver

Willing to bet $100 you never heard the name Bubba Wallace, nor knew he was black, more than a month ago. Same goes for George Floyd. Everything isn’t alway about you. And what if this turns into a Jussie Smollett case?

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Nuance Bro #racist twitter.com

Savanah Hernandez: White BLM supporter tells Hispanic Trump that he is oppressed, so the Trump supporters asks for reparations

Nuance Bro: White liberals assume man is less American because of his skin color and get mad that he doesn't see himself as oppressed. When he tells them to pay him some money as a form of reparations they are exposed as hypocrites for not putting their money where their mouth is

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Bret Weinstein #wingnut twitter.com

[in response to medics refusing to enter CHOP because the police were barred]

I'm not ok with paramedics letting a man die. BUT this is a a demonstration that the CHAZ has little idea what civilization is made of and therefore can offer no meaningful guidance. Police protect all, including the fire department. Is it fair to bar cops and demand paramedics?

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Andy Ngo #wingnut twitter.com

We are witnessing glimpses of the full insurrection the far-left has been working on for decades. Within hours, militant antifa cells across the country mobilized to aid BLM rioters. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. The fires come next. They are now literally at the gates of the White House, arguably the most secure location on Earth. They want the revolution & they don’t care who or what has to be destroyed in the process. If their comrades die, they are elevated as martyrs in propaganda. BLM at its core is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Its founders have made no secret of their worship of Communist terrorists & fugitives. They want regime change & the end of the rule of law. Antifa have partnered with them for now to help accelerate the break down of society.

The US is getting a small preview of the anarchy antifa militants have been agitating, training & preparing for. Those who are harmed first are the weak & vulnerable, the people who cannot protect themselves. Abolishing law enforcement is a condition for their success. The destruction of businesses we're witnessing across the US is not mere opportunism. It plays a critical role in antifa & BLM ideology. The goal is to abolish capitalism & have regime change. To do that, they have to make economic recovery impossible. Media, politicians, public—all of us—have underestimated the training, purpose & capability of left-wing extremists. Every part of the rioting has a purpose. Fires destroy economy. Riots can overwhelm police & even military. All of it leads to a destabilized state if maintained.

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The_Voice_of_Reason #racist #wingnut #pratt twitter.com

“gays for trump” is synonymous to “black ppl for kkk” or “poc for racism” or “immigrants for ICE”. if you’re gay and support Trump you’re a CLOWN

You seem to think that people of color can't be racists. Any person can have any number of traits. There are illegal and legal "immigrants" who support ICE. The KKK was formed by the Democratic Socialist Party. The Grand Wizard of KKK was key figure & friend to many of DNC.

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lauraFWG #racist #conspiracy twitter.com

"Aw shit dawg, we're just gonna keep flooding these white countries, turning them non-White and forcing assimilation, it's not genocide. We all bleed red, diversity is our strength".

All brown countries are failures.

All non-whites want to move to white countries.

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Candace Owens #racist twitter.com

[on Twitter, an excerpt from the Candace Owens Show...]

Candace Owens on Native Americans: "They were literal cannibals, it's been proven...that stuff stopped when white men began believing in a monotheistic worldview and started assigning morality"

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Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

[across several Twitter posts...]

The building set on fire at the BLM Minneapolis riot is collapsing now. It looks like the city is just letting fires continue. Firefighters were attacked when they responded to the auto parts store engulfed in flames earlier.
A boy who says he’s 13 apparently drove a car into a store during the Minneapolis BLM riot. He asks others to help him get the car out because it is stuck. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
This is the Walgreens on E Lake Street. Police and firefighters stopped responding long ago. Seems like they are giving people the “space” to riot and loot all night and into the morning. When firefighters responded earlier to a fire, people began pelting rocks at them.
Antifa, BLM and extremists who made plans to kill ex-cop Derek Chauvin at his home were angry to find the property protected by a full squad of police. There were dozens of police around the home. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
Fires are still smoldering in Minneapolis this morning. The entire affordable housing development was razed to the ground. Wendy’s and Autozone have been completely destroyed in the riot as well. #BlackLivesMatter #antifa #GeorgeFloyd
Footage from inside the ransacked Target at the Minneapolis BLM riot last night. People brought their children there. Others could be seen using drills and other tools to try and remove cash registers. Drugs from the pharmacy were looted. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd
Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeted a list of needed supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities DSA asks for ply wood, sticks, rackets and more.
This looks like antifa black bloc. Antifa accounts on social media are already crowdfunding bail money for any comrades that may get arrested. #Minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd
At the Target in Minneapolis that was being looted tonight during the BLM riot, a woman in a wheelchair was attacked.

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Ben Shapiro #fundie twitter.com

If somebody who is 81 dies of COVID-19, that is not the same thing as somebody who is 30 dying of COVID-19...If grandma dies in a nursing home at age 81, that's tragic and it's terrible, also the life expectancy in the United States is 80.

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Flynn Rider #conspiracy twitter.com

President Obama never really relinquished power. He simply set up shop down the street from the White House and pretends to be the “legitimate government in exile”. We are witnessing a historic war of Obama-run DC while preventing his successor from being able to govern.