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The so called #EqualityAct is evil.

Disguised as #LGBT rights, it expands governmental regulatory reach that destroys women’s rights, religious rights, and rights of the unborn.

It is a direct attack on God’s creation, He created us male and female.
Our daughters will no longer have the right to privacy in their bathrooms, locker rooms, playing fields, and even TSA pat downs if a male TSA agent “identifies” as a woman.

Men who dress and think they are women will have rights over all real girls and women.
“If you perform a mastectomy in the case of breast cancer, you will have to perform one on the teenage girl identifying as a boy.

All in the name of equality...

The act treats any refusal to offer abortion as “pregnancy” discrimination.”

Doctors & Nurses will have no choice.
Just to make myself clear,


It has nothing to do with stopping discrimination against the LGBT community, that could be done easily without this.

It has everything to do with attacking God & believers.

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SEATTLE: ANTIFA harasses Post Millennial Reporter @KatieDaviscourt last night. “Rot in fucking hell you WHITE fucking bitch! You’re a fucking Colonizer bitch, go fuck yourself!”

Antifa dehumanize their political opponents to the point that they actually feel joy maiming, injuring or killing others.


A little confused as to why a white American would call another white American a coloniser....might be definitive proof of their own self loathing

Google White self-hatred Oslo syndrome.


Anyone identifying as Antifa needs to be branded as a terrorist. They reek havoc and terrorise countless innocent people. This is unacceptable that they can still brazenly identify as Antifa and walk away.


Interestingly high chances that a white woman is yelling this

99% positive it actually was


Funny how this kind of racism gets a pass. Wtf

They redefined 'racism' so they cannot be accused of it. It does no wash away the wrong, but it allows them to conceal it.

as they say, "you can't be racist toward white people"

The next step they will take for whites is internment camps. Note to Antifa: I'd like my camp to be in warm weather.


Sounds like something a public school teacher in CA might yell at one of their student’s parents.

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1. The Twitter class is not outraged at the alleged rape in parliament because it may be a rape.
Instead, the Twitter class is actually ecstatic about the alleged rape because it gives them an opportunity for a political attack.
Sadly that's what this is mostly about. Politics.

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Explanation: James Lindsay (of the Sokal Squared hoax fame) recently claimed that antisemitism on the right is a result of Jews “embracing the religion of Wokeness” and came under fire for it. Lauren tried to defend him by saying that “increasingly” the behavior of individuals is seen as reflective of the racial/religious group as a whole, and claims that some on the right “are developing” anti-Semitic beliefs because of “woke” Jews.

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Del. John Mcguire is speaking against legalization of marijuana. He said he had 7-8 people cry in his arms when he knocked their door. He said they were crying because their child overdosed. I have strong doubts that these people’s kids OD’d on weed.

Del. McGuire is right. We have a drug problem in Virginia, and legalizing marijuana will only lead to more marijuana overdoses and deaths. Democrats want more marijuana deaths. As your governor I would never allow marijuana to be legalized.

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Really fascinating that once a white respondent in my survey reaches a certain level of collective shame and guilt, maintaining existing immigration levels--even increasing them a little--just doesn't cut it.


This collapsed one might be easier on the eyes (graphs are a work in progress)


It's at roughly 1 standard deviation above the sample mean level of white shame/guilt that my white respondents shift from indifference about the eventual loss of America's white majority to expressions of happiness


(Adjusted model controls for party, ideology, age, sex, and education)

I'll add that no other predictor in my dataset, not 'racial resentment' nor 'social dominance', is as strong a predictor of 'happy' outcomes as shame/guilt.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, just trying to understand exactly what I'm seeing. Did you ask them if they felt guilty or shameful? Was this study actually done or is this just a prediction?

Yes. Here are the question wordings (as well as the factor loadings) for each of the three ingroup-critical emotions I measured.


White shame doesn't just predict lower warmth towards whites *relative* to racial/ethnic minority groups, it's also the best and only predictor in my data of outright rating whites in the negative (< 50) region of the 0-100 feeling thermometer scale


This thread reminds me of this graph I saved.


That's my graph as well :)

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(This is an e-mail a pastor got after quiting the SBTC on January 25 2021)
In Recent years the Southern Baptist Convention has been repenting (foolishly) of the “sin” of whiteness, and has rebaptized itself as an exemplar of diversity. Verily, it has brought fruits meet for repentance: a Negro Convention president; a Negro candidate for the pastorate of a white church (FBC, Naples, Florida); five million dollars in seminary scholarship for - and only for - Negroes; appointive positions reserved for, and elections rigged to install, Negroes.
But it has not been enough. For the Negro, nothing is ever enough. LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty gave the Negro the keys to the U.S. Treasury, the response to which has been ingratitude and “Giveusmo!” Legislation leapfrogged the Negro over Whites, placing Negroes in residences that they could not otherwise afford, and granting them unmerited entry into classrooms and boardrooms.
Yet, they remain savages; they defile and diminish every arena in which they parade: academic, political, corporate, judicial, military, athletic. Seeking another white bastion to badger and beleaguer, they invaded the church. None more deserving of destruction than the Southern Baptist Convention.
Ordnance wasted on a collapsing fort. That cult has been destroying itself for the past fifteen years, proof of which is in declining membership. If Negroes had come to improve rather than to importune, they would have deployed the alleged-to-exist “collective wisdom of black baptist pastors” to pickapart the Baptist Faith and Message, to challenge denominational denial of settled science, to extract the Convention from its unsophisticated doctrines and dogmas of yesteryear. All desperately needed.
But those are beyond the Negoes’ intellectual capacities. Like two-year-olds, they know only how to whine and throw tantrums. The SBC should bid them goodbye and good riddance!

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Why critical race theory is the biggest threat to Jews in America today

Antisemetism before critical race theory / wokeness (2001):

- Left-wing antisemitism: Jews are really colonizers. Look at Israel.

- The average American: It is never right to racially discriminate, or believe in racial stereotypes.

- Right-wing antisemitism: Jews secretly run everything like the banks and media.

Antisemetism after critical race theory / wokeness (2021):

- Left-wing antisemitism: Jews are actually white and benefit from “whiteness” / white privilege and white supremacy. So it’s okay to discriminate against them [EQUITY]. (The “Jews are really colonizers. Look at Israel.” narrative still exists, but it isn’t as big any more.)

- The average American: It’s okay to discriminate against people if they benefit from racial privilege, and blame them for things that happened in the past based on their skin color as “antiracism.” That’s what the media, universities, Ibram Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, and Nikole Hannah-Jones tells me. (The “It is never right to racially discriminate, or believe in racial stereotypes.” narrative still exists, but it isn’t as big any more.)

- Right-wing antisemitism: The media & education system says all whites are racist but Jews “hide behind” their whiteness & never get blamed. I’m now taught that it’s okay to think of racial groups as oppressors / oppressed. (The “Jews secretly run everything like the banks and media.” narrative still exists, but it isn’t as big any more.)