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everyone writing ~slavic fantasy~ needs to get that it's not just a safe (white) place to write what you perceive as exotic without getting accused of appropriation.

it's exhausting to watch authors protest that they did their research, and then it turns out they just read academic writing on folktales or "slavic witchcraft". They peel cultural artifacts away from history and politics and I'm sick of it.

eastern europeans have been bringing this up in sff spaces for years, but they get ignored, and the people who turned half of europe into an aesthetic get big splashy publications.

What burns me most in these stories is that... they're the bad guys. The thick Russian accent, the cruel torturer with thick furs, etc.

truly I hate this.

Unless the Slavic writer decides it doesn't matter and want to focus on something else, right?

eastern european writers have their own relationships to their histories. that's a different conversation.

(ACAB Whisperer)

Lol- It's funny to me because I've been hearing this same refrain from asian, african, middle eastern, chinese, and native writers for years now. And I like that it is feeding back into what 'european' fantasy really consists of.

It's the problem of whiteness.

It's why a lot of social scientists et al point out there is no white culture. Irish, Rhine, Slavic - no White.

white supremacy whitewashes EVERYTHING, including European history and culture.

(Laura Urkel)
How can you white wash white history?

Some people are so white, they have a white caste system. Not America right now, but Europe works like that.

Isn’t Europe the ultimate white society though?

White is not a monolith, neither are black, asian, indigenous. Painting it all with the same brush is whitewashing.

Common sense is needed here. In an ideal world skin color is meaningless, but in the actual world it’s all anyone talks about or refers to.

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(Doom Pill Pagliacci)

If 1 TW in the UK being murdered means they are at "disproportionate risk"... what's 10 TW in the UK being convicted of sexual offenses against children mean?

(Irish The Frenchie)
Does that include the ones the judges “felt bad for” and let off with a slap on the wrist?

(Jame Dudey Dench: 1st Wave Feminist)

Oooh I'd love for the TRAs to explain this

The BBC had a stab at it in 2018... The main crux of their argument seems to be that we only know about the trans prisoners on longer sentences as the shorter sentence ones tend to slip through the net. Not massively reassuring!

Well wouldn't there be a proportion of females inmates on shorter sentences too for that matter? The patriarchy fights very hard to defend them male pedophiles

The point they're making is that males and females on shorter sentences were included in the stats, but trans people on shorter sentences were potentially not. However since we know nothing about these mystery schrodinger's trans people it's a shaky excuse to say the least.


Just so you know, I have nicked that. It’s even worse than the 2017-18 figures I have been using.

(Inari E)
Wrongly convincted - as the Wispa debacle taught us, the child was the pervert

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[Jun 15-Jul 17]

Let me get this straight: The Left wants to control online “disinformation” but they believe a man can get pregnant. Nah, I’m good.


Take Trump out of the equation. Election integrity is vitally important. Use your brains people. No matter who it was that was running, it was rigged, stolen and totally compromised. If that’s “no big deal” to you and you want “move on”, you’re a traitor to freedom.


Black Lives Matter sided with the Cuban regime. Why? Because they are a terrorist organization that promotes evil, violence and Communism. Spoiler alert: They don’t care about black lives.


The same crowd that has been telling us to trust the science are now saying that the forensic auditors of the election have got it wrong. You can’t have it both ways hypocrites. You know, I know and everyone else knows that the election was stolen.


Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Masks don’t work. There’s only two genders. Trump won the election. George Floyd is not a hero. Socialism is an evil disease. Epstein didn’t kill himself. The tunnels are real.




The #ArrestTrumpNow trend is further undeniable proof that the Left fears him unbelievably. They know what is coming!!!


The most dangerous thing about The Chinese Communist Party is the Biden Administration.


The “circle back chick” says that the Biden Administration is going to hire people to go door-to-door to talk to those who have not yet been vaccinated. Not only is this utterly ridiculous. It is totally un-Constitutional and 100% Nazi Germany. #BullyBiden


If the Left utterly hates you, THANK YOU for being a real American.


Something the Left NEVER gets....censored for truth.


Strange that the media can’t report how many folks by the thousands are dying from the vaccine but they could give us hourly updates on how many were dying of the virus.



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(first image is of a kid at a "woke" church praying with the text reading "our ejaculating parent who art in safe space valid be thy name forgive us our privilege and deliver us from hate, aperson", second image is the kid saying "forgive me parent for I have been problematic I misgendered a non-binary squirrel kin, I didnt know they were koalagender on tuesdays! I have to do better!" a man in glasses says to the kid "yes. yes you do, my child")

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(Transcript of a video from TikTok)

So this morning, the baby woke up, and had some sort of violence in her heart. I don’t know what it was, but she has been losing her mind all day. And it’s interesting, because I’m watching her lose her mind, and then I’m watching the preteen respond to that by trying to make her happy. And I have had to, like, actively tell him “Stop trying to make her feel better. Stop responding to her tears.”

It’s so interesting to see the conditioning of people responding to white girl tears happening so early. She’s fine, and she’s got an 11-year-old coming after her, trying to make her feel better when she cries. We have to unlearn this whole business that white women crying is going to get them what they want in life, because *lip smack* that ain’t it.

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(NOTE: This is a transcript of a video.)

You look at the progressive left. You know, what's, what Asian American voices are out there. You, you have some Asian American females probably, probably honestly sucking on a white dick, let's be fucking real. You know what I mean? Are they really stand for AsianAm or are they just a face of it, but they don't really stand for our interests? What are they really doing fighting for us? Are they really doing that? Yeah, they not man. I was saying look, you know the, the state of Asian Americans in this progressive movement is fucked up. And it's like yo we got some, uh, there's a Asian American female here and there and there and I'm like, yo, do you ever see a person fighting for Asian American interests? Do you ever see saying anything? You gotta face that looks like it's there, like a participating. Meanwhile, she's sucking on a white dick, you know what I mean, or Black dick. Honestly, Asian American men are, are completely fucking last and not disregarded. She's not saying anything controversial at all. She's just a... face, right, a fucking stock photo, that you could use to say "look, we're diverse". Shut the fuck up man. But you have, that bitch has zero interest in promoting our causes and zero interest in equality or justice for our people.

Card-Carrying Villain Award

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No. C is easily cured.

Cancer is trying to HEAL not KILL:

A cancerous tumor is basically a bag the human body creates to collect toxins that are contaminating the bloodstream. A biopsy only
splits open the bag releasing the toxic matter back into the body. Radiotherapy causes the body to go into shock which taxes the energy needed to break down the tumor. Chemotherapy poisons the whole body, poisoning the bloodstream which causes the body to create more tumors. Research Healing Cancer by Fasting/Homeopathy.

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Stay away from vulgar women.

A feminine, respectful woman values what she speaks or writes.

A woman who easily says or writes “fuck”, “vagina”, “dick” is a NO.

Vulgar women are damaged women who come with emotional baggage.



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#DonaldTrump won the election! Dementia Joe and Kopmala Harris stole the election 😒 Pass it on y’all

The ##Democrats are out here trying to distract peoples with BS commissions, such as the #January6thCommission & charges against the #RepublicanParty questioning the election. The way we see it, Jan 6th was just a party, but what about the election?


Until we get a thorough investigation of the election, #DonaldTrump is the president! At Black Hammer, we ain't calling sleepy joe #president until we get all those #ballots counted!

Andy Ngo #wingnut twitter.com

[Note: Andy neglected to mention the various Proud Boys who were brandishing firearms and pepper spray at this “protest” with the quiet blessing of the police, documented here: https://twitter.com/VPS_Reports/status/1411370746622791682 ]

At the violent antifa protest outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles on Saturday, antifa surrounded & hit a woman with a skateboard. A small group had gathered to protest the spa over an incident where a person allegedly exposed their penis to women & girls.

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Wearing a mask when it is not medically necessary is grotesque and unhuman, an attack on society itself. It feeds paranoia and fear. You are treating air like it is toxic and other humans like they are nothing but vessels of disease. It is disgraceful, arrogant, and offensive.

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@WolfVanHalen, don't make the same mistakes your Dad did. Please, repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your heart while you can. Eddie's in hell. There's no help for him now. But you Still have a chance to turn from evil & sin, and to accept Jesus' FREE GIFT of salvation

Liberty Hangout #wingnut twitter.com

Stop basing your politics on rights and start basing it on what IS right. The left uses their 'rights' to ban us from their businesses, starve us, and make our kids demonic perverts - but such behavior is not right. Culture and morality matter more than legal rights.

Prostasia Foundation #moonbat #pedo twitter.com

Yet another state passes an unscientific ban on sex dolls that police say look 17 or younger. Although popular, laws criminalizing private sexual behavior are unconstitutional, and doll bans are opposed by experts who are researching the use of these devices in CSA prevention.
Don't be fooled that these laws "only" target childlike dolls. Just as FOSTA was promoted as targeting child sex trafficking (while really targeting 18+ sex work), owners of adult dolls have been prosecuted under these laws because their doll was lightweight or had small breasts.
Research provides no evidence to support the argument that dolls lead to rape, or that doll owners are likely to be abusers. Doll bans are purely a way for sexual conservatives to virtue-signal and oppress those who are different. Will your fetish be next?

Elijah Schaffer #wingnut twitter.com

Women, LGBTQ, and black people are treated the best in our country

Much better than anyone else

More opportunities, grants, often over represented in media, given jobs based on phenotype instead of merit

They should be grateful

We are a female-gay-black supremacist country
You can also be sexist if you’re a woman

Racist if you’re BIPOC

Degenerate if you’re lgbtq

And you might even get ahead for doing so!

It’s a wonderful world where you can fail upwards

But you also have to be a democrat sadly

That’s the fine print

So vote accordingly

R.Сам #homophobia #moonbat #crackpot twitter.com

What’s more important— the freedom to have anonymous gay sex on demand, or abolishing the criminal racket we call Health Insurance?

“We can do both!”
Ok— but what if you could only do one? Which one is more important?

“I refuse to choose”
Means choosing the former over the latter considering we have the former & not the latter.

This is very simple. It turns out many people prefer their hedonic “opportunity” to sacrificing their “self-interest” toward a common good. LGBT ideology trains people to refuse to give up their private interests for any common good.

I would give up many things to eliminate our Healthcare System— but this is too much to ask of the Narcissistic Imperial Bourgeois.

“Video games or universal healthcare”
“Well I already have healthcare through my job... & I love video games...”

“Unlimited gay sex & video games are not luxury goods”

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White parents, why are you producing so many young white male terrorists? What is going on in your households? How involved are you with your sons? Are you missing signs their racism is filtering out of commonplace household racism into "I want to murder strangers" racism?

Mom of two white boys here. Getting them to see on a daily basis how entitled they are -- all the breaks they get, that other kids don't, because of how they look or where they are from -- is a struggle. I honestly feel some days like it's a genetic defect.

They aren't angry, thank god. But they do sometimes come home and have the audacity to start out with 'Its not fair...X, Y, Z.' it makes my blood boil. They seem predisposed to believing it's some grand conspiracy to keep them down when in reality, the opposite is true.

My college roommate when on to get her PhD and did her dissertation on how the fragile white male ego is responsible for all the world's ills, and with each passing day I think she's more and more a genius

Brent Bozell #fundie twitter.com

What Bouchard did was wrong. But what Bouchard and the baby’s mother did in choosing not to abort, especially given the circumstances, will earn them both a special smile from the Almighty. He’s the kind of man I want to see in Congress.

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When will yt people on stolen indigenous land stop pretending they’re “communists”? If y’all were communists, you’d be back in europe, not on stolen land doing the work of the devil day in and day out

At Black Hammer, we are ANTI-COLONIAL communists, with the emphasis being on anticolonial first and foremost. We are a colonized and dispossessed peoples and all snow cockroaches are to blame.

Just because you call yourself a communist while propagating against our nations from your mom’s basement doesn’t make you on our side. Ever since krackkkas have put pen to paper, all they’ve been doing is propagating against our nations.

This includes China, DPRK, Vietnam, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. all to justify further colonization of our lands. Yt leftists be calling themselves “anti-imperialists” yet be the first ones regurgitating imperialist propaganda against China & other nations

This is why we’re anti-colonial first and foremost. We understand there exists a colonial structure over us, of which there is a propaganda machine that works against us. And yt people, even ku klux kkkommunists, will regurgitate and spread this propaganda to get us killed.

If you truly want to end genocide and capitalism, which is born from colonialism and maintained at the expense of us, the Colonized, join our reparations corps

Alexander Iulianus #crackpot #fundie #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

The biggest issue I find with young women, is inability to seperate feeling from truth, feeling from right and wrong. They think religious and patriarchal authorities are bad because they feel uncomfortable about what they are told

The issue stems from the manner the case is made known to women.

Read religious writing speaking of women in the 18th and 19th centuries, women are praised as being "more moral", "more modest", "more godly". Women are instructed into becoming these things, but because men convinced themselves that they had these tendencies as intrinsic, their manner of instruction has been entirely masculine and ignorant to the feminine psyche. Women were instructed as if they were men, hence it was quite crude and imposing and dealt with "harsh truths". It worked because there was no alternative.

But once there was a competitor, it took women by storm as it was curated towards exploiting their psyche and built itself upon knowing how they think. There are outliers of women who stuck to the old doctrines, of course. But the vast bulk of women found themselves quickly converted as women are not drawn by innate tendency towards morality or modesty, and are instead drawn entirely by their instinct for self-security and preservation of the female sex.

Feminism suggested that there was a mortal threat, that of patriarchy, to their very being, indeed to all women. By indicating certain attitudes as being the source of this threat, they quickly bought into despising it. Now they continue to be bought by these same existential threats and it is very hard to win them back upon little but the insistence that patriarchy cares. They have been convinced it doesn't, so something entirely novel is required.

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What’s occurring in Palestine is not a struggle of Islam vs Judaism.

It’s settlers vs Indigenous people.

It’s kkkolonizer vs the colonized.

The pilgrims all used the excuse of religious persecution in europe to dispossess Indigenous peoples of our land and resources, and colonize the americas. The same is playing out in Palestine.

Yt jews are using a settler colonial myth that they are indigenous to lands of which they are indeed foreign. This is used to advance the genocide and land dispossession of Palestinians. The same has played out in the americas.

Both the united snakkkes and isntreal were founded as settler colonial outposts, created through the ethnic cleansing of Native people. This colonization continues today through racist policies, state violence, mass incarceration, forced displacement, and cultural erasure.

From racial profiling to police and military brutality, to corporate profiteering off of mass incarceration of youth, the systems that oppress the Palestinian people and Colonized communities in the united snakes are rooted in colonialism & yt power.

Our struggles are linked to the same structure of colonialism dispossessing, oppressing, and genociding us in the united snakes and worldwide.

It’s because of this common struggle we have always had solidarity with the Indigenous people of Palestine. Chants like “from Ferguson to Palestine, end racism now” and “from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” are not slogans; they are shared realities.

While isntreal continues to displace Palestinians and build illegal, Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land, gentrification in the US continues to push Colonized peoples out of our communities in order to “develop” areas for the affluent.

BH Times #moonbat #pratt #racist twitter.com

Isnt’real is falling apart as far-right coalitions unite to oust #Netanyahu after 4 elections yielded no elected leader over the country. This is all while the Indigenous #Palestinians continue resisting the yt jews colonizing and destroying their lands.


Y’all thought Isnt’real couldn’t get any worse? Isnt’real’s far-right forces are uniting to oust Netanyahu and ramp up their attacks against the #Indigenous Palestinians.

Complex Nightmare #conspiracy #transphobia twitter.com

#superstraight is what happens when you first viciously gang up against lesbians, then try the same with gays, but meet your final boss in straight dudes who absolutely won’t play the fuck along with your abusive guilt tripping BS and have enough support to throw it back at you.

#superstraight is what happens when society enables malicious people to infiltrate movements, and lets them start to bully with impunity and recruit ever more people for that bullying, because they wield such power that nobody dares to stop them. it’s a tale about spinelessness.

#superstraight is what happens when people stop respecting other people’s sexual orientation and try to pile guilt and shame on them for it. it’s rape culture to shame someone for not being sexually attracted to something/someone. the bullying is attempted forceful conversion.

#superstraight as a reaction was entirely preventable and unnecessary. but it would have taken enough people to stand up against mob rule. #superstraight will not be the last strong reaction if people keep acting like this. stop the insanity and dare to dissent a bit.

Emir of Aba/Nnewi #conspiracy twitter.com

Hamas is an Isreali creation, just like America's relationship with Alqaeda, Hamas is the boogeyman that justifies Isreali atrocities against Palestinians. Isreali Mossad factionaliazed the PLO and created Hamas, to divide the Palestinians and create a convinient boogeyman.

Thus Isreal hits the Palestinian honey nest anytime there's a political impasse, whip up patriotic frenzy and increase popularity, it's a tried and trusted formula of always attacking an external enemy when failing domestically.. Netanyahu is politically on the ropes

DengistK & Colonizadounion #moonbat #racist twitter.com

If you're white you're part of a global colonizer class, it really isn't that complicated.

I think it depends. In Europe it's more nuanced, there are Saami, Romani, Karelians, Komi, Gagauz, and depending on context some groups are white and some aren't. However, if they're white outside of Europe that is always the case without much nuance.

Actual white colonizers and their descendants usually belong to the upper class.

They still have a degree of white privilege that stems from colonialism.

Image has become an issue in the virtual world more than in reality. The whole concept of privilege in skin color is racist. Most "white power" people are powerless and real power is economic, China owns the 4 largest banks in the world and thats not because of skin color.

Even the richest man in China is a victim of US imperial aggression that benefits the poorest whites.


It depends on your definition of whites . Southern and Eastern Europeans are not considered as whites just 50 years ago.

Also it's mostly western European countries engaging in imperialism

Italy has been colonizing for centuries...

Russian empire has colonizing for centuries

Just face up to it global colonialism has Been the fact of europe for more than 50 years and are still doing so now

In this case japan is part of the coloniser class

nope Japan, just like Saudi Arabia or Colombia, Neocolonial governments sacrifice the poor and working class colonized masses of their own nation for the european cracker colonizers benefit

Alexander Iulianus #fundie #racist twitter.com

Solar atheists of Mark Brahmin out themselves guilty of racial self-hatred in this thread.

They deliberately misread the ancients to de-racialise them alike to progressive revisionists, they endorse Christianity's botched reading of Plato, and entrust modern academia with truth.

>Bruhmin solar atheist gets outed for racial self-hatred
>he blocks me

One of Typhon's many faces has been revealed.

Bruhmin, the prophet of solar atheism who corrupts the good cult of Apollo with evil denial of the Gods, demeaning our ancestors as backward dullards, happily argued with me inanely over soul—but once I noted their work rests upon racial self-hatred, he and his ilk blocked me.

Cowards flee when discovered of their evil. Despise these workers of evil. Prescribe them homo sacer- none but the Gods could intervene to save these wretched deceivers from any doom that would rightly fall upon them.

BH Times #moonbat #pratt #racist twitter.com

The state of isntreal is a reflection of the u.s., that is a violent settler colonial outpost built on the land dispossession, genocide and settler colonialism of the indigenous Palestinians.

isntreal is an extension of yt power, imperialism, and settler colonialism

It is nothing more than a military satellite for the u.s. to control the lives of Arabs in the so-called Middle East and their resources.

isntreal is a yt colony on stolen Arab land, and the resistance of the Indigenous Palestinians is decolonization as they fight to remove the kolonizers on their lands, or else risk being erased completely.

The u.s. is a colony on stolen Indigenous land, and to this day maintains itself through artificially constructed borders, mass incarceration, pig shootings, deportations of indigenous people off their own land, imperialism, and slave labor of the Colonized world.

The Colonized proletariat within the u.s. and around the world, have never stopped resisting, and as the u.s. crumbles, kolonizer amerikkka will meet their end.

Climate change, axes of colonial resistance, the rise of China, and the continued fall of amerikkkan empire and its satellites will bring forth an end to yt power and colonialism that is long overdue.

The wars of WWI and WWII offer examples of what kolonizers do when they begin to lose power and when the resources stolen from the Colonized world begin to dry up.

isntreal’s bombing of the Gaza Strip is just the modern day example of this.

To all our fellow Colonized peoples: join organization and begin to build for yourselves. Leave the amerikkkan colony built upon the bones of your ancestors and on your ongoing genocide.

Join http://blackhammer.org/join to smash colonialism once and for all!

Dasha Pruett #wingnut #conspiracy twitter.com

Interesting, during the Slow Joe's speech, all of the social media was shut down. I received 0 post and nothing was going out. Propaganda working it's best @magarich2020 @nikthehat @jeannebodine @HeloProcurement @catturd2 @ParisBarns

So was Fox, OAN, and others. BS. They were removing and his gaffs and correcting his word salad. This is embarrassing

BH Times #moonbat #psycho #racist twitter.com

Now we talking about Lakeith Standfield bending down to backlash calling him "anti-semitic" "how much backbending do these colonizer jews need us to do for them?

Antisemitism is just a tool to keep yt jews from getting principled criticism and understanding their material reality to the world. No one sticking them in ovens anymore.

We talking about what's going on in Palestine!! Down with the huhuite jews!!

Yt jews will be criticized, Palestine belongs to Palestinians -- and nothing will be compromised for that!!

#Palestinian health officials in the #Gaza Strip said 20 people, including nine children, have been killed in recent bombings by the parasites that have invaded their land.


isntreal forces say they’re targeting “a Hamas military operative,” but this is just an excuse for these bloodsucking parasites to kill more and more Palestinians whenever they want and take their land.

We stand in full unity with the Palestinian masses as they resist & fight against this settler-kkkololonial terrorism in their lands. If you’re Palestinian, or Colonized person, looking to smash yt power join http://blackhammer.org/join today!