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Stories from young male detransitioners make me want to add this 3rd to Blanchard's "two types": autoandrophobia, hatred of one's self as a man. One might be autogynephilic or homosexual in addition, but autoandrophobia could be a sole motivator.

Especially in young people, body-hatred and self-hatred is a not-uncommon phase. ROGD in girls is largely autogynephobia, hating one's self as a woman; I'd classify my young self as such, though it was decades ago when transing teens was not a thing.

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Jesse Kelly: Warrants should be being issued as we speak to have Democrat homes raided in districts with red judges and red sheriffs.

Communists are religious zealots. All religious zealots understand is fear and pain. This will not stop until they’re afraid.

Pablo G: This is a frightening endorsement of authoritarianism

Jesse Kelly: You have no idea the kind of authoritarian I’d support if it means stopping the communists. This is not an insult.

I want a monster now.

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They ask me why do I focus on flat Earth, it's simple:

You only have to look around you to see that this world was created for us, that the Sun, Moon and stars are spinning around us, WE ARE THE CENTER of the Universe.

The decievers that have tools different tools and methods to decieve us about our existance have succeeded in taking away from us what is ours (resources, faith, time) and not by force but because we have freely given them to them because we have fallen in their dogmas.

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Allison Bailey is the very definition of ‘intersectional feminism’. The fact that MRAs & their neo-lib feminists have gone after her proves gender woo woo is not a civil rights movement but a totalitarian, misogynistic & lesbophobic movement.

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🎥 Elaine Gallagher’s been elected in Glasgow Southside and becomes with first Trans councillor in the city.

She tells our chief reporter @imNatGoodwin it’s a massive step forward for equality ⬇️

If "Trans Rights" don't conflict with Women's Rights, can
tell me why the Trans agenda entails removing the legal right of females to bar biological males from female-only spaces?


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One of the most jarring arguments in anti-trans discourse lately is "this treatment will prevent adolescents from experience sexual pleasure." In addition to being almost entirely untrue - coming from the people who literally don't believe in sexual pleasure it's a lot to stomach

If you advocate amputating, restricting or otherwise chemically interfering with the parts of the body that give sexual pleasure -
you really can’t say you “believe in” sexual pleasure.
Gender euphoria isn’t remotely the same thing.

When did TRAs start saying that GC people "literally [whatever that means] don't believe in sexual pleasure"? As in: we don't think it exists? Or we want to forbid it?
It's "prescriptive feminism" all over again.

Around the time they started saying GC gays were part of heteronormative culture because reasons. It’s not supposed to make sense, it’s meant to silence.

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(the news article talks about a 40 year old woman sexually abusing a 13 year old boy for nine months in a daily basis to prove he isn't gay)
She got 7.5 years for victimless sex and the misogyny is unrecognized due to supernatural belief in the badness of sex which is the state religion. Facts of seduction get distorted into "abuse" which literally replaces the truth for a brainwashed populace.
How much longer are we going to let this witchcraft pass as facts? How many more lives must be ruined before we can face the truth that consensual underage sex does not lead to trauma, so the justification for locking up these women is gibberish?
Why can't we have evidence-based laws? How can a connection with no scientific evidence that the "victim" group is any worse off than the control group pass as 100% certainly caused by the thing criminalized in our justice system? Isn't that spectacularly bizarre and unjust?
In order for crimes of supposedly traumatic abuse to make sense there should be evidence that victims have more trauma than a random control group. For CSA this evidence is comparable to witchcraft and for male "victims" of women, the evidence says BETTER outcomes than controls.
The boy in the above story claims sex made him traumatized and suicidal, but why can't people see this is no proof? The MECHANISM must also make sense or else it might as well be an accusation of murder by Voodoo. That is exactly how backwards the justice system is on sex crimes!

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Children cannot consent to sex, and they cannot consent to abortion. Arranging for a 10-year-old rape survivor to have an abortion is both a crime against the unborn child & the 10 year old. In this tragic, extreme situation, both children are victims & both deserve care.

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(A person replying to why it’s okay for men for to sleep around but not women)

Because the double standard is valid. There’s plenty of unfair double standards about men that we accept without complaining.

Welcome to the real world

When you’re a man the challenge is being worthy of sex bc women try to keep it from you

When you’re a woman the challenge is abstaining from sex bc everyone wants to give it to you

Being a hoe is not deserving of respect, it’s equivalent to being a man who can’t get sex

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Women, children & LGB's have sex based rights. If, as is being asked we defer to gender, then these rights are removed. By removing sex based rights safeguarding of Women, children & LGB's are also removed. Simple! If you don't see this as a problem, YOU are part of the problem!

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The morning after pill is the moral equivalent, if not the physical equivalent, of an abortion. It’s legal, just as abortion itself is the law. But it was once legal to own slaves, too. Someday we will look upon abortion with with that same repugnance. That I can promise you.

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A small fraction of the almost $60,000,000,000 of your tax dollars sent to Ukraine could have completed Trumps’s Border Wall solving a humanitarian crisis, a sex trafficking crisis, a drug trafficking crisis, a human trafficking crisis but D.C pols had no interest in fixing that!

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Any star-lapse anywhere on Earth proves Earth not spinning. All stars move in unison, every night, every year even forever.

Actually there's plenty of empirical experiments been conducted by skeptics before they themselves became flat earthers. The ball earth belief system is a religion because no evidence exists of earth moving.

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"why are you so obsessed with gender issues!?"

Because it's harming children.

Because it's harming women, like me

Because it's homophobic.

Because it's complete and utter bullshit that no sane person takes seriously.

Because you were never taught to respect 'NO.'

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Let's talk covid-19/ let's talk monkeypox- Both of these diseases are controlled by man. They can turn it on and off at will -Through the air- The Legionnaire's Disease/ The poison was put in the ventilators or the air conditioners. This one controlled in the air. Vaccines deadly