Nick Fuentes and Sargon of Akkad #racist twitter.com

[note: Robin Hood is the name of Sargon of Akkad’s alt account that he uses to praise himself]

Nick Fuentes: We are living through a revolution that will replace America with a new country founded in 1619 by MLK, Nelson Mandela, and Muhammad Ali, which extolls the principles of racial justice and equality, and which installs a racial caste system with Whites at the very bottom.

Robin Hood: This is an accurate assessment of the situation.

Phil Kidd #quack #fundie #transphobia twitter.com

You can't give a baby 11 vaccinations at one time and tell me it's not screwin' that kid up. You ain't tellin' me that!

You parents that have young kids...you oughta make your doctor space those vaccines out, so that child's body can adjust to the germs and the immutations(sic) they have just put in your child.

When you give a little boy 11 shots at one time, you're killin' his testosterone. Which makes him a man. Which makes him tough. Which makes him strong and a leader.

And I believe when you throw all these medicines and chemicals and viruses together, and inject it in that boy, you're killin' the testosterone of these boys. And instead of playin' with army boots and G.I. Joe, they want high-heel shoes and liptick! I know what I'm talkin' about.

You know I'm tellin' it right! They don't wanna go to the barbershop, they wanna get their hair "done." And they wanna be crossdressers and Mommy lets 'em wear panties and run around with her bra on, with socks in her bra, and they think it's so cute. But when Junior's 15 years old and he's hung himself, 'cause he doesn't know if he's a boy or a girl, and he's been rejected by society, you'd've wished to God you'd've made a little boy out of Junior!

Bay of Pigs Award

Donald Trump #crackpot #wingnut twitter.com

Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics. Now he is relying on Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work! Remember, Miami Cubans gave me the highly honored Bay of Pigs Award for all I have done for our great Cuban Population!

ToxicManbaby #fundie twitter.com

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Unlike Optimus, I'm a human and like to breathe.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
You're not gonna be breathing so easily once covid gets to you

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Fakedemic not even scary Heart suit

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
I'm gonna make a fat guess, that you're American?? Probably living somewhere southern?

Now why do you automatically assume he's a southerner?

(Traffy (Waiting On More Kaiju No 8)@AxiVaughn)
It's a reasonable assumption, I live in the south and I see these people everywhere.

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Replying to @AxiVaughn @iamCHANGHISKHAN and @thecoomeroffaze
Normal people who aren't afraid to touch stuff and be next to people?

Replying to @ToxicManbaby, @AxiVaughn and 2 others
But normal people are afraid of diseases.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
Replying to @ToxicManbaby, @AxiVaughn and @iamCHANGHISKHAN)
I don't think anyone that lives in the south are "normal", plus how the fuck do you think this is a fake pandemic when there's literally people dying left and right, sure you can think its a leaked virus or a bio weapon, but denying something that is literally happening is weird

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Lmao where? Hospitals are empty and nobody is sick.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
"nobody is sick", just because you dont see em doesn't mean they're not there, plus what the fuck do you mean hospitals are empty??? Literally every hospitals I've gone to this week has half or more of their building dedicated to covid patients

Various Moonbats #moonbat twitter.com

(Andre Vltchek)
Here in #Yugoslavia, quarter of century ago I grasped lies of Western Empire. And its terror. US& EU destroyed the greatest European country in front of my eyes. Spreading lies about #Srebrenica etc. Then, butcher #BillClinton presided over mass murder in #DRCongo and #Yugoslavia

my understanding is that yugoslavia potentially had a very bright future, possibly becoming a powerhouse in the area that would have easily come to rival the french, german and british. size, infrastructure, strength of will (historical context and wars), etc. were more than ok.

(Andre Vltchek)
Definitely! And on top it was socialist/Communist and 'democratic'

(Azria #ANDIMIZ)
Until my Czech husband told me the truth about it and talked to a couple of Serbian friends, I also thought there was a horrendous massacre in srebrenica.MSM brainwashed everyone around the world that there was. It is really sad and frustrating what happened to your country

(Andre Vltchek)
For all those years I could not return to #Serbia. Just thinking abut what #NATO did to it was breaking my heart. Now I am back. And I will write about what I know!

(Paula Paalu)
It's a beautiful country. Still truly multicultural unlike neighboring ultra-nationalist ex-Yugoslavian states. And then Kosovo, terrible place, drug dealers, gangsters, hookers, casinos, whorehouses, corruption right from the border. Kosovo represents Western "democracy".

Rex Jones #racist twitter.com

It's all fun and games to bring up "Government Data" until someone mentions FBI Crime statistics


Acceptable “Conservatives”

- Candace Owens
- Ben Shapiro
- Glenn Beck
- Stephen Crowder

“Unacceptable” Conservatives

- Alex Jones
- Nick Fuentes
- Faith Goldy
- Tucker Carlson

See the difference?

Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut #fundie twitter.com

As the Congresswoman from NW Georgia, I look forward to fighting for our Christian, American values and helping
pass an #AmericaFirst agenda!

No one will fight harder against the radical, Socialist Democrats than me.

Now let's all work together to re-elect
, hold the U.S. Senate, repeal Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and help GA Republicans win!



Rollo Tomassi #sexist twitter.com

I don’t know which ladies needs to hear but if you have to take off your clothes to “make a statement”, you’re not sexually empowered, you’re sexually enslaved.

Don’t confuse feminism with prostitution. You can be seen and heard without taking your clothes off.

No Candace, the only real agency women have is their sexuality. All women know this. It's why their first reflexive impulse to draw attention to themselves for any reason is to take their clothes off or broadcast sexual availability.

Steven from Texas #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #wingnut twitter.com

Peter Slen: Steven! Spring Texas Republican. Steven, go ahead please.

Steven from Texas: Yeah, there’s a big, big uncertainty with what you’re saying online today, uh, he’s talking about, doesn’t make sense, I’m a big Q supporter. We got kids who are in jeopardy, uhm, things are…

Peter Slen: Steven, what’s a… can you just explain very quickly what a Q supporter is?

Steven from Texas: [pause] Q-anon.

Peter Slen: Mmh-hmm. And what is that?

Steven from Texas: [pause] Yeah, it’s a. It’s a, I guess you could say it’s a… [longer pause] [hangs up]

oluwatise #moonbat #racist twitter.com

non American black people can be some of the biggest coons on earth omg. I’m really starting to realize it’s due to privilege. Africans and Caribbeans have the privilege of coming from black nations which is why they have such ignorant and whitewashed views on race relations.

Settler’s Lament, et al. #dunning-kruger #fundie twitter.com

Settler’s Lament: Atheism is inherently left-wing

Judah: It's hypocritical to embrace hierarchy, then to deny God's sovereignty.

Curufinwe Feanaro: New Atheism could have been halfway based if it had kept the message to “There is no god but Gnon, and Darwin is his prophet”, but it was quickly and very predictably co-opted by people who stopped believing in God a hundred years ago and just never told anyone.

Nate the Great: Precisely. Leftism requires atheism, for with God, one would find it difficult avoiding the inevitable backlash for breaking every Commandment and Beatitude.

Adam Milne: Are there not other routes to respecting hierarchy than through God? I personally struggle with which hierarchies to respect and I am an atheist.

Anonymous: if you are an atheist there is no hierarchy, only self.

Kirsten Kaslofsky #psycho #quack twitter.com

To those on the how dare she not wear a mask train, allow me to stop you from wasting your time.

You mean nothing to me. I do not care if you die. You are not my problem or responsibility. You have no value to me. I will just block you and move on with my day. Go earn some value to someone by sucking some dick, maybe they’ll care if you die because I’m still not wearing a mask if I don’t want to even if it directly would save your life because as I’ve made clear I don’t care if you live because my freedom to do what I want means more to me than you do.

Hope that clears things up for the mask Gestapo <3

My freedom > my concern for strangers.
Let them rot.

Donald Trump #conspiracy twitter.com

The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics. Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. Must focus on speed, and saving lives!

Funmi #moonbat twitter.com

Over 75% of African Americans
Over 80% of Africans
Over 90% of Asians
Over 20% of Europeans
Are lactose intolerant.
Dairy is racist. Stop poisoning your bodies. Stop contributing to family separation, kidnap, infanticide etc.
Drop dairy.

ember #moonbat twitter.com

hiii new followers just a reminder
-stalin and authoritarianism is good :)
-pro china
-bernie sanders is an imperialist liberal
-white people in the united states are settlers and need to return land back to black & indigenous folks.
-white leftist are not leading revolution

Rivershield #homophobia twitter.com

Mel: Hi there Waving hand I was a queer kid. Sorry you’re slim understanding of the world has left you with such limited knowledge that you think that entire populations of people like me dont exist. Maybe do some reading and broaden your horizons.

Rivershield: As a kid I had a robot toy that was supposed to walk on its own if I put batteries in it. It was badly designed though, so it always fell after two or three steps. The person who gifted it to me came out gay, and that's when I realized that not only toys come with design flaws.

Dee( I Am Love ) #fundie twitter.com

The Disney Vault is full of demonic , perverted, voodoo, white magic, black magic, sorcery, levitation & everything that goes along with the kingdom of darkness. Be mindful what you allow your kids to watch bc watching anything related to the Disney channel is a NO! #WakeUp

Attila Hildmann and followers #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #psycho twitter.com

(Excerpts from an infamous speech Attila Hildmann gave at a covidiot demonstration on the 18th of July. Obviously, no one is wearing a mask.)

(Hildmann arrives with his campaign macho sports car modified to make loud obnoxious macho car sounds.)
(Hildmann waves around an Imperial War Flag while the crowd chants “Attila! Attila! Attila!”)
And then, they only write crap in the news, provoking [incomprehensible] the Jüdisches Forum, [incomprehensible] FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, WE HAD TO SUFFER, THAT CAN BE SAID! THAT CAN BE SAID!!! FOR A THOUSAND YEARS WE HAD TO SUFFER!!! (Female voice: “Shut up!”) IN THE MOMENT I AM (believing? lookin’ at it?) LIKE A GERMAN!!! WE WANT A PEACE TREATY!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
(Hildmann is standing in the crowd, which is chanting “ATTILA! ATTILA! ATTILA!” again together with him.)
(Man in the crowd: “Lügenpresse!)
Well, let’s start with my friend Volker Beck. Mister Volker Beck is a politician of the child-fucker party The Greens. Well, if I were Reichskanzler, then I would reintroduce the death penalty for Volker Beck: His balls shall be kicked in at a public square!!!
And [the fake news media] said that Hitler is a blessing compared to Communist Merkel. And they said that I am a Nazi because (pulls out Imperial War Flag again) I show this flag of Imperial Germany, and they said and believe that this man is no rightwinger. (Woman in the crowd: “The Emperor was no Nazi!”) Hitler was a blessing in comparison to Merkel the Communist, as she and Gates plan a global genocide against seven billion people! (crowd boos in agreement) […] Well, in this left-fascist state, in this Bolshevik Republic of Germany, I am not right-wing! In this left-fascist state, I AM PROUD TO BE ULTRA-RIGHTWING!!!! (crowd cheers loudly) And I am a nationalist!

Transcript of original GermanUnd dann schreiben sie nur Mist in der Presse, proviziert [?] die Leute vom Jüdischen Forum, [?] TAUSEND JAHRE MUSSTEN WIR LEIDEN, DAS KANN MAN SAGEN!!! DAS KANN MAN SAGEN!!! TAUSEND JAHRE MUSTEN WIR LEIDEN!!! (“Halt die Klappe!”) ICH (GLAUB? GLOTZ?) JETZT GERADE WIE EIN DEUTSCHER!!! WIR WOLLEN EINEN FRIEDENSVERTRAG! UNGLAUBLICH! ATTILA! ATTILA! ATTILA!
(“Lügenprese!”)Dann fangen wir einfach mal an bei meinem Freund Volker Beck. Herr Volker Beck ist ein Politiker der Kinderfickerpartei Die Grünen. Also, wenn ich Reichskanzler wäre, dann würde ich die Todesstrafe für Volker Beck wieder einführen, indem men ihm die Eier zertrete auf einem öffentlichen Platz!!!
Und sie hat’ gesagt, ich hab’ ja gesagt, Hitler ist ein Segen im Vergleich zu Kommunisten-Merkel. Und sie hat auch gesagt, dass ich ein Nazi bin, weil ich diese Keiserreichflagge zeige, und sie hat gesagt und geglaubt, dieser Mann sei kein Rechter. (“Der Kaiser war kein Nazi!”)
Hitler war ein Segen im Vergleich zu Kommunistin Merkel, denn sie plant mit Gates einen globalen Völkermord von sieben Millarden Menachen!
Also, in diesem links-faschistischen Staat, in dieser Bolchewiken-Republik Deutschland, bin ich kein Rechter! In diesem links-faschistischen Staat BIN ICH STOLZ, EIN ULTRA-RECHTER ZU SEIN!!!! Und ich bin ein Nationalist!