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This system has absolutely no right to be throwing any black or brown person in jail. At the end of the day too, this is all just another distraction. They know this is a thing African people have had our focus on for quite some time, this whole situation with R Kelly so instead of focusing on the masses of Colonized African children who are being forced to take this jab and go back into these colonial schools to be brainwashed and all sorts of colonial violence, we’re focused on this fake justice that’s being served here by R Kelly going to jail for decades. Another distraction for our people to be focused on instead of focusing on this mandate that’s coming up.

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(An entire thread that captured some of Colonel Knight Rider’s little Discord group where they’re trying to push a “reformation” of DeviantArt. It shouldn’t be a surprise their reform is, well, terrible. Here’s some that really stood out.)

Colonel Knight Rider:
Okay. @everyone these are our proposed ideas for a DA reform bill so far:
Make the site unable to use for anyone under 18.
Make our pages private.
Pay to have multiple accounts.

Towers of Obscure:
I'm strongly AGAINST paid sites. They have strings attached that make it hard to keep a home.
It would keep out the commies like Xhe and people that couldn't afford to pay... keeping it safe for
decent people.
Towers of Obscure:
So you're implying a "the rich get richer" philosophy? Have it free for Americans but paid for everyone
else? Did you forget that Claire is Canadian? Try thinking about her and everyone else!
Claire is wealthy

Colonel Knight Rider:
I reported another Xhe sockpuppet. This one doxxed my last name.
For that reason, I don't want to say what it was.
I want to harm him..her...them...no, IT. Because I refuse to believe it is even human.
It is nothing more than a delusional, hate-spouting machine looking for reasons to get angry, With no
regard for the laws it claims to abide by.
It also calls the Chinese a minority. Even though most people in the world are Chinese.
It must die.
It is too stupid to live.
It cannot be reasoned with

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“We were staying at a hotel, and my parents were staying here with our children. And… I am a prophetic dreamer. That means I see things through my dreams before they happen, God speaks to me through my dreams and shows me things. So I wake up in a [inaudible] hotel and I have just had a dream that someone has tried to break into my home, murder me and light my house on fire.

“OK so I wake up and - poough! my heart’s beating, I’m sweating. So I wake up and I pray. And I use my authority in Jesus’ name and say ‘No, no-one is going to break into my home or murder me or light my house on fire or hurt me in any way, in Jesus’ name’. I pray, and I do what I know to do, and I get a piece and I go back to sleep.

“I wake up in the morning and I call home and my mom says, who’s standing right here, ‘You are not gonna believe what happened last night. You know the witches, the self-proclaimed witches who live two doors down? Well someone broke into their house, murdered her and lit the house on fire’.”

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Following the destruction of the German Democratic Republic by NATO, there has been a resurgence of Nazism in Greater Germany. A two-state solution remains the only option to keep the world peaceful and safe from German aggression. We must support the GDR’s right to exist.

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We read the article. It’s ideological gibberish. Complete drivel. Utter nonsense. One slogan after another.

You & every one of your ancestors for millions of years was born from an egg produced by a female & a sperm produced by a male.

“Keep on sloganeering I guess”.

Cope. I mean, seriously—you can drop the pretence that anti-trans activism is somehow *really* about the rights of women, or that it's *really* about safeguarding children, or *really* about free speech.

No-one gives a shït what you wear or call yourself, sweaty.

Trans activists are getting people fired from their jobs for even questioning your deranged cult that says male child molesters are women and must be placed in women's prisons purely on their own say-so.


You have a penchant for being incapable of saying anything remotely on-topic. Where did I mention anything about what people wear or call themselves? Incidentally, people DO care what others wear and call themselves—if they didn't, they wouldn't be freaking out over pronouns or an innocuous ad featuring a gender nonconforming kid; deadnaming wouldn't be an issue, because people wouldn't engage in it maliciously. But sure, "no one cares"—except, well, for those that obviously do.

No-one cares what you call yourself.

They care about you imposing your brand new, white western colonial gender religion on them.

No-one has to comply with your demands that they bow to your "gender" in all questions over everything.

You literally just demonstrated that YOU care.

Yes, we care about deranged idiots lying to vulnerable kids that they can change their sex, and that anyone who even questions that hates them & deserves violence.

None of this is stopping you wearing whatever clothes you like & calling yourself whatever you like.

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Taiwan is worth fighting for, if Taiwan falls to China it’s over for the United States.

Lazy isolationist rhetoric (words I use all the time) doesn’t change the real world impact of Chinese dominance in the region. If you’re not a China hawk you can’t be America first, you’re just China first.

Real populism is sacrificing young white men to protect the independence of an island in the Western Pacific and maintain the global dominance of the empire that wants to turn your children trans and replace you with mexicans

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China's Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities

Quiet changes to education policy, personnel in minority regions follow Xi's call for forging of a 'collective consciousness'

Communist China is ditching minority appeasement to create a unified national culture. Some provinces aim to abolish Reservation/Affirmative Action by 2026

Meanwhile here in Viśvaguru, we’re obsessed w caste-bank politics & welfare schemes that hurt poor general castes

Indian Communists would decry this exact same move as “fashizm” if it were done in India, btw. That’s why I do not take these jokers seriously.

Bruh you shill for China lol

No. I want to enact policies similar to China in India. I have no interest in wanting us to become Chinese puppets. I support balancing in both SCO/BRICS and the Quad. How is that shilling?

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As much as I want to believe cities are dysgenic a visit to a rural PA grocery store is a reminder that everywhere is in its own way

Why is everyone so fucking ugly

(Your Humble)
People like to make it out like an agrarian versus industrial thing, but any post paleo diet is going to be dysgenic

(Yung Boomer)
Don’t tell #trad macho redneck rural twitter I said this: Republicans from blue states ought to colonize flyover country with pretty art hoe gfs.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have great looking people.

(Weimerica's Revenge)
America is a genetic toilet where all of the worlds pure bloodlines come to be flushed down the pipes together. Guess who was the one to coin the term "melting pot"

(Besta Posta M.D.)
It’s a class thing. Go to a ritzy area and everyone is beautiful. I used to go see my dad for two weeks every summer in his beach town. I remember the first year I got back and my mother took me to wal mart for weekly shopping and I was like, what the f@ck

(Lord Lightyear)
Part of the premise of cities being dysgenic is that they soak up all (most) of the good genes from rural areas and churn out low birthrates. Cities absorb the high iq and are iq shredders. They absorb the beautiful women and turn madonnas into whores (wives/mothers into sluts).

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China bans any video game with
* Any non-gender conforming character
* Any gay relationship
* Effeminate men
* Any game where you have to make moral choices between good/bad

"If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.”

China is serious about its culture war.

Serious countries don't whine about racism, sexism, etc.

The entire purpose of the American regime is to coddle the fragile feelings of women and minorities

That's why America is a laughing stock on the world stage

This is relevant to all of the low-IQ whining about Chinese influence on American box office

If Chinese tastes governed our entertainment industry, we'd be healthier and better off

If China keeps this up, the Globalist American Empire will declare war

A big part of American ruling class' hatred of Russia is that Russia is a major power that rejects the woke ideology at the core of American regime

Now that Xi's China is rejecting America's woke poison in key respects, interesting to see how this plays into cold war 2.0

Used to be conventional wisdom that Russian rejection of wokeness more threatening because Russia is plausibly European and therefore a model for Western nations

China's rejection wokeness could very well have an opposite net effect, in the sense that it could be used to dupe conservatives into partially defending wokeness out of anti-China "patriotism"

This would be the foreign policy equivalent of Dems are the real racists

Similarly, Cold War 2.0 against CCP can be used to dupe conservatives into rallying to defense of mil industrial complex that has essentially declared them domestic terrorists

Insane, yes. But I think you can always count on conservatives to be duped. It's what they live for!

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China and the UK are competitors bruv

China should not forge a close trade or economic ties with The UK. Its a malign country.

China approach to the UK right now is a disaster in making. It will be damaging to them.

Taliban is mutilating centuries-old Afghan culture & imposing outdated Arabian culture on Afghan women.

The west and especially the USA blessed Saudi Arabia to spread Wahhabism in the Islamic world to counter socialism which led to erasure of many women rights and increased violence against women.

What political system do Russians prefer?

- Western-styled democracy 16%
- Current system 18%
- Soviet system 49%.

This Levada poll shows Putin fatigue more than anything else.

Russians are unlucky to have Gorbachev while the Chinese were Lucky to have Deng Xiaoping, Two leaders different outcomes.


Made an Excel sheet about GDP (PPP), comparing Russia and China together vs the USA from 1992-2026. Things are changing .

Ukraine’s chief censor wants urges Kiev to scrap usage of the Cyrillic alphabet, to distance itself from Moscow, and embrace English, instead of Russian, saying that it's the "language of the civilized."

Eastern European reactionaries are on such a profound bootlicking streak that they will practically colonise themselves.

This reminds me of Georgia changing its time zone to distance itself from Moscow.

The rise of eastern Europe is a forgotten economic success story



Lol Eastern Europe has improved but stop hyping it. It will never compete with Western Europe and East Asia.

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All of "modern history" is a great masonic fable. Almost all of it is a lie, beginning with the "evolution of species" by Charles Darwin, "space travels" and loads of other tales from the religion called science.

All of it comes from the father of lies, the prince of this world.

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These Are Real Civilizational States: China, Russia, Japan, Korea (One) and Singapore.

Countries that have Potential to become Civilizational States: Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

Countries with no Potential to become Civilizational States: All Western Countries.

Isn't Russia part of the West ? White, European origin, Christian.

I don't want to get into Genetics but Slavs aren't/weren't considered White by many (ex: Nazi Germany). Stalin didn't consider himself as a White Person but rather an Arab. Russia is better considered as Euro-Asian Hybrid IMO.

Not Greece?

Greece recently had a Huge Debt Crisis which went for 8 Years and is having a Falling Population, so I don't consider it one.

Things in Mind when considering Civi-States
1. Competence of Governance
2. Keeping Marginalized Communities at Bay.
3. Economy
4. Education
5. Portrayal of Country to Foreigners
6. Promotion of History and Culture.
7. Respect for Ancestors
8. Mix of Traditionalism and Modernity

China - a civilizational state? CCP has done everything in its power to erase its history and heritage before 1949.

Not at all, China is promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine on the World Stage, India is not even promoting Ayurveda. Xi proudly claimed in front of Trump that China has 5,000 Years History. They still respect their Emperors, Have Banned Christian Missionaries and Confucianism is making a Comeback.

Why are Brazil and Mexico on the list? Bolivia is a country whose current ruling party seems to like its Pagan past. Mexico and Brazil? Not so sure.

Brazil & Mexico have growing Economies as well as Competent Leadership (AMLO in Mexico is Left-Wing and Nationalist while Bolsonaro is literally plotting a Coup Next Year).

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I still wonder why they call them sport stars, pop stars and movie stars. Could it be they're demonically possessed?
We know how people like to follow the stars. The Bible says a third of the stars fell to Earth . . .
Rev 12:4 Dragon's tail dragged a third of the stars to Earth.

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NASA and darwinism have same targets, to mess with people's mind and pull them away from the truth. If you're a tinny thing in middle of space who by chance evolved from monkey, everything Bible teaches you wouldn't make sense. But Bible came first!

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Well,if you declare "Trans women are men", what goal are you pursuing? Let me guess, excluding trans women from gender seperated spaces, under the asumption, that doing so would improve safety/privacy for cis women?

Yes. We want male-bodied ppl barred from all women’s single sex spaces. Men cannot lie abt their sex and expect to be catered for—who the hell do you think they are? Their feelings are more important than women’s safety? Screw that. Men in frocks can bugger off.

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We started by being kind and calling men “her”.

We ended up being called bodies with vaginas, menstruators, birthing bodies, uterus owners, host bodies, gestational carriers, chest feeders, cervix owners, people with vaginas.


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Then why do you think trans women feel comfortable changing their sexual characteristics to femaleones? If it is "Fucking up [their] endocrine system"?

self-harm, divided psyche. PAYING to be carved up by a deranged army of Dr. Frank N. Furters, for a delusional bid at being the opposite sex. Its a dark comedy at this point. Its gonna age about as well as ice pick lobotomies.

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Had NATO not expanded beyond Germany’s borders, or had NATO admitted Russia into its ranks, or had NATO not breached the NATO-Russia Founding Act by permanently stationing its forces on the Russian border, there would not be the tension there is today between the West and Russia.

True but how without tension we can justify NATO budget, or arms sales to Central and Eastern Europe?? Tension are necessary to justify American military presence in Eurasia.

Taiwan's trade & investment tour of Slovakia, CzechRepublic & Lithuania is a go! NDC Minister Kung will lead a 65-strong group to the EU countries next month, aiming to grow tie-ups & jointly create interconnected, resilient supply chains for the democratic world.

Guangdong province has a larger GDP than Taiwan but sure you will replace mainland China with supply chains.

You can’t replace Taiwan with the PRC but Eastern European reactionaries don’t understand basic economics.

The mayor of Prague announces a Taiwanese business delegation is set to land the Czech capital next month

I am reactionary scumbag. Could fit as well.

Reactionaries in Central and Eastern Europe are angry at Serbia for its partnership with China. Good Job by Serbia.

Breaking: The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for the invitation of @AhmadMassoud01

European can not influence the western Balkans properly but sure they are going to influence Afghanistan.

I am pro China/Russia Eurasianist. But Australia made the right decision to snub France and accept USA offer . If you want to buy submarines you either buy them from Russia or the USA , The best 2 countries in the field without competition.

China tops the 6G patent filings list with 40.3%, followed by the US with 35.2%. Japan ranked third with 9.9%, followed by Europe with 8.9% and South Korea with 4.2%

European think they can compete with China or the USA on tech lol.

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( @Julio_Vichon )

How is gender different from chakras, souls, auras and zodiac signs? At least the zodiac is based on things that exist, like birthdays and stars. 🤔


The difference? No-one has ever masturbated to the thought that they might be a Sagittarius rather than a Scorpio.

( @TomasTorrens10 )

It’s much newer, rooted in neurosis as much as necessity and explicitly political. By comparison chakras and souls are ancient ideal objects that properly engaged with can functionally and practically deepen ones understanding of reality.

( @Littlegoblin17 )

honestly I put zodiac and genders on the same level of crazy- especially with so many zoomers taking zodiac VERY seriously and as honest truth (same with manifestation)

chakras and souls I might not believe in but jfc they somehow make more sense than the other two

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China-Russia-Iran Eurasiosphere GDP PPP is 32.67 trillion

Anglosphere GDP PPP is 29.48 Trillion

Eurasian supremacy.

What sort of support has Macron received from EU partners over AUKUS? Deafening silence in Germany.

Remember when Denmark spied on Germany for the USA? nothing Happen.

Remember when China was the first to Help Serbia with Vaccines?

Remember when Germany crushed Greece with Austerity?

European solidarity is a Myth.

"Washington is building a NATO-like alliance in the [Indo-Pacific] region, with AUKUS at the core, and the US-Japan and US-South Korea alliances surrounding it, and the Quad at the outermost level, because India, not an US ally, can't be trusted by the US."—PRC scholar Li Haidong

Stupid statement Australia, Japan, South Korea are US vassals since the cold war , USA is not building or gaining NEW allies its the same group of Asian countries during the cold war. Secondly the India part is right. India will never accept USA full dominance.

The French have thrown their toys out of the pram and withdrawn their Ambassadors from the USA and Australia.

French tech was way out of date and EU States do not suit the 21st century.

The Anglosphere is back and they hate it!

We need a Eurasian sphere now!

One of Chinese policy makers objectives in this decade is the creation of a Eurasian sphere this will be a huge boost for China.

Italy will not send any kind of military asset to the pacific in support of the USA

Italy needs China for trade. USA is getting pathetic , China will dominate the western pacific regardless of these stupid moves, I wonder at what stage the USA will invite Romania, Bulgaria , Albania to stop feeling insecure?????

Waiting for Luxembourg to shows its boats in Asia.


If a war breaks out India will be obliterated by Pakistan and China.

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1. Not everyone is the correct person for the job. That's called "life."

2. To expect (or demand) your beliefs be universally accepted is not reasonable. That's called "human nature."

3. Just because someone doesn't "like" you is not "hate." That's called "choice."

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So like are we gloss right over the intentional starvation of 3.9 million Ukrainians or does that not fit in your narrative of the romanticism of the Soviet Union.

The kulaks burned half their food because they wanted to resist collectivisation, their resistance was fierce and caused the death of millions across the entire USSR (not just ukraine), but ultimately they were liquidated as a class and agriculture improved since then

The word holodomor is only a recent invention and nazis from ukraine and the former ussr are KNOWN to promote what basically amounts to a double genocide theory which is indisputably a form of holocaust denial

someone got sources for me?

well for a primary source, molotov in his memoir basically says the same thing, but other than that it should be pretty well known that the 1932-33 famine wasnt intentional, and the burden of proof is ofc on the accusers but they havent produced a shred of evidence

i’m just asking because i know nothing and would rather not take a tweet for info

Im p theres plenty bourgeois historians that basically say the same thing, though i cant name them off the top of my head at the moment

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Old school. Top clearance. Extremely discreet. Attended secret Deep State meetings on 9-11. Tired of all the lies.

"An emergency phone conference was held in the early afternoon of 9/11 based on the fact that WTC Building Number Seven was still standing. Demolitions were engineered to cause the building, as well as the others, to fall into its own footprint. I attended this call.”

“No plane hit Building Number Seven.”

“The CIA was brought to cover it up. The CIA set up failed asset bin Laden to blame as misdirection, then pulled the plug on Building Number Seven.”

"The CIA doctored tapes to show Arabs entering the planes."

"Our CIA Arabists knew that if we blamed Osama, who was innocent, Mullah Omar would not give him up in violation of the laws of Islamic hospitality. Mullah Omar requested evidence: then he would turn him over. Of course, we did not want that.”

“The Afghanistan heroin war was justified by 9-11. No one in Afghanistan was involved in 9/11. No member of Islam was involved. We invaded Afghanistan for only one purpose, to restart heroin production shut down by a righteous act of Mullah Omar.”

"CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan funded external, clandestine operations and lined some important people's pockets. That was common practice when the CIA ran the heroin operation in the Golden Triangle."

“It was never in the U.S. strategic interest to lay a curse on Islam in the West."

“9-11 was a kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation justifying a war on Islam and the invasion of Iraq, followed by other invasions of Islamic nations."

“The Taliban loved us as they did not know that we lured Russia into Afghanistan. It was idiotic to think that they wanted to hurt their ally on 9-11.”

"With Iraq invaded over a new falsity, the neocons created a war of hatred against Islam."

"The apex of the U.S. command structure is not the presidency. It’s the Deep State. I use that term even though we did not as it is commonly used."