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We aren’t warring with Ukraine-because Ukraine is a Nazi invention, created by Polish, German and American imperialists. This creation, like brain cancer, devours the ability to remember and to think of those who live on it, turning (especially the youth) into cruel zombies. Ukraine, or “Outskirts” in Russian, has for ages being called those Russian lands which are at the line of contact with the other side.

Similarly the far east is not a government or nation, but-like Ukraine-Russian land on the eastern border of Russia. And if anyone says there are differences in language, well there are the Tatarstan Republic, the Republic of Buryatia, Republic of Dagestan etc. Once again, there will be a Ukrainian Republic. What’s the problem? Ukraine isn’t going anywhere, but it will be under our protection.

Today we are rectifying a historic injustice-liberating a part of Russia-Kyivan Russ, from it’s Anglo-Saxon and Jewish colonizer occupiers, the hands of which are covered up to their elbows in the blood of different people, which they don’t consider human.

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That doesn't mean we should just to do away with it like we could do away with capital, the financial system, or waged labour. Because denying gender is also denying actual forms of living and embodied human existence,

And here we get to the knotty know a the core of all of this.

Gender is a social construct. What would denying this construct mean? We do not deny that it exists. We think however, it is harmful. You would try to proscribe us critiquing a social system which exists in order to exploit us and undermine our humanity because some people 'identify' with this system, and have built their "forms of living and embodied human existence" on IDENTIFYING WITH THE MECHANISM OF OUR OPPRESSION.

If, as you seem to claim, gender identity is not innate, then why should we not question people who are forging identities by identifying with an oppressive and harmful system?

Why would you not join us in asserting that people can dress and act anyway that their personality

inclines them to, and that they do not need to do so by identifying with and reifying harmful and oppressive social structures, that they do not need to internalise and ossify these structures by making them the entire basis of their 'identities,' and that they do not need to try

and make people who have every political basis for rejecting these structures collude with them in their efforts to reify and ossify them as the basis of their identities?

Patriarchal gender is harmful to the humanity of female people.

We will not identify with it. We will not be defined by it. We will not turn a blind eye to people essentialising it. We will not forget that the way it shapes our subjectivity damages us.

We will not be told that we are privileged because we 'fit it.' We will not be gaslit by men who have no idea how much damage gender conformity does to women, that trans or queer people are the only people who know anything about gender, and that 'cis' women need to STFU, when

you have completely trashed the materialist analysis of why gender exists, have completely forgotten it has anything to do with exploiting female people, and in fact, have no fucking model of gender that makes any explanatory sense whatsoever.

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Magik spellbinding cult words and phrases used by the Heliosts Baal religion:
Sidereal days
Pressure gradient
Great Circle route
Black holes
Light years
Worm holes
Space-time continuum
Big Bang

The Actorphycisists: Bill Nye and Neil de Grasse Tyson

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Amanda Knox: Talking to parents who refuse to accept their trans kids is the second hardest part of my job. Talking to the kids of those parents is the hardest part. I've met youth living in shelters, parks, storage facilities, etc because they could no longer live at home.

James Lindsay: Ok groomer

Desmond E.S.: This is horrifying. Just mass grooming on an unbelievable scale - @GadSaadcoined the term, ‘idea pathogens,’ and he was absolutely right, these ideas are spreading, light-speed (thanks to the internet), and it’s destroying the family unit (as intended, duh.)

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We're used to Democrats being detestable pigs of course but it is just beyond vile that Biden never visited Waukesha. He's running up to Buffalo immediately but he never made a personal appearance in Waukesha because the victims were white.

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The toxic bosses of @amazon and @salesforce and @Tesla offering to pay for employees’ abortions know that incentivizing killing your preborn children serves their bottom line - no pesky family leave needed, no prenatal healthcare, no flexible schedules for working parents. Evil.

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About to hold press conference in front of Zuckerberg Hospital in SF where they kill late-term babies & commit grotesque experimentation on them. Already pro-aborts have stolen some of our signs. Our peaceful presence won’t be intimidated. Police are here as hostility is expected

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It is a federal crime to kill a bald eagle. This protection extends to bald eagle eggs, as the law makes no distinction between unborn and born bald eagles. Democrats quite literally believe that unborn eagles have more worth than unborn humans. They have codified it into law.

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"Gaming journos" aren't sitting idly by while Roe hangs in the balance Some have contacted the biggest gaming companies to ensure they pledge allegiance to THE MESSAGE that abortion = good! And the likes of Bungie & Microsoft, are more than ready to oblige...

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The most that #BansOffOurBodies pro-abort groups, including $1.7 billion Planned Parenthood, could muster in its lead city, DC, was 20k people. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of prolifers Marching for Life in DC every year Pro-life is the majority & pro-life will win

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Our nation is ravaged by inflation and now we're running out of food for our babies. DC has decided that now is the best time to ship 40 billion dollars to a corrupt foreign government. These people are simply just evil. Traitors. They hate this country and they hate you.

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If we're reading this lunatic's "manifesto" and taking it seriously then what about the part where he says he was radicalized from spending all his time online during the COVID lockdowns? I guess we're just glossing over that part. Not the conversation the media wants to have.