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If the leftists along with the rainbow mafia are dedicated to advancing mental illness in this country, like hell are law abiding citizens going to give up our guns and means to protect ourselves!!!

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(A poll finds that the majority of Americans (53%) oppose bans on gender affirming care for Trans kids.)

A poll of 1000 adults does not represent the nation. Even if this were accurate, the majority of the population does not know what “gender affirming care” truly entails. The term is intentionally candy-coated and friendly sounding to hide the horrors of what it actually consists of.

They don’t know that it means sterilizing children. They don’t know that the most popular puberty blocker, Lupron, has been previously and is currently still used to chemically castrate sex offenders. They don’t know the side effects of these drugs on adolescents, which include decreased bone density, vision loss and brain swelling. They don’t know that it includes chopping the breasts off of healthy young girls.

But that is changing. The public is becoming increasingly more aware and that is why you see action being taken against it.

There is no logical reason for medical intervention to not be delayed until they are fully developed adults that are able to consent to permanently changing their bodies. Anyone who believes otherwise is diabolical.

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They need to discuss with parents. Parents will usually want them to use pads or tissue paper until they are married and no longer virgins.

(Ana Filipe: ”You mean to tell me the issue with not providing girls TAMPONS is to safe-keep their virginity? 🤦🏽‍♀️. Most teen girls decide what they feel comfortable using & it’s 4 each family to discuss not a group of Republican men. Tissue paper? Nahh🙄”)

Yes, but teachers are giving them tampons instead of pads and making that decision for them. We're going to have a whole generation of women that are worn out before they even give birth. Save something for marriage. Just one thing.

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It’s not just Trump who’s their target. It’s Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is in the process of preparing yet another law enforcement dragnet of more than 1,000 nonviolent January 6th protestors.

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#GreysAnatomy just aired an episode chock full of lies and pro-abortion propaganda. This is trash “entertainment” designed to justify the killing of babies and lionize abortionists. It’s sick and sad.

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Jan 6th was a lie. Officer Sicknick wasn’t murdered. It wasn’t a deadly insurrection. (Except for Ashli Babbitt’s murder.) Police opened doors for QAnon shaman. He wasn’t armed. Ray Epps lied about leaving the Capitol. No wonder 61% of people believe Jan 6 was staged by feds.

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Good day to everyone especially @michaeljknowles who was absolutely correct when he said we should eradicate transgenderism - the cultural practice of indulging psychiatric delusion to the point of mutilating children’s healthy bodies & erasing women.

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(Matt Walsh)
"What Is A Woman" is a global movement. Nigeria at the UN is hosting a screening of the film for African delegates. It's clear that African nations don't want gender ideology imposed on them.

It has already found a large following in South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Now African delegates at the UN are attending a screening. The film is not only changing this country but reaching across the world. Incredibly proud to have been a part of this project.

Nope, they see where this leads to:

1) pregnant men
2) urinals in the women's bathroom
3) tampons in the men's bathroom
4) men on women's sports teams
5) doctors "guess" what a child is at birth

Africa is looking at this degeneracy and saying NO THANKS!.

The US, its neighbors and the European countries have fallen down an ever rapidly expanding dark hole of Gender Ideology.

Smart and Calculated of the African Nation

Probable entertained by the slow moving disaster called United States of America.

A shade of schadenfreude

(Jane J)
Media attention and promotion of all things transgender is hugely disproportionate to the % of global population who are directly involved.The fact that a trans woman has been made 'woman of the year ' and trans women in women's sport shows how absurd this situation has become .

(Charles Dickens)
Many don’t realize that the US withholds funding to countries that do not implement DEI culture- one of the reasons no hearts or minds were won in Afghanistan.

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We were minding our own business when suddenly the trans movement came along and demanded that we totally abandon biology, common sense, and truth itself for its sake. Our war against this scourge is a defensive struggle. They started it. They wanted this fight. Now they have it.

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I am for the abolition of the
#World’s Women’s Day
No one needs it, also, we now have these trannies that want to prescribe that this their day as well. All I can do now is vomit.

(Original German)
Ich bin für die Abschaffung des
Braucht kein Mensch, zudem uns jetzt diese Transen auch noch vorschreiben wollen, dass das auch ihr Tag ist. Ich kann nur noch kotzen

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(Никола 🇺🇸 🇷🇸) Ukraine is Russia

(Megs 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇦) It has never been a part of Russia. It was a part of the Soviet Union though. Facts matter and a simple internet search is free

(Никола 🇺🇸 🇷🇸) Agree , but once Kosovo was stolen from Serbia and declared independence with NATO and USA support I don’t see now reason why Russia cannot claim Ukraine as their territory. Explain this please

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Outsideness (@Outsideness)

Deterritorialization isn't decoding, and decoding isn't mere trashing of inherited code. To deterritorialize is to pass over into the vast unsettled spaces of the West, with genes and Scripture intact.

There is only one problem with that.

It's that genes are not real and are a metaphysical concept. Mendel was a fraud and his squares do not hold.

To this day not a single so called gene has been proven to exist.

Lysenko was correct, and was unfairly maligned by the Cathedral.

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Nobody believes women when they give their age…or body count…or say they weren’t flirting with another guy…or how much they spent on your card at Saks…or when they say they want you to choose the restaurant…so why on EARTH would we believe them when they claim to be raped???

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Lisa Paus (Germany’s family minister, Green):
A woman is a person who identifies herself as a woman.

You can play all your stupid word games you want, Ms @lisapaus. Language does not create reality.
A man can never be a woman, no matter how much your language dehumanises women.

Who can according to this statement “identify as a woman”? Women? No. Why would they? They are after all already women. So? Correct: Men! Ergo: @lisapaus works for the cementing of patriarchy! This regression demands resignation! #ResignationPaus

Von Romberg@Der_von_Romberg
There is of course no patriarchy. So the blathering is nonsense. Otherwise: full agreement! Trannies just aren’t women! They are and remain: Men!

Original GermanSie können alle dummen Sprachspiele spielen die Sie wollen Frau @lisapaus
. Sprache erschafft keine Realität.
Ein Mann kann niemals eine Frau sein, egal wie sehr sie Frauen durch Ihre Sprache entmenschlichen.

Wer kann sich nach dieser Aussage als “Frau identifizieren”? Frauen? Nein. Wozu? Sie sind ja schon Frauen. Also? Richtig: Männer! Ergo: @lisapaus arbeitet für die Zementierung des Patriarchats! Dieser Rückschritt schreit nach Rücktritt!!! #RücktrittPaus
Es gibt natürlich kein Patriarchat. Das Gerede ist also Blödsinn. Ansonsten: volle Zustimmung! Transen sind halt keine Frauen! Sie sind und bleiben: Männer!

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An Oscar [award] is an occult reference to the Egyptian deity, Sokar the God of lies, sinners and destruction. The same goes for the statue of liberty in New York. It is a reincarnation of the ancient Goddess Hecate, the goddess of death. The symbolism of destruction and self-destruction lies at the core of the Anglo-Saxon cultural code. Like medieval lepers, they ty to spread their death and self-destruction to everybody else to ensure quasi-equality.

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A national divorce isn’t probable because leftism can’t “live and let live,” in the same way the metastatic cancer doesn’t infect one part of the body without conquering another. It’s imperialistic & totalitarian by nature. It will never allow a diplomatic divorce - ever

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( Tatsuya Ishida )
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spoiler(image description: a green haired carricature of a trans woman is depicted as entering a womens restroom with the words "Hey fellow females, just here to powder my nose", with it then being shown that the bathroom is filled with carricatures of Rachel Levine, Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Brinton & Jeffrey Marsh)

( @venus_iscariot )
Funny how men being allowed into women's spaces spells the reintroduction of the urinary leash, yet these men depend on women being in those spaces to make invasion worthwhile. The end result is women stay home, but not the goal. As lefty males they see women as public property.

( @Beat_Rev )
Turns out letting creepy sex pest men in women spaces is very progressive. Enjoying the show feminists?

( @ProtoAugustus )
A future where the "women's" bathrooms will actually have no real women in them.

( @chicken49264739 )
The whole reason they do this is gain access to women I bet you would never see a transwoman dating another transwoman

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(Matt Walsh)

You didn’t just tell the truth Matt, you chose to use inflammatory and divisive language to attack an individual. No hearts and minds are going to be won by spewing poisonous diatribes. You’re pandering to your base. Wars are not won by doing this.

I used accurate language that you admitted was accurate. You on the other hand affirmed Dylan as “her” while whining that I was mean. Also Im getting clinics shut down, laws passed, and thousands mobilized and taking to the streets. I dont need lessons in effectiveness but thanks

“Factually he’s not wrong.” Literally a quote from the beginning of your video. Now you’re lying about what you said in a video we can all see. You’re also alienating most of your audience for the sake of defending Dylan Mulvaney from mean words. Very strange decision.

(Freddy Cranks)
I could go the rest of the my life without hearing the phrase "winning hearts and minds" bc it assumes every issue is abstract and intellectual. Sometimes you have to flip the table.

Child mutilation is a flip the table issue. I'll side with those fighting by any means necessary

(Andrew Gustafson)
Exactly right, we are in the middle of an existential “flip the tables” moment;
the intentional and irreversible mutilation of children is increasing and it must be stopped.
Sorry not sorry if someone’s feelings get hurt when a brave few stand up and speak THE TRUTH.