Candor7 #conspiracy

Obama and Holder were ARMING a 5th column group of guerrillas meant to destabilize mid western red states, conducting little wars in places like Arizona to destabilize conservative culture, and place it under strict leftist regulation via executive order.To help do this Obama would have liked an armed reconquista movemnt of armed men working out of federal reserve lands in Arizona, prohibited to the public.He failed.

Obama and Holder failed in this but risked an act of war against Mexico to attempt this treasonous initiative, now supposedly limited to “Fast and Furious” gun running. IMHO it was much worse than that. Much , much worse in its intent.

As to whether Obama and his liberal fascist thugs created the shooting scenario in Colorado? It is possible, all that is often needed is a spark put to an already tinderous, flammable situation.Obama is capable of just about anything. His activity in Kenya in support of Kenya’s Islamic Orange Party fascist , Rial Odinga,and the resulting intertribal warfare and genocide,should have made that fact plain to the world in 2006/2007.Kenya was Obama’s test bed for his Southern border/illegal alien work in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

I am awaiting the facts on this [shooting] in Wisconsin.The perpetrator is a cypher, and the police/government are scrubbing his public background before naming him.I want to see his facebook page, but the authorities are increasingly preventing this from happening.



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