Human Stupidity #sexist

Have you heard of unbiased, peer reviewed academic research?

Take genealogy, history. Take the Bible and the Koran: All over history, men have married 15 year olds, 12 year olds, as the norm. Check anthropology: at what age do women in Hunter-Gatherer societies marry? And what age men do these women prefer? 12 year old boys or over 20 or over 30 year old powerful experienced men?

Then look at Charlie Chaplin. Rock stars in the 1970’s. Hugh Hefner. Men who get admired by adolescent girls.

Then check psychology: Show men the photos or video clips of 15 year old girls, tell them they are 19 (to overcome the ingrained fear of jail bait). See if they are interested or if they find these girls repulsive. You can even check with contraptions that measure penile growth, excitement.

This is how one does science. Your knee jerk reaction can not change past history.

Sadly, through feminist world dominance, feelings like yours did change the history of the last 50 years and of I dont know how many years ahead.

But, as long as it does not become criminalized, a few people like me will insist on telling the truth.



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