Napoleon de Geso #sexist

Do you feel frightened about idea of having ugly wife? Would you rather marry ugly female or stay alone?

I feel scared of that, thoughts about having ugly wife for me are horror. In those times when was walking in crowded spaces, I always felt frightened about how ugly majority of femoids are. Waifu not necessary must be perfect stacy, cute becky good, but I absolutely despise ugly females, and majority of average too, those who lack features, pleasant for my eyes. As being outcast of society and accepting that path, I dont need validation for being normal member, see no problem in not having children, so ugly wife for me is just something scary and better to be avoided

Would you better take ugly wife or stay lonely?

I better be lonely than in relations with ugly female: 10 (40.0%)
I want be normal member of society, so ugly woman ok: 2 (8.0%)
I am not so very sensitive to female appearance, so ugly woman ok: 8 (32.0%)
I fear lonelyness more, so ugly woman ok: 5 (20.0%)



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