nooo3949, TheBlackpillMafia & MentalAnon #sexist

Re: Instead of making fun of him for his opinions, something that he can change, they rather make fun of him for something that he cannot control.


There's this hole I work closely with who drops blackpills constantly. She is a bit older post-wall hole with a few kids. We're developers so you would think that even female developers would have some iota of common sense - nope. In fact she got her job literally through a 'women out of work' program. JFL at getting a job just for having a hole, while men fight over the scraps.

Getting back on topic - any time she gets frustrated/angry in a code review or talks shit about someone else, she inevitably brings up their dating status. I'm sure she shits on me all the time when im not around. It's her go-to insult.

"No wonder he's single"
"No woman would ever want to live with him"

It doesn't even matter that the disagreement is in no way personal and has nothing to do with dating - insulting a mans sexual status is the default argument for holes. They constantly think about your SMV in their heads, regardless of the circumstance and it is the basis for which they treat you.

She even talks about hot guys at our workplace to me, no doubt she has cheated on her husband or tried to. If we lived in a better country with morality police, i'd report her for adultery.


I like Ben. He advocates for virginity until marriage so I like him

Fuck him. Hes a typical tradcon who shits on incels, talks about how wonen should have rights, and sucks off megacorps and israel


Low IQ. We’re not gonna get anywhere by trying eliminating women’s rights. No one’s going to support that. You have to think realistically. Ben Shapiro is an ass, but a monogamous society is better than a hypergamous one at least. Bashing on him is only going to make SJW IT cucks more prominent.

I disagree. The time has never been more ripe for taking away women's rights. People are starting to wake up to how miserable they are trying to be men. Hating feminism is the new hip thing. There's also the amount of tension in general making people crave stronger leaders and more defined roles. We can do it.



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