Joshua Bonehill #fundie

1) A Bonehillist will not defend himself to the Left-Wing or anybody for that fact under Any circumstance. All bonehillists are morally superior and righteous in their argument so therefore there is no need to defend yourself when you encounter an attack – go on the offence instead.

2) As a Bonehillist, it is your duty to protect the British public from the lie that is political correctness. When you encounter PC criminality you should do your best to expose it and attack the source to stop the pollution.

3) Metrosexualism is strictly forbidden for all males who identify with Bonehillism. We recognise that Metrosexualism is a perverse tactic used by the Left-wing to feminise masculinity and We believe that men should be men.

4) As a Bonehillist, you will always be required to help your fellow countrymen In times of need. We believe in social nationalism and want to create a society where neighbours help each other and our society pulls together in order to repair society. You will help your neighbour and do your best for your people.

5) Shopping at massive corporate owned American superstores is strictly forbidden, we support the smaller man and encourage all bonehillists to shop locally in small independent stores. Support the green grocer, the butcher and the local corner store. The only supermarket permitted for use by bonehillists is Waitrose because they are owned by the employees who benefit from the business In a fair and equal way.

6) All Bonehillists must maintain a degree of personal hygiene. We are not like the Left-Wing who refuse to wash so therefore we will be clean, free and fresh in appearance. Short cropped hair is advised for males but not mandatory.

7) Bonehillists will only buy British, buying something that has been made in another country is supporting their economy and that could be seen as treachery. Grow your own produce and double check the products you’re buying to ensure that they have been made in this country.

8) baggy or loose clothing is strictly forbidden. As touched on with rule number 6, Bonehillists are smart and clean in appearance. All items of ‘Chav’ clothing should be disposed of before you even consider becoming a Bonehillist.

9) Bonehillists do not cheat on their partners, they are loyal and respective of their relationships.

10) A Bonehillist will always help his fellow Bonehillist first over all other people. If a ‘comrade’ is in need of help then you will always help him first.

11) After speaking to a fellow Bonehillist it is courteous to say “Bonehill Be With you” and he will respond “And with you”. This is done as a degree of respect to the Founder and acknowledgement of ones position within Bonehillism.

12) Bonehillists will respect the law of the land, if they fall foul of it and suspect they have been wrongly accused then it will be fought out in the court of law with full Bonehillist support.

13) Bonehillists will fly both the Union Jack and St George’s cross flags from their home. This can either be done by hanging the flag from a window outside or by suspending the flag by flag pole in the garden.

14) Bonehillists are not permitted to be a member of any Unions as they are evil perverse Left-Wing traps.

15) Bonehillists will not legitimise the Left-Wing, under no circumstance is conversation between a leftist renegade and a Bonehillist permitted. The left-wing only vent poison and lies, do not corrupt your mind with the filth – ignore them instead.

16) Bonehillists must address the founder himself as “The Founder” or “Leader”, again this is done as a mark of respect towards the divine providence of the founder who rules over Bonehillism with an iron fist.

17) Mega Morbid obesity is not permitted within Bonehillism, a Bonehillist must maintain a healthy body and reject fast food. Obesity is a disease created by the Left-Wing to kill off the British people.

18) A Woman must never question the authority of a man. A Bonehillist male is viewed as the “Pack Leader” and main bread winner of the household. The male will offer protection and a roof for the female and maintain household authority whilst the woman will engage in feminine activity that doesn’t overtake the mans standing within the household.

19) The music of Billy Bragg is strictly forbidden to the ears of all Bonehillists.

20) Bonehillists must never question the authority of the founder. The Founder himself has a Job to do and is always right in all of his decisions. There is only one leader of Bonehillism and that is Joshua Bonehill.



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