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(*submitter’s note: the site he’s complaining about is Roll20.net, a D&D/tabletop RPG resource that has no such policies as the ones he’s claiming, has literally zero conditions/tags/filters based on personal demographics such as race or gender, and does not even allow games with race/gender restrictions. Also, the allegations were rumours that Roll20 refused to sponsor an unknown YT channel based purely on their group being all white men; even the owners of the channel have said it wasn’t discrimination, it was marketing.)*

I'm sure everyone here knows about the bad sexism/racism allegations against roll20 leadership. I closed my account back when all those issues happened. I'm now looking for a new VTT and I think I really like Foundry -- as much as I can like it after only viewing the tutorials and reading people's comments.

Before I become a Patreon supporter, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the ethics of the people/person behind Foundry VTT. My thought is that maybe someone more "plugged in" to the community may have read the Foundry people going on-record about anything. I'd love to hear that the Foundry people have soundly rejected racist ideas such as "no white men" and "women-only games are OK but male-only games are forbidden." They let anyone play games with any friends, yeah? Hopefully? Even, say for example, a white conservative Christian military man who just wants to play with his brothers long-distance?

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[about the movie Overlord; this guy’s entire Disqus comment history is just WTF-worthy]

I didint watch more than five minutes but it proves my point that the black guy gets with the white woman. After all that's the whole point of the movie, to make an unlikely event seem common place. I'm only surprised that the black guy wasin't also a brain surgeon.