Fr. Chad Ripperger #fundie #sexist

[The father] must protect his family spiritually, not only by not allowing things like pornography, false religions etc. to enter the minds and senses of his wife and children, but by praying, suffering and doing good works to keep the demonic away from his family. Since the husband has been entrusted to protect his wife and children spiritually, if the demonic attack his family, the merits of the father to ward off the demonic are more powerful by virtue of his office as husband than his wife’s. Moreover, since the demons must respect the order of authority, the father enters more efficaciously into the spiritual warfare with the demonic since ultimately they must submit to the order of authority established by God.

Here, however, we see how damaging false feminism is. If a wife refuses to submit to the authority of her husband, she loses the spiritual protection and providence of her husband. […] She takes herself out from underneath his spiritual protection and becomes vulnerable to the demonic since she has taken herself out from under the hierarchy of authority as established by God.



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