Andy Schlafly #fundie

Infinity and zero are two intertwined opposites that can be played off each other logically in ways that seem paradoxical at first. They are related in that infinity can never be diminished or increased by more than zero, while zero is the result of making something infinitely small.

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers is perfectly logical but initially seems paradoxical. The master has infinite resources, and pays the workers the same wage no matter how much or little they work. This enrages the workers who toil longer, even though they were fully paid, because there is zero difference between their wages and that of workers who toiled little. Yet there is nothing for any of the workers to be angry about.

Neither infinity nor zero were accepted by thinkers at the time of Christ, and the parables did much to explain the logic of these two intertwined opposites. Shakespeare frequently used infinity in his plays.



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