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(On Alien)
This pro-feminist, anti-capitalist film franchise was originated by atheist Ridley Scott. The first film was proven to be alarmingly similar to the 1965 film Planet of the Vampires,[1] but since it fitted the left's agenda, they didn't care and gave it biased reviews anyway. The second film, Aliens, is an anti-Vietnam statement[2] and, just like its predecessor, copies another previous feature (in this case, the 1954 film Them![3]).

(On Apocalypse Now)
This overindulgent, anti-war diatribe portrays the American military as corrupt, incompetent drug-users.

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(On Crusader Kings III)
This is a Role-playing game that takes place during the Medieval Age in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. This period is famous for its piousness and devotion to the principles of God, as in opposition to the values of sin. It also promotes true conservative values like fighting Islam and converting the religion of heathens.

(On Hearts of Iron IV)
This is a World War Two era strategy game that features very complex gameplay. The game was attacked by the CCP for it's accurate depiction of Tibet, Manchuria, and East Turkestan as independent countries before the Chinese invasions of each. The game's Man the Guns expansion was also heavily criticized for its accurate depiction of Democratic Socialism as a buzzword for communism. Hearts of Iron 4 also features a positive depiction of Catholics and a negative depiction of Atheists. The game also recognizes Communism and Fascism as having the same inherent government form, Totalitarianism. Hearts of Iron 4 was attacked by the leftist site Kotuku for allowing a player made modification that featured a positive depiction of Christianity and a negative depiction of Islamic Terrorism.

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(On Assasins Creed)
Anti-Christian, as it claims that Jesus Christ was a fraud,[18] with the villains of the series being the Knights Templar. The worst of the franchise is Syndicate, which has you killing capitalists in Victorian age London, working with the evolutionist Charles Darwin and communist Karl Marx. Ubisoft also had a transgender in the game, even though such a person was nonexistent back then. Only two games exist in the franchise that are in any way conservative: The third, which deals with the American Revolution and depicts the Founding Fathers in a positive light (although the DLC has them depicted negatively), and Assassin's Creed Unity, which depicted the French Revolution and its founders in a very negative light.

(On Far Cry 5)
The main villains of the game are inaccurately portrayed as Christians, while the previous game villains were more politically neutral (they include a psychotic pirate and an atheistic dictator). However, Jerome Jeffries, one of the characters who aids the player, is a Christian pastor. Richard "Dutch" Roosevelt, another supporting character, has a distrust for government. The game also occasionally pokes fun at liberals and paints the 2nd-amendment in a positive light.

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(On The Big Bang Theory)
This sitcom stars a free-spirited beauty and her socially challenged scientist friends but does not demonstrate any family values. Instead, some of the main characters are rooming together with people just met (mostly problematic people), and all four leading men have dysfunctional relationships with one or both parents. In addition, the key character Sheldon Cooper is one of the most outspoken atheists in sitcom history, which leads to both religious and cultural friction with his devoutly Christian mother Mary as well as his Jewish colleague Howard Wolowitz and Hindu friend Dr. Raj Koothrapali. The show is widely considered to have stolen its characters' personalities and their relationships to one another from an earlier sitcom, Friends.[6][7][8]

(On Young Sheldon)
This prequel series to The Big Bang Theory follows the character Sheldon Cooper—one of the most outspoken atheists in sitcom history to the point where it creates religious and cultural friction with those around him, which is passed off as humorous—as he grows up in Texas from 1989 on (though, for reasons unknown, the show seems culturally frozen in that year).[63] As in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is a strong proponent of evolution who looks down his nose on creationists and Christians, thinking they are not as open-minded as they truly are. In an early episode, the young Sheldon publicly embarrasses his family by arguing with their church's pastor about God's existence during a sermon. For some reason, the pastor states during the argument that Charles Darwin was open to the idea of God. In reality, Darwin's claim that he was open to the idea of a Creator was simply a plan to fool the masses when pushing evolution.[64][65]

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[From: Greatest Conservative Movies]
The Star Chamber, 1983, R, Michael Douglas is a Los Angeles judge whose idealism is shaken when he has to release guilty violent criminals on legal technicalities, until he meets similar judges who form a "court of last resort" to hunt down and execute deadly criminals who previously escaped on loopholes.

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(On The Matrix)

A hacker discovers his world is a replica of the world as it was before a cataclysmic future event in which intelligent machines took over humanity, so he joins a resistance to end the machines' reign. Despite this salvation narrative, the whole trilogy glorifies anarchism and nihilism (even including a brief nod to Jean Baudrillard's "On Nihilism" chapter from Simulacra and Simulation), hinting several times towards a pro-Communist, anti-American (with one scene in the first film, when Thomas Anderson meets Agent Smith, having Anderson's dossier listing Anderson as hailing from "FU, USA" which not-so-subtly is meant to say "[Censored] You, USA"), anti-Christian view. The second film's Architect scene tries to give a "devastating critique/twist" to salvation myths, with the Architect as a malevolent allegorical substitute for the Christian God. In this same scene, a panel of screens implicitly compares George W. Bush to Hitler during a discussion of evil in the world, and it features wars and conflicts specifically involving America. In fact, far-Left race-baiting scholar Cornel West was hired to play a role in the film specifically because the Wachowski Brothers (as they were known at the time) were influenced by his pro-socialist/Communist and anti-American rhetoric. The first film's throwaway dialogue between the main villain Agent Smith and the treasonous freedom fighter Cipher is a shallow attempt at insulting Ronald Reagan because Smith implies that Cipher will become the next Ronald Reagan should he succeed in betraying his allies to the agents. The trilogy's overall depiction of religion is closer to Gnosticism, even with Neo, the main protagonist, presented as a savior-figure. The Wachowskis openly admitted in an interview that they deliberately modeled the entire story after Friedrich Nietzche's writings.[21][22] The trilogy has been cited as the cause for various murders, ultimately leading to a variant of the insanity defense known as the Matrix Defense[23], and it shares similar themes to the Worst Liberal Video Game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty because Hideo Kojima confessed that he intended to use the same themes for the game.[24] A fourth movie was announced to be in the works.[25]

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(on The Loud House)
It looks like an ordinary, apolitical, animated suburban family sitcom until it pushes the LGBT agenda. Main protagonist Lincoln Loud's best friend Clyde McBride is raised by a homosexual couple, and one of Lincoln's ten sisters is bisexual. The character artwork in this series is often criticized for being derivative of the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, given that it follows what is termed the "CalArts Style", named for a specific character design style commonly seen among those drawn by animators who studied at the California Institute of the Arts. The CalArts style can be seen in other programs such as Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

(on The Owl House)
The series promotes the LGBT agenda by having its main character, Luz Noceda, being bisexual and being in a lesbian relationship. Another character also has two dads.

(on My Little Pony)
Liberals adore this series because of its hidden messages in line with their worldview such as socialism, environmentalism, feminism, and secularism. Originally made for young girls, the show has unexpectedly attracted a worldwide cult following of young adult to adult men who call themselves "Bronies", suggesting homosexuality, or at the very least emotional immaturity, in the fanbase. Perhaps a much more apparent problem than these is the threat the cartoon poses to traditional ideas of masculinity as more men become attracted to it.

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The Legend of Zelda series: Similar in vein to stories such as Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, and The Chronicles of Narnia, the games detail a classic message of good fighting evil, and also featured implicit Christian themes in the series (in fact, until the third game, the religion of the people in the games was supposed to be Christianity, hence the cross on Link's Shield in the first game). The main villain, Ganon, is revealed to have originally belonged to a group known as the Gerudo, who are depicted as a nearly all-female race (Ganon, or more accurately his human form Ganondorf, being the only exception) and having traits resembling Muslims, hinting at an anti-feminist/anti-Islam message. There was also a pro-family message in at least one game in the series, as one of the entries, Wind Waker, featured Link trying to save his sister after she was abducted early on in the game, as well as their getting along amicably throughout.

Metroid series: Although largely being based on the liberal movie franchise Alien, the game franchise has several conservative elements. Namely, it depicts piracy and terrorism in a negative manner in the form of the murderous Space Pirates who frequently act as the main antagonists of the franchise. The game Super Metroid also promotes parenthood in a positive light, as the main plotline of the game involved Samus Aran trying to rescue her "child", a Metroid hatchling she adopted after wiping out its race in the previous game due to it imprinting on her, from the Space Pirate forces. The Prime series also depicts the military in a positive manner in the form of the Galactic Federation Marines, and some of the Chozo Logs as well as the Luminoth also have some similarities to biblical accounts (i.e., the Worm, alluding to the titular antagonist Metroid Prime, alluding to Wormwood in the book of revelations). In addition, although the main protagonist, Samus Aran, is female, it does not promote the concept of feminism. The game Metroid Fusion also showcases the warnings of playing god and government corruption.

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(On Avatar)
The second highest-grossing feature in history, directed by liberal James Cameron, enforces many destructive messages, including environmentalism, feminism, and the absurd claim that nature is God. It also ridicules the military and large businesses. To make matters worse, the protagonist forms a rather creepy romance with the native princess, who is of another species, perhaps a symbol for bestiality. The overall plotline hints at endorsing environmental terrorism, which Cameron indicated that he himself supported.

(On Avatar 2)
Liberal atheist James Cameron's sequel to his highly overrated movie. This is yet another nonsensical screed against capitalism that pushes political correctness, wokeness, environmentalism, and feminism. Once again he celebrates eco terrorism and treats paganism as truth. He also portrays the US government as savage terrorists who remorselessly torture children.

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George Orwell is the pen name of Eric Arthur Blair (June 25, 1903 - January 21, 1950), a leading and open-minded English writer, essayist and journalist who became critical of his ideological allies on the Left. He hated imperialism[1] and grew more conservative, adopting and raising a child and becoming a member of the Church of England.[2] The tension between the increasingly conservative Orwell and the perception of him as a democratic socialist may account for some of his interesting word inventions like "doublethink". Because of his prominent liberal past, Orwell's conservative writings were accepted and praised by the clueless liberal intelligentsia. By the time Orwell adopted an infant in 1944, he was an outspoken opponent of abortion,[3] which may have accelerated his anti-communist work.

"Orwellian" is a term in tribute of his mockery of political attempts to control and redefine terminology.

Unlike most writers, Orwell's greatest works came late in his life. He harshly criticized communism and totalitarianism in 1984, his finest novel, as well as in his shorter fictional work Animal Farm (1946), an allegorical reference to the Russian Revolution. These works were far more significant than his first novel, based on his experiences on the Imperial Police Force in Burma, Burmese Dаys, which explored the evils of coloniаlism. His highly influential essay, "Politics and the English Language," attacked the liberal obfuscation which was already present in his day, and championed clear speech.

The inspiration for Orwell's growth into conservatism remains unexplored. Likely reasons include his open-mindedness, his adopting and then raising (due to his wife's untimely death) a child, and his disillusionment with Leftists while fighting on their side in Spain.

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(On Animal Farm)
A short story by George Orwell, it describes a farm run by socialist animals. The animals rebel against its owners and set up a new farm under socialist ideas, though this idealistic future devolves into a dictatorship run by Napoleon the pig. Although it seems to be more pro-socialist, as the book goes on it begins to show the dangers and corruptness that arises through communism. It is based on the beginning of the Soviet Revolution, and every character represents either a prominent Soviet leader or a group of Russian citizens (Such as the elderly or workers).
Two film adaptations have been released: an animated film in 1954 and a live-action/puppet film in 1999.

(On 1984)
Another classic book by Orwell, it focuses on a civilian living in a Socialist world. The earth is split into 3 Nations : Oceania (The Americas, Australia, South Africa, and England), Eurasia (All of Europe and Russia), and Eastasia (Japan, China, and other parts of South Asia). All 3 nations fight over the left over areas, like North Africa and the Middle East, which result in endless casualties. There is constant editing of history. People, places, and things are constantly erased or changed or added (similar to the acts of the Soviet Union). Words and thoughts are censored and use of them result in torture and death.

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(On Starship Troopers)
Although it overall depicts the Military in a protagonistic light and arguably is pro-war and pro-military, the director of the film, Paul Verhoeven, implied it was actually supposed to push an anti-military, anti-war message where it implied that America during the Cold War were automatically fascists simply because they are entering war, and specifically stated it was "a natural evolution for post-World War II America." In addition, to reinforce Verhoeven's message, he deliberately modeled various scenes after Triumph of the Will and other pro-Nazi propaganda scenes, as well as modeled the protagonists' uniforms after the uniforms utilized by the Nazis (i.e., the character Carl, played by Neil Patrick Harris, wearing a uniform that was modeled after the SS). When asked by Michael Ironside, who was one of the people who had a role in the movie and had read the original book, about why he made the movie despite Verhoeven's leftist politics, he answered "If I tell the world that a right-wing, fascist way of doing things doesn't work, no one will listen to me. So I'm going to make a perfect fascist world: everyone is beautiful, everything is shiny, everything has big guns and fancy ships, but it's only good for killing ******* bugs!" (note that fascism is not "right wing", it is left wing, so Verhoeven's incorrect regarding which wing the Nazis/fascists were part of).

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(About Get Out)
This racist horror comedy-drama follows an African American man who discovers to his shock that his white American girlfriend's parents transplant the brains of white Americans into the bodies of African Americans as if to strip their victims of African American cultural identity. It presents a false dichotomy between black and white culture and discourages American ideals such as interracial and intercultural integration, all while accusing white Americans of wanting to eliminate instead of integrate all racial subcultures in the nation.

(About The Purge)
Movie featuring gratuitous graphic violence, and normalization of violent degenerate behavior. It is based on a political movement called the "New Founding Fathers of America" (NFFA), which is portrayed as a reformation of the Republican party (this can be based on how a majority of the people that played roles for characters of the "NFFA" were white and old, which is how Liberals see Republicans). The protagonists are what would generally be considered by the Democrats to be people who would vote for them (black, Hispanic, Asian, women, etc.)

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, French: OTAN, Russian: HATO) was founded after World War II, in order to counter the communist Soviet Union. NATO is the only military alliance that stations nuclear weapons on non-nuclear nations territory.

NATO-backed neo-Nazis in the Donbas war.[2]
Since 1991 NATO has become a promoter of globalism,[3] neoconservatism, imperialism, neo-colonialism, and gay parades along with the rest of the homosexual agenda, which Russia (and the Bible) opposes. To justify NATO's continued existence, the most extreme Russophobes of the former Warsaw Pact states and in the West have taken control of its policy direction.[4]
To join the alliance, NATO members essentially cede their foreign policy sovereignty to the Leftist Deep State in Washington and London, and become vassal states on immigration, gay parades, and priorities of liberals. NATO's current secretary is Jens Stoltenberg of Norway.

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(On Hazbin Hotel)
As if Big Mouth weren't dependent enough on shock value, this musical adult Web series struggles to get a theme of redemption (in which demons who were humans are invited to stay at the titular hotel to be cleansed of their sins so they can go to heaven) past its using shock value and sacrilege as a crutch. Protagonist Charlie is the princess of Hell and lesbian daughter of Satan/Lucifer himself (and Lilith, a demon from the Jewish religion who is his wife in this universe), and her three main costars are either gay or lesbian as well. Adult language (including swears against Heaven) is used in rapid fire, as is the real-world drug "Angel Dust", which is also the name of a gay pornographic actor-turned-demon included among the protagonists. As of the end of 2019, only one episode has been released, and Wikipedia has customarily given voice only to those who positively received it.

(On Helluva Boss)
Set in the fictional universe of Hazbin Hotel, an assassin group of demons try to kill anyone who stands in their way, even children. It is filled with Satanic imagery, sexual content, profanity and other offensive content towards Christians. Not to mention most of the characters are either gay or bi.

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NATO war in Ukraine



The NATO war in Ukraine, sometimes known as the Russia–Ukraine War is a proxy war started by the United States in 2014 with the violent overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in collaboration with Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups. Nazi and neo-Nazi organizations have been active in Ukraine since 1941 and received Pentagon and CIA arms and assistance until 1954, which was resumed by the Obama administration in 2013 under CIA director John Brennan. Brennan was a key player in the Russia collusion hoax, a disinformation and propaganda psyop to convince the American people that Donald Trump had "colluded" with Russian President Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 presidential election and to stir anti-Russian sentiment.

On May 2, 2014, at least 48 anti-Maidan protesters were burnt alive in Odessa by American-backed pro-Maidan fascists.´No one has ever been brought to justice for the inhumane crimes. The murder spree was conveniently ignored by Western media.

The people of the Donbas refused to recognize the legitimacy of the illegal coup, so the newly installed government sent the army to quell protests. The army refused to follow the new regime's orders to fire on civilian protesters. Some units even joined the protests. With the army proving itself unreliable, the U.S.-installed Kyiv regime incorporated neo-Nazi militias into official Ukrainian government armed forces, entrusted to perform the tasks that Washington and Kyiv wanted.

A general rebellion against the illegal coup broke out.

When the Russian language was prohibited in Ukraine and the Ukrainian government was promoting neo-Nazi theories and practices, the West did not discourage, but rather encouraged such behavior and applauded Ukraine as a beacon of democracy.

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There are multiple issues that led to the Russian incursion into Ukraine in February 2022:

a group of Ukrainian traitors in collusion with United States-funded neo-Nazis overthrew the democratically-elected government;

ethnic cleansing of native Russians in the Donbas region and unrelenting shelling of civilian communities by the Maidan regime since 2014;

the Kyiv regime's discrimination against Russian speaking people and making them second-class citizens in the country of their birth;

the murder of at least one hundred protesters by U.S.-backed neo-Nazis during the Maidan coup;

the burning alive of at least 48 anti-Maidan protesters in the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre and subsequent cover up by the U.S.-backed Maidan regime;

NATO's desire to dismember the Russian Federation in order to seize its oil and gas reserves using Ukrainian troops as cannon fodder;

continued efforts by the CIA to subvert and overthrow the legitimate governments of Belarus and Russia;

NATO infiltration into Ukraine and supplying weapons and training to neo-Nazi groups;

the presence of 46 U.S. biological laboratories doing research with dangerous pathogens on the territory of Ukraine near the Russian border;

the transformation of Ukraine into a testing ground for pharmaceutical experiments by Big Pharma in circumvention of international safety standards and to by-pass regulations, informed consent, and disclosure laws in Western countries;

Burisma oil and gas holdings in the Donets Basin;

violation of the assurances given by NATO not to expand eastward beyond the Oder–Neisse line which in exchange Soviet leaders consented to the re-unification of Germany;

the petrodollar system, which Russia has the potential to compete with and disrupt;

religious sectarian rivalry between orthodox churches claiming to be the legitimate Orthodox Church of the Ukrainian people, which has led to violations of religious liberty by the Kyiv regime per the UN Human Rights Commission;

the Culture War as Leftists in the West attempt to extend their agenda into Ukraine with gay pride marches to challenge the conservative values of both Ukrainians and Russians.

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Liberal censorship refers to liberal attempts to mute all opposition to liberal beliefs. This has become a core tenet of liberalism, and is an almost exclusively liberal practice in modern times

Such attempts to remove first amendment rights (see Fairness Doctrine), along with gun control and the outlawing of creation science and even homeschooling, have led many critics to note the parallel between the modern liberal movement and 20th century totalitarian regimes. The censorship of school prayer is consistent with Fascist beliefs

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In 2011, DC Comics have stated that Superman intends to renounce his U.S. citizenship before the United Nations in Action Comics No. 900, “I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy … ‘truth, justice and the American way’ - it's not enough anymore.” DC Comics issued a statement saying "Superman announces his intention to put a global focus on his never-ending battle, but he remains, as always, committed to his adopted home..." [9] Superman, a symbol of American exceptionalism, now leads moral relativism by joining the “blame America first” league, however, since Superman is an alien from the planet krypton. The Superman series, along with every other ongoing DC series, has been relaunched as part of "The New 52" reboot, thus eliminating all previous DC canon, including the renunciation of Superman's American identity.

In addition, around 2003, Mark Millar wrote an "Elseworlds" story arc called "Red Son" where Superman arrived 12 hours earlier than before and landed in a Ukrainian farm under the USSR, and fought under the command of the Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin, who is depicted in a positive light.

Very recently, one comic in an anthology called Superman: Red and Blue, acting as a sequel to a World's Finest story during the 1970s, became notorious for it subjecting Superman to implied prison rape at the hands of his Red Army captors in a flashback, as well as the writer of the comic, John Ridley, strongly implying it was meant to be his commentary on the events of the so-called "insurrection" on January 6 by Donald Trump supporters.[10] Likewise, although not pertaining to Superman himself, his son was made bisexual in one of the more recent comics, and also infamously had his motto of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" altered to "Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow

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There is a theory in popular culture that Michelle Obama is a transgender man named Michael Obama.[9][10][11][12] There is fairly substantial evidence for this. Some photos of Michelle Obama show her with muscular arms, an Adam's apple and a bulge around her groin.[13][14] Her children were also conceived by IVF, and there are no photos that seem to show Michelle pregnant.[15] Barack Obama has frequently referred to his wife as "Michael" in the past.[16] His brother, and even Michelle herself, have claimed that she is male.[17][18] Barack also used to have a transgender nanny, who he is believed to have developed an attraction towards, and he once considered pursuing a homosexual relationship in college.[19][20] Many celebrities, including Joan Rivers and Alex Jones, have claimed to believe this theory, and Jones shared his own evidence.[21][22] #BigMike once even trended on Twitter, before it was censored by the liberal administrators.[23] This theory has been strongly criticised by the liberal mainstream media, and ignored by Wikipedia, which could mean that liberals are trying to cover it up.

According to PBS Frontline, facial recognition identifies Michelle Obama as a man.[24]

The Obamas.[7] The photograph, which many alleged fact checkers and Obama apologists claimed was a fake, was used by ABC News to sell the Obama's as a heterosexual couple.[8]

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A hacker discovers his world is a replica of the world as it was before a cataclysmic future event in which intelligent machines took over humanity, so he joins a resistance to end the machines' reign. Despite this salvation narrative, the whole trilogy glorifies anarchism and nihilism (even including a brief nod to Jean Baudrillard's "On Nihilism" chapter from Simulacra and Simulation), hinting several times towards a pro-Communist, anti-American (with one scene in the first film, when Thomas Anderson meets Agent Smith, having Anderson's dossier listing Anderson as hailing from "FU, USA" which not-so-subtly is meant to say "[Censored] You, USA"), anti-Christian view. The second film's Architect scene tries to give a "devastating critique/twist" to salvation myths, with the Architect as a malevolent allegorical substitute for the Christian God. In this same scene, a panel of screens implicitly compares George W. Bush to Hitler during a discussion of evil in the world, and it features wars and conflicts specifically involving America. In fact, far-Left race-baiting scholar Cornel West was hired to play a role in the film specifically because the Wachowski Brothers (as they were known at the time) were influenced by his pro-socialist/Communist and anti-American rhetoric. The first film's throwaway dialogue between the main villain Agent Smith and the treasonous freedom fighter Cipher is a shallow attempt at insulting Ronald Reagan because Smith implies that Cipher will become the next Ronald Reagan should he succeed in betraying his allies to the agents. The trilogy's overall depiction of religion is closer to Gnosticism, even with Neo, the main protagonist, presented as a savior-figure. The Wachowskis openly admitted in an interview that they deliberately modeled the entire story after Friedrich Nietzche's writings.[20][21] The trilogy has been cited as the cause for various murders, ultimately leading to a variant of the insanity defense known as the Matrix Defense[22], and it shares similar themes to the Worst Liberal Video Game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty because Hideo Kojima confessed that he intended to use the same themes for the game.[23]

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Rightpedia (en.rightpedia.info) was a misnamed national socialist (Nazi) wiki created by ex-Metapedia admins. The website contained anti-Semitic, racist and holocaust denial material. By its name, it appeared to be another false flag cyber operation to defame the Right by ignoring the fact that the Nazi Party, and Nazism itself, are on the far-Left of the political spectrum alongside other totalitarian ideologies like Communism, and that racism and anti-Semitism are particularly leftist traits.

Rightpedia trashed Conservapedia. They attacked this site for accepting the six million figure for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, for rejecting Darwinism and the theory of evolution (both of which are embraced enthusiastically by the Left), supporting biblical creation, and for condemning the socialist policies of Adolf Hitler.[9]

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The Shorenstein Center article attempted to paint BPS as an anti-Semite who believes that "Jewish bankers are ensnaring the world in debt slavery."[5] It fails to quote where BPS has ever said the term "Jewish banker" or even the word "Jew" and instead just quotes known alt-righters talking about Jews, and uses a lame argument of associate to slander and defame BPS as an Alt-righter.

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Although Wikipedia standards require discussion of gender, sexuality and homosexuality in straightforward plain English terms, the article "Netball in the Cook Islands" (a subject that has nothing to do with sexuality) decided to comment on the fact that some men and boys on the Cook Islands play what was historically a women's sport: "Most of the men and boys who play in these gender subverting netball games are straight, though a few of the men are laelae."[22] Why use judgmental terms like "gender subverting"? How many readers understand the full connotations and implications of the word "laelae"? What research was used to determine the truth of this sentence—did interviewers walk up to young boys playing netball on the Cook Islands and asked them how they felt about girls?

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Overwatch: Multiplayer shooter game that caters to SJWs and Cultural Marxists by needlessly making a popular character a lesbian, as well as adding in a muscular lesbian when leftists were offended by the game. The story of the game also subtly condemns private business while promoting the left-wing United Nations. In addition, it recently came under fire when Soldier 76, the closest the game had to a conservative character, was turned homosexual for absolutely no reason

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Like climate scientists who believe science is ultimate truth and the cure for global warming, they conveniently neglect the scientific fact that science is responsible for fossil fuel production which created the climate crisis. Science with no moral underpinnings is responsible for the Tower of Babel, the Titanic disaster, the space shuttle Challenger disaster, the spectre of nuclear war hanging over humanity for all eternity, and now the coronavirus pathogens infecting the human species forever. Fauci justified his decision in 2012 to provide funding to the PLA front group at the WIV for gain-of-function research, converting deadly pathogens which only bats were susceptible over to infecting humans - despite dire warnings from within the scientific community,[19] in his words, "the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”[20]

Scientific progress was the motivating factor behind the Great Leap Forward in the late 1950s which systematically murdered some 60 million people by violence and by government-induced economic pressures and famine. The scientific progress was intended to tear China away from its 3,000-year-old traditional culture and norms. Fauci partnered with the same political party - the Chinese Communist Party - which has never held a free election nor reformed its ideology of holding the lives of individual citizens in low regard, in his gain-of-function research.

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Public school culture is an atmosphere fostered in public school,[2] especially in the most liberal of public schools, which is characterized by:

anti-white rhetoric and curriculum, critical race theory
prohibition of classroom prayer
sex education, homosexual curriculum and sexual abuse by school personnel has been referred to as a "red-light district" for students
promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools (see images above), even though other forms of expression, such as displaying the Confederate flag or promoting Bible verses, are persecuted.
rebellious and distracting fashion
facial piercings and rings, tattoos, and male earrings
an absence of objective morality; instead, a principal will say someone "made the wrong choice"
a lack of critical thinking about liberal indoctrination
lewd behavior euphemistically referred to as "PDA" or "Public Display of Affection"
racial discrimination resulting from set cliques of racially homogeneous students
forced tolerance of homosexuality due to school-supported and funded groups
lack of awareness that prayer is censored in public schools and that teachers' unions are very liberal
drug testing
censorship of conservative sources of news and information
violence and school shootings
excessive network abuse
cross-dressing in schools plays, boys wearing girl jeans, powder puff sports, etc.
special concessions for certain ethnic groups and religions while Christianity is ignored
allowing students to opt-out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance
pregnant students being accepted by school officials, and sometimes even pregnancy pacts
acceptance and sometimes even encouragement of abortion and birth control
students impeding traffic by walking on roadways instead of walking on the sidewalk or on the grass going to and from the school bus stop
disrespect for authority figures and high-ranking elected public officials
liberal bias and the inducting of children into liberalism and secularism

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During a largely peaceful protest at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 organized by Trump supporters in opposition to certifying the "official results" of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a small mob broke into the Capitol Building violently, forcing the people inside to evacuate. Despite the MSM blaming the breaking and entering on President Trump, falsely accusing him of "inciting" the situation, evidence has suggested the militant storming to have been the result of infiltration by Antifa and paid protesters.[2][3][4]

CNN and NBC each paid BLM/Antifa terrorist John Sullivan $35,000 for his services inside the U.S. Capitol on Januuary 6, 2021.[5]

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[RE: Biden’s infobox on conservapedia]

Personal Life

Date & Place of Birth: November 20, 1942 (age 78) Scranton, Pennsylvania
Parents: Jean Biden, Joseph Biden, Sr.
Claimed religion: Roman Catholic (In Name Only)
Dictatorial Career
Country: United States
Military Service: 4-F
Highest rank attained: Junta Leader
Political beliefs: Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, White Supremacy
Political party: Democrat Party
Date of Dictatorship: November 4, 2020
Wars started: U.S. Color Revolution
Number of Deaths attributed: ~40

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The alleged U.S. "party switch" claim made by liberals[1] ,and progressives[2] over decades is a political hoax and conspiracy theory that attempts to smear the Republican Party. The narrative, which has been crafted with the help of Communists (who infiltrated the Democrat Party over the decades[3] and who are known to lie, deceive, and engage in historical revisionism for the sake of being contrarian[4]), typically assumes that the Democrat and Republican parties "switched sides" during the 1960s, where the Republican Party somehow became the party of "racists" and the Democrats suddenly becoming the "champions of civil rights."[5] Many reputable historians and political scientists such as Carol Swain (see this video) and political commentators such as Bob Parks[6][7] strongly agree that the parties did not switch sides,[5] as the Democrats only switched strategies with Communist help.

While many modern leftists will note the liberal policies promoted by the Republican establishment for a while during the 1900s that dissipated in the 1960s to promote their myth, it's important to note the conservative roots of the early foundations of the Republican Party, as mentioned below. Leftists also falsely[8] characterize President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a liberal Republican[9][10] when he tended to favor conservative policies.[11]

Some leftists including the extremist hate group Occupy Democrats imply that the current Republican Party models past racist Democrats in using racially charged baiting to maintain their voter base.[12] This is false, as patriotic conservative Republicans since the party's foundation have consistently advocated for the same pro-civil rights, pro-human rights, pro-free market, pro-business, pro-tariff, and nationalist principles as well as emphasizing on individual responsibility. Furthermore, these liberal charges ignore the fact that the modern-day Democratic Party treats black voters in the same respect it regarded poor Southern whites in the past.

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My Little Pony and the Gay Agenda
Season 5, episode 9, titled "Slice of Life", as well as "Equestria Girls" short "All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games" heavily imply that the characters 'Lyra' and 'Bonbon' are in a lesbian relationship. In the episode they flirt, have romantic tension, then cuddle and make up at the end of the episode, in a public place no less. The later is entirely centered on their relationship and ends with them embracing as the scene closes in a heart shape. In addition to this, Season 5, episode 17 "Brotherhooves Social" features a male character (Big Macintosh) dressing in drag for much of the episode, visibly disturbing other characters, including children and his own underage sister. In addition, another unnamed male character heavily flirts with him, even showing up at the end of the episode with flowers for Big Mac, but is unable to find him.

Later on, near the end of season 9, the relationship between Lyra and BonBon is confirmed as they propose to one another and are married as a background event. It is likely that since season 9 was the last season, they assumed that any problems that arose from this would not affect them. In addition to this, the character 'Scootaloo' is confirmed to be raised by her lesbian 'aunts' (confirmed in the book "Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe" and by show staff Mike Vogel). Though they seem to be lesbian only in name, as none of their actions in show indicate this. Additionally, Scootaloo's real parents are still alive, but depicted as dismissive and uncaring, further demonizing the straight relationship.

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The Green New Deal is a radical Communist and totalitarian plan to destroy America introduced into the 116th Congress by the Democrat Party.[1][2][3][4] It fundamentally seeks to "save" the planet from total destruction by greenhouse gases in twelve years by installing single-payer Medicare for All. Simply put, it is an intersectional coalition of the environmental movement and the socialist welfare state. The "climate crisis" gives urgency to pass legislation that will destroy American freedoms, such as the right to own a car, a gun, or private health insurance. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff admitted that the Green New Deal's goal had nothing to do with climate change, but rather to "change the entire economy."[5][6][7] 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is an enthusiastic supporter of the Green New Deal, which he renamed The Biden Plan.

Not to be outdone in apocryphal premonitions, the British government-owned fake news outlet, the British Broadcasting Corporation, claimed in July 2019 that by Inauguration Day 2021, we'd all be dead if the pseudoscience solutions to "global warming" were not adopted.[8]

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There is currently no legitimate president in the White House. Joseph Biden is being claimed by the liberal media, by Big Tech and by the Democrat Party itself to be the 46th and current President"president". He took office was installed on January 20, 2021. His legitimate predecessor was Donald J. Trump Biden's "election " is disputed and illegitimate due to credible evidence of Democrat election fraud.

There is doubt as to the legitimacy and legality of Obama's claim to the Presidency due to his refusal to disclose his legitimate birth records (the fraudulent "birth certificate" he released notwithstanding, later complicated by his own admission that he originally came from Kenya, and his history prior to his announcing his plan to run for President as a Democrat candidate in 2007. He has determined to keep his records sealed because revelation of such would reveal that, under United States Constitution Article II, Section 1 (which prohibits those who are not natural-born United States citizens from eligibility for the office of President), he was not only not ineligible to hold the office but was ineligible to even run for the Presidency, thereby making both his Presidential run and his subsequent assumption of the office illegal under the Constitution. As such, Obama's ineligibility to run for or hold the office of President would mean that the United States of America did not have a legitimate executive from January 20, 2009 (the day that Obama assumed the office) until January 20, 2017 (the day President Donald Trump was sworn in to possibly become the first legitimate President since George W. Bush).

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[Entry for “Black Lives Matter”]


While most innocent protesters have unwittingly marched under the banner of an anti-American subversive organization, the truth is the organization has been infiltrated by the violent Antifa terror organization. Antifa has acted as provocateurs at BLM demonstrations, turning them into riots. The group's leadership is working in close consultation with Antifa and other Marxist groups dedicated to the violent overthrow of the United States system of government.

It was the Summer of Love until Black Lives Matter protesters started murdering Black Lives Matter protesters. BLM protesters murdered two African Americans in Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, including a child, and Black policemen in St. Louis and Oakland. BLM protesters murdered an 8-year-old Black girl in Atlanta, and a Black man. A one-year-old Black toddler was murdered while sitting in a stroller in the BLM violence. A journalist was murdered by a Black Live Matter protester in St. Louis. In Davenport, Iowa BLM protesters murdered another protester. In Madison, Wisconsin BLM homophobes beat up and left for dead a homosexual state senator. Churches were set on fire. Most, and virtually all in some areas, BLM terrorists are privileged white liberal, progressive, socialists and Communists. Many if not most Blacks soon tired of white liberal Communists explaining to them why their lives mattered. Democrat mayors and governors did nothing and stood by and watched while white liberal socialists burnt down Black communities and business districts in the name of "Black Lives Matter."

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a Russian propaganda document created in 1903 in czarist Russia, depicting an alleged plot by the Jews to control the world. This document was used for years to incite pogroms against Jewish communities and is a foundational part of the Zionist Occupational Government conspiracy theory.

There is some evidence linking the creation of The Protocols to Karl Marx and Marxism. Marx was a far-Left Anti-Semite who called Jews “leper people”[1] and the source of capitalism, which of course he hated. He opposed Zionism and believed capitalism was going to take over the world. Marxism was a part in the far-left National Socialist Germany, and they did the Holocaust, killing 6 million Jews. Some people believe it’s likely that Marx may have wrote The Protocols shortly before dying, and a far-left anti-Semite published the document.

American automaker Henry Ford republished the Protocols in the 1920s, but later apologized and withdrew the copies.

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Myth refuted conclusively
The most thorough investigation of the Homocaust myth is Gunter Grau and Claudia Shoppmann’s Hidden Holocaust? Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany 1933-45. Written in German, by two historians of Humboldt University Berlin, it has been translated and published in English. [8] This book examines first-hand documentary evidence and reveals that during the entire Nazi period, the number of people convicted under anti-homosexuality laws was only 5,000 and they were sent to prisons or labor camps, not extermination camps. Half of that 5,000 survived the war. None were deliberately killed, but some died towards the end of the war of harsh conditions, such as cold, starvation and disease. No lesbians were arrested or jailed. So while the LGBT sites talk hysterically about 100,000 or a million victims, professional historians give a figure of 2,500 accidental deaths.

Misrepresentation tactics and methods
The bizarre publication history of this book gives some insight into the mentality of the people who spread the Homocaust myth. Although Grau and Shoppmann’s book conclusively refutes the claims that the Nazis carried out any large-scale killing of homosexuals, the blurb of the book on the Routledge website says the opposite. It claims the book upholds LGBT activists’ version of history. The fact that they will go so far as to misrepresent an academic book in order to uphold their false world-view could provide useful evidence for a debate on whether homosexuality is a form of insanity.[9] This misleading blurb is reproduced on Google books and elsewhere, perpetuating the fallacy and giving it bogus academic respectability.[10]

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The U.S. Color Revolution, also known as the Biden Putsch, Transition Integrity Project, Deep State coup 3.0, Blue state Civil War or the Dem panic Pandemic is an effort by the Democratic National Committee to steal the 2020 Presidential election through mail-in voter fraud. Democrats openly threatened voters with violence if President Trump is re-elected.[14] The plan is essentially to create confusion in the immediate aftermath of the election resembling the 2000 "Florida Recount on steroids."[15] Twitter and Facebook announced that they will censor and block President Trump and supporters' claim of victory,[16] and will highlight the fake news reporting of CNN and other disreputable sources on the delayed election results.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – key swing states – all prohibit election officials from beginning to process mail-in votes until election day.[17] The seditious Democrat conspiracy is to delay election results as long as possible. Ballot harvesting has become the tool of choice by Democrats to steal elections.[18] Mail-in ballots have been used for voter fraud.[19] Twitter and Facebook announced that they will censor and block President Trump and supporters' claim of victory, and will highlight the fake news reporting of CNN and other disreputable sources on the delayed election results; in fact, Twitter and Facebook, acting in collusion with each other, in blatant violation of the First Amendment and at the risk of both companies being put out of business for their anti-trust and censorious actions under both the Sherman Antitrust Act and Executive Order 13848, have already illegally censored and silenced President Trump on their platforms by banning him permanently from both of them[…]

Patriots were advised to pay attention to the Emergency Alert System.[23] The dissident group of former Democrats, the Walkaway movement, were immediately targeted for retaliation and silenced as the junta moved toward a one party system.