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[These quotes are in response to an article titled Canadian bacteria-like fossils called oldest evidence of life]

JUST John: Stupidest article ever. Nothing can be accurately dated beyond a few thousand years. Ask any scientist how these things are measured and you will either get truth (what I just stated) or you will get a circular argument. Found next to old fossils (also not measured) or some other ridicules answer. This has nothing to do with creation (which has a lot better evidence) but rather has to do with dishonest scientists and those they browbeat into repeating these falsehoods.

William: Wow, Bible Haters are out in force today. but let's look at that article again. The microbes stayed the same. Is this really PROOF OF EVOLUTION? NO, not for a second. It is proof that the same building blocks of life today were in place millions of years ago- and were already highly complex. Is this why you are attacking Christians? Because this article is not proof of what you want to believe? I think this is the case, because I have seen this happen before on other weak "scientific" developments. You guys froth at the mouths when ever an "extinct" species is found to be alive and well- and unchanged. Somehow this is the fault of the Christians. WHY?

TO STATE THE OBVIOUS. In the book of Genesis the planet earth was already there. I might think that there is plenty of ground right there to work on. Life before Genesis, what was it like? Why do we keep finding species of critter that we thought were extinct, through Evolution, unevolved? Maybe it is time for a paradigm shift.

zoie: Scientist tell us that this rock is so many billions of years old and this fossil 4.3 million years old. Yeah right. Humanity is dangerously unbalanced and broken. I doubt that science has the true means of calculating how old things really are. It is just guess work, carbon 14 dating is all about a standard reference and who says that carbon 14 was the same millions of years ago.

Don't get hoodwinked by what the month of man/women dictate to you. You have a mind of your own use it.



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