The "Girls are Icky" Award


Gotta agree with ratslicer. I have had some bust ups of biblical proportions on there. I've probably garnered a reputation for being a nasty fucker. I'm not actually. I just hit back extremely hard when I am attacked. The problem with is that the mods do not come down hard enough when they need to. Women have too much of a say over there. I just CANNOT accept that a woman can have ANY idea of what it's like to never have sex or even date. For the simple reason that even the fattest, ugliest women can get dick. If you are a man, however, unless you are in the top 20% for looks, it is nigh on impossible to get women to even treat you as a human being, let alone date or fuck. As a result of my continued lack of a partner, I have become a very cynical man indeed, to the point where I now actually dislike women. I have also had my name, AND my picture plastered all over whamburgler's blog. According to him, I am not only a drug addict but a pedophile. (perfectly okay for women to lust after teenage boys of course).

The bottom line is, has gone from a place where a guy like myself could find some kind of solace, to a place where you either toe the part line or you ain't liked. And the way to keep this place secure is to simply not let women in NO MATTER WHAT.



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