Amessenjah #fundie

Witchcraft is not of the Lord. The power comes from energy that is creating and given by demonic spirits. These demonic spirits all have a rank, a purpose, and a master. Their master is Satan. Satan is very pleased if a person decides to tap into the powers of witchcraft. He may use those powers that the person calls upon to show them supernatural things;(deja-vu feelings, paranormal happenings, coincidences, superstitious feelings) These demonic spirits may take the form of animals, the animals may act a certain way that would make a person believe that they had power over that animal or even a human. Withcraft in my opinion quickly turns into a practice of vampirism. This vampirism that I am speaking of is merely spiritual. It is were people feed off the thoughts of one another in order to become more powerful. This really takes effect when the person has sex with the other, essentially they become one spiritually, so the energy or power is increased every time you sleep with a different person. I may be getting off the subject of witchcraft and into the subject of Hallucinogenic drug cults, but oh well. To me it is all the same. These behaviors and thought processes are highly addictive and can cause very bad emotional and physical problems. A person could have insomnia, lose a lot of weight, have psychotic episodes, become suicidal, put distant between themselves and family, lose touch with reality and sense of responsibility. This is merely my personaly experience and my personal reality. I do believe that it is a universal reality though. I believe that satan uses these same "deceiving realities" to keep people away from God and eventually destroy them.



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