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I dont know about you guys, but I don't care how my chicken or meat is killed. Whether its drowned, suffocated, hacked into bits, however, its still going to end up in my stomach and then in a drainage thingy. It really doesn't matter. Whether chickens are stomped on, thrown against a wall, we're still going to eat them. Why does it matter?

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[Replying to "After surveying the true horrible nature of YHWh through the scriptures and the implications it held, I could no longer maintain belief. what kind of madman uses 2 bears to murder 42 children for mocking a prophets [Elisha's] bald head?"] WHAT?! thats horrible! thats just sick! who did that? I never heard anything as such. Some really sick, perverted people out there. Do you have a link? What is YHWh? Is it some cult with a few references to Christianity?

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too many lives would be ruined? What about the fetus? Where is their choice? Apart from the minor detail that abortion is murder, it is also a very selfish act. Ok, shoot me down for saying this, i'm ready for it. So you were raped and now you're pregnant? Deal with it. So your daddy knocked you up? Deal with it. So your life/health is at risk? Deal with it. So the fact that someones life is at risk makes it ok to take a baby's life? makes no sense to me. Abortion just makes a mockery of life.

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[On Wicca]its on the same page as Buddism, Islam, Satanism, Scientology, Antagonist, Atheism, Mormonism, Jehovahs Witness, New Age, basically all false, but no where near Christianity. is it a real religion- nope- just another cult really oh yeah, what i also forgot-'I'm undecided to the subject but are glad that they have something to believe in.' Well, i can easily say i believe in beating up women or murduring people just as well. Does that make me not right then?

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One, the things u have there for proof of evolution are in fact nothing but lies. Chew on this, that is an example of microevolution. Which that is possible by just pure experimentation. However, you are arguing that this 'microevolution' proves 'macroevolution.' U see there is a big difference. Micro has to deal with microscopic organisms Such as bacteria. Macro has to deal with visual organisms Such as things you can see(apes). The problem starts when u try to prove 'macroevolution' with 'microevolution.' YOu see there is proof for 'micro' but none for 'macro.' When you show me a picture of half ape half man then and only then can you state your evolution 'theory', which is really nothing but a religion, As fact. If you really want someone to show you more go to www.drdino.com . Peace out for right now. Remember none can stand against God....not even these evolution punks.

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[Replying to "how do you distinguish what is true from what is not true?"]EASY!!!!!! If it aligns with the Bible-It is true If it doesnt-It is false viola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is THAT easy, really, but some people are still oh, so confused about it. This really is easy stuff. I mean If some kid at the university, or another random individual, made this claim about the diety of Christ, that DID NOT align up with the Bilble, get rid of it immediatly. dont even pay attention to that. it is false!!!!!!!!!! thats what it all boils down to really.

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I believe our job is to protect our children, above all else, thats our job as parents. Lets say you have a heart defect, and you are going to die unless you kill your child and implant his heart into you. Would you kill that child, so that you can live, and be a mom to the other children.

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I'm calling all Christians on this board, all God fearing, God loving people, to open your eyes to this subject who considers himself a follower. We absolutely need to keep Bush in office. He has done a fabulous job and will keep our country together. We may be losing troops everyday over in the middle east. Just remember, that every man who dies over there for us, shares the same glory that Jesus recieved when he died for us.

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Even though The Da Vinci Code may be a fictional literary work many will read it, and some that dont know about Jesus Christ will take that fictional noval as being a...... well non- fictional work. Based on facts and proof. Which obviously isnt true! But the mere fact that yall think he is over reacting is showing that as the body of Christ we are allowing more and more mot so Christian things to corrupt our minds... we should be more like JesusFreakGuy and know that if something or someone says anything that isnt right, or true, about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we get enraged and stand for what is right.

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I CAN CAST OUT DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally Have done it before, and have personally eye-to-eye witness of seeing it. Many ppl have done this before throughout history. note demons are NOT fictional characters with a stupid red-costume and pointy horns and a store bought pitchfork. It is not some demon that you have heard of in your Onimusha warlords game... Because of the evidense of demons and evil spirits possessing, opressing people etc... that is another reason why i cannot take back my 'faith' if you want to call it. but EVIDENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NO!!!!!!!! that is absoulutly 100% wrong and false, that is a lie. I assure you, Jesus DID NOT have sex with Mary Magdeline or marry her. If he did, we would have 'contradictions' in the Bible and the Bible would be 100% false. Its a myth. That means Jesus would be a liar and wouldnt be all that he says he is. Thats crap that the Mormons believe (and i think JW? not sure-) dont believe in that lie hommee!!!

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It's not hard to figure out. Even I know from experience. I went through a phase in my teens where I watched porn for awhile, and I started to do things that I never would have done until I saw pornagraphy...It just begins to justify things in the mind that weren't previously considered ok.

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I believe that pornagraphy, while certainly not the cause of serial murder, lays down the foundation that can eventually justify in one's mind sick things that can include such things. Just my opinion. Most will now post stats that seem to suggest otherwise, But I think the stats are skewed wrongly on this subject.

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I say we just make it harder to get our perversion on in public. And tax the flipping crap out of porn, and turn the internet porn free unless you get a special box or something that releases the porn...That special box would cost $999.99(pulled that number our of thin air) and the money would go to help fight child sex crimes..which is caused by porn in the first place... Then we adopt a one strike and your out law when it comes to abusing the anti-porn law. We keep the FCC at it's current pace. Hopefully most of these pirverts will go up into Canada or over to Europe.

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'unequally yolked' is going out or being married with a person who isn't CHristian. It is wrong because the Word of God speaks against it. Why? it is a HUGE door open for Satan. Just as it is easy to convert or convince someone to Christianity, it is easy to convert someone out. It has been researched and studied before that most relationships that are unequally yolked(study performed with Christians) The results have shown that most Christians left the church or even converted into the spouse's or partner's religion. The devil is smart. He will try to get you any way he can. Don't let it happen to you.

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You shouldnt believe those [apocryphal] stories. They arent in the Bible because God didnt wish them to be there. Maybee cos they arent true and they are made up! The stories were made up after Jesus died by people who liked to make up legends. Have you heared the one of Jesus when he was a child, how he made birds come to life out of dirt...riduculus!

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I've been on there [FStDT] many times. And you know what, I feel seriously honored being on there! Some of my quotes on there I'm pretty proud of. I think what's his face is only making himself look foolish by hosting it. Guys, do everything you can to get on that page!!! I feel sorry for someone who claims that he is anti-organized religion, yet is clueless to the fact that he is a high priest in the worlds biggest orgainized religion.

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A common belief among uneducated critics, but in actual fact, almost every historian and archeologist considers the bible to be one of the most valuble historical source... So therefore it would only be logical to assume that if the bible is correct in this area, it is also just as reliable in other areas, such as faith and spirituality.

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All of that is very true. [Democratic presidential candidate John] Kerry is an idiot of Orwellian proportions. He wouldn't be able to find his butt unless a NYT poll showed him where it is. The only reason Kerry has a chance is because he fits the liberal agenda of destroying this country a little at a time, and turning us into a socialist crap hole just like Europe.

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I think it that gay people and lesbiens should never be able to marry in fact i think they should be punished or exorcised or something! I have been frowned upon by all my friends and classmates for my extremely anti-homo attitude (not in a bad way they just don't understand my way of thinking).

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That is beyond me but i'll pray for jah. All i know is that evolutionists created this [new-age Gaia] theory because their theory was not good enough by itself so they just made some stuff up. P.S. A guy named Kent Hovind Has a good site on creation science and anti-evolution theory if your interested.

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so theres that right there, but other 3rd world countries will beat you, kill you or imprison you [for preaching the Gospel]. in China theres SOME underground churches but preaching there is illegal. I think its France, i believe, you can tell anyone on the streets about any religion, but Christianity i think theyll imprison you or just an officer will kill you.

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I believe God's judgement has increased on this nation on account of this [abortion] and the only reason our nation is standing is because there are a 'true remnant of Christ who are truly serving the Lord Jesus Christ and because of preisdnet Bush. God's favor certainly rests on Him and his cabinet... 9/11 could have been much worse if Gore was in office, the white house could have been destroyed who knows what all because the Lord's favor wasn't on Him.