RobinD69 #fundie

I have talked with many gays online trying to reach out to them and no matter what you say or how you say it they are going to take offense if you do not agree with them. Even pointing out that you love them and you are merely concerned for their eternal soul they only see hatred for themselves.

I have even shared some pretty liberal verses with them which they are willing to accept until I offer the context of the verses and then it is back to hatred. If I hated these people I would not be a Christian and in not being a Christian and using their own perspective of justification perhaps I would be the murderer that caused them physical harm and death. Christ saved me from such things to where I am willing to reach out to them in love rather than beat and kill them. They do not associate the two, they do not see the rationalization. As a matter of fact they get offended and say to me how dare to compare homosexuality to murder, but that is exactly what it is, it draws people away from God and sentences them to eternal punishment, but we cannot say that to them because them we are being hateful again. There is no winning when their minds are so twist with than of their sin.



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