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The Big Bang is not provable or recreatable in science.

The primordial ooze is not recreatable or provable in science.

Evolution from one lifeform to another is not recreatable or provable in science.

Evolution is a faith based science which only has theories to back it up.

Creation is a faith based science that has God and His word to back it up.

Archeology is constantly finding evidence to back the Bible as well as evidence that counters evolution.

Logic and science are imperfect but Gods word is perfect.

Please name something about evolution that is provable.

I understand that miricles are hard to prove with science, but they do happen and many have witnessed them. But no one has witnessed evolution. To evolve is to get stronger or better, but archeology has found tools, pottery, and structures that are far more superior to our own and they date back to the beginning of the Biblical time. Why hasnt man found ways to improve on these things, because truth be told we are actually de evolving rather than evolving.

Your hard math cannot explain God because He is above any math amyone can come up with.

RobinD69 #fundie christianityboard.com

I have talked with many gays online trying to reach out to them and no matter what you say or how you say it they are going to take offense if you do not agree with them. Even pointing out that you love them and you are merely concerned for their eternal soul they only see hatred for themselves.

I have even shared some pretty liberal verses with them which they are willing to accept until I offer the context of the verses and then it is back to hatred. If I hated these people I would not be a Christian and in not being a Christian and using their own perspective of justification perhaps I would be the murderer that caused them physical harm and death. Christ saved me from such things to where I am willing to reach out to them in love rather than beat and kill them. They do not associate the two, they do not see the rationalization. As a matter of fact they get offended and say to me how dare to compare homosexuality to murder, but that is exactly what it is, it draws people away from God and sentences them to eternal punishment, but we cannot say that to them because them we are being hateful again. There is no winning when their minds are so twist with than of their sin.

RobinD69 #fundie christianityboard.com

Ever stop to think our interest in science is promoted by Satan to keep us from truly understanding what God is offering.Look at it this way,the more we learn from science the more we prove God right but Satan wants us to believe we are proving God wrong.Just a few thoughts God has put into my head.

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No, the internet is Satan's domain. Satan is the ruler of the air so most people will be deceived by him. The internet is the perfect place to reinforce Satan's deceptions and I believe, one major reason that our world is decaying as fast as it is.

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[In response to a girl asking if she'll go to hell for having sex with her boyfriend]

you and your boy friend had sex last night. Do you want to know how bad that was ? God killed his own Son and his Son went to hell because of what you and your boy friend did.

did he not?
and if you don't care about the forgivness Jesus won for you on the cross that day . keep on rejecting it keep on doing what you did last night . will you go to hell ?
yes very likly . because you by keeping on show that you reject the forgivness won for you both by Jesus . Repentance has two parts truly feeling sorry for sin so sorry you never want to do that sin again . and also trusting with all your heart that you are forgiven by what Jesus has done for you on the cross.
And it would not be right for me not to say your playing with fire; hells fire.if you keep on.

this is what God says
1 Corinthians 6:9-10

1 Corinthians 6:15-18

Ephesians 5:3

Why don't you and your boyfriend talk to your pastor about this?

Perhaps he may even suggest you guys should get married fairly soon .so satan can't tempt you with sex before marriage again .

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The biggest problem I have with Evolution is that it requires death long before Adam ate the fruit. How could God call that "good", let alone "very good"? Since death did not enter the world until the fall it isn't possible for this to be. Unless you rearrange and majorly reinterrperit the first Chapters of Genesis. Also, there is no way that "science" can give us all of the answers. If it could then there would be no need for faith. We would be able to get all of our answers by ourselves. I believe that God keeps many things a secret from us because (a) we can't understand, and (b) it is a part of his mystery whis is a part of his glory

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[when the KJV was made, they didn't have all the resources, the ancient texts that we have today...]

Ah, but when the KJV was made, the writers had a strong fearless mindset, backed by the King himself, whereas a lot of modern translators are cowardly, lukewarm, wishy-washy politically-correct wimps.. ;)
For example the KJV regularly describes heathens as 'heathens', whereas newer translators call them 'nations', such is their disgracefully spineless mindset..

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No one knows what's happening until the flood comes (according to Matthew). And the flood is here - it refers to the apocalypse. There is a huge amount of supporting evidence on the site. For example, there is evidence for the wh0re of Babylon due to a 666 mile long penis in Mexico.