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Shirley Temple was a big-time Satanist in Hollywood

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Shirley Temple was a big-time Satanist. At one point, she led her own coven. \ \ Hedy Lamarr talked of going to one of Shirley's private services, where Shirley preached in the nude, drank babies' blood, and had her nipples painted black.\ \ From those beginnings, it was a natural progression for Shirley to move on to a place of prominence in several Republican administrations.

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A very disgusting person like the rest of these programmers. Another tie-in here with Hollywood is Kenneth Anger who was a member of Lavey’s group, and he was a film-maker. He is also someone who was infatuated with Aleister Crowley. Kenneth Anger danced with Shirley Temple when he was a child, and Shirley Temple as you know ties in with Walt Disney, and with the mind control too. I believe she was a victim. There is something they do to the children, it’s called brainstem scarring and when they scar the brainstem they create photographic memory. That’s a whole other subject, but I believe that this child prodigy, Shirley Temple, was also one of their mind control victims. That was prior to WWII. She was, I believe, a multiple.



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