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Is the Pandemic a global False Flag Event, or a cover to prepare for something else?

Short version:

I have long known from a variety of inside sources, that the powers that be would one day stage disasters and economic crashes, to achieve the following outcome/s:

- a new international economic order
- global cashless currency
- everyone injected with a bio-powered nano-chip
- only those with the chip can access public and social facilities
- universal basic income - only to those with the chip
- global social credit system, as in China
- global 5G mm wave infrastructure to facilitate smart cities
- driverless cars using the 5Gmm/AI city network
- the end of the middle class, and related businesses
- Technocrats to assume more powers

I can think of no better way to achieve the above results, than to stage-manage a global pandemic (preferably a controlled one). It would need lots of real deaths, to generate real fear, to ensure voluntary lockdown compliance of the masses.

Longer version:

About three weeks ago I started suspecting there was way more to this pandemic than was meeting the eye.
I’m not talking about the numbers of dead, the causes or the cures - the whole thing just reeked of a cover for something else.

I’ve got four contenders for what this could be a global false flag event/cover story for:

1. Comet Atlas - nobody is really sure what it will do as-during-after its flyby. Nobody is sure if Earth will pass through its tail, which is presumed to have a lot of big rocks in tow. Or it could explode as it passes the Sun and then continue as a cloud of debris, into which Earth would pass. That all takes place in late April.
A pandemic is the perfect cover to get the populations of Earth into lockdown without mass panic and martial law.

2. Global Economic Reset - the banks are now insolvent, and maybe this is the big reset. A pandemic is the perfect cover to keep the public and bank runs under control, and the lockdowns ensure no mass panic and martial law.

3. Global shadow coup - A international round up of dissidents, corrupt officials, criminals and gangs under cover of a pandemic. QAnon people are pushing this one.
I’ll believe it when I see more evidence. And even then, who’s to say the incoming powers are any better?

4. Other Earth-shattering events: - A huge solar event; an ET incursion/arrival; Yellowstone or similar Earth changing event may be known in advance.

NB: Most of these would REQUIRE rolling shutdowns of parts of the internet, so as to prevent viral info getting out and upsetting plans.

Regardless of the above, one thing IS for sure here:
'they' never let a good crisis go to waste



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