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[On Wagner]

Listening to this pure Aryan music is akin to meditating on the great sacred symbols of our race such as the Runes, the Sunwheel, the Swastika et al. It causes a connection to be established with the Volksgeist[the folk soul] and our ancient Gods.


It is for good reason that Wagner is hated in Israel and by many Jews throughout the world for they realise that his music has the potential to rearouse the German, Germanic and Aryan peoples again just as they were aroused in the years preceding 1933 in Germany. Wagner was also one of the few who were sufficiently aware and brave enough to expose the meddling of the Jews and their pollution of Aryan art forms in his groundbreaking essay Das Judenthum in der Musik.
What a difference there is between Wagner`s music and the crap that is mass produced today by mainly Jewish record companies, most of which is negro rap music which turns my stomach everytime I am unfortunately exposed to it.



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