Paradigm Shift #fundie

Ugliness needs to be acknowledged as a MEDICAL DISORDER. Treatment for this socially and emotionally dibilitating disease should be understood as a HUMAN RIGHT! Also, people who chose to get treatment should NOT be shamed for it. They're doing the honorable thing instead of acting like they're entitled to more than they offer themselves.

Legalize steroids. Subsidize cosmetic surgery. If we don't, society will suffer the inevitable consequences of it's own self-delusion about the looks issue. Danger looms on the horizon. It will be a feminist's worst nightmare. The Rape Culture of today pales in comparison to the abominations ahead as more and more physically marginalized men wake up to the truth. We will see the rise of organized nerd-rage terrorist groups, as we as a society still refuse to acknowledge how sexaul marginalization pushes people who are already mentally unstable over the edge.

Our economy will be in grave danger as legions of "beta males" abandon their socioeconomic "responsibilities". How much of our economy is driven by the idea that a woman's love can somehow be bought? A LOT! If you understand that, then what do you think will happen to the economy when men wake up and understand female sexuality doesn't work like vending machine - as corporate advertising, hollywood movies and for-profit/mainstream dating advice has many men believe? It is no longer in society's best interest to pretend women are any less visual than men. LEGALIZE STEROIDS! SUBSIDIZE SURGERY!



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