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I also visited the Chinese Grauman's Theatre, a very unique place historically, and saw all the hand-prints of famous celebrities, imprinted in concrete in front of the theatre. I saw the hand-prints of Roy Rogers, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, Judy Garland, George Burns (and his cigar imprint), Stephen Spielberg (with his hands and heel prints in the cement), Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis (with “Yippee Ki Yay” written in concrete from one of his movies), Bing Crosby, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell together (with the words, “Gentleman prefer blondes”), Gene Autry (and his gun imprint), even C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars. I walked over to the next street, to Sunset Blvd. It was very interesting to be there. I had always wondered what it felt like to be in Hollywood, and now I know... It's a very empty feeling.

There was a bigger-than-life feeling I experienced while there; but I knew in my heart that most of the hand-prints I had seen, were put there by lost sinners now burning in Hell. I was saddened as I thought about the tragedies behind so many people's lives in Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe died of a drug overdose at only age 36. Judy Garland warmed a nation's heart during The Great Depression with the secular movie, The Wizard of Oz and her song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Yet, she died a drunkard's death in real life. I realized more than ever that Hollywood is all a FALSE REALITY!



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