Thonis #fundie

Nearly 21 years old and i am still a virgin.
I never even kissed and i see the way they look at me. Am i really so bad looking? Do i have to beg them and buy them with gifts to even let me kiss them? I would settle for even a slightly chubby chick if i didn't have to beg her to date me.

I hate them and i will show them just how pain feels. I will wait some time after making this post just in case someone connects the dots.

I plan to take a trip to a nearby country where i will pick a female and beat her up. I will smash her mobile phone, duct tape her mouth and arms and leave here there. Then i will change my clothes in a different location and walk up to my car and drive back to my country.

I will get to beat up a woman and get away with it too. Just lol at attacking women in your own country. All she will see is my clothes which i will change and she will never see me again



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