Laura #fundie

I read ‘Help Meet’ and my whole life changed, but I had this great burden I carried of trying to be this good ‘help meet’ to my ungrateful, unsaved husband—until I started listening to your free Romans download ( I laugh and cry at the same time while I listen. I can’t believe how free I am! I am free in Christ Jesus to walk after the Spirit, the flesh is dead and I am alive in Christ! Praise the Lord! Celebrating Christmas this year with my children with a smile that won’t leave my face, serving my ‘head’ with renewed energy and joy. My husband doesn’t notice; he doesn’t even really know me (a busy, commanding, visionary that I am happy to help). But I am sure he is enjoying the benefits, all this help without complaint. What is to complain about? I am being led by the Spirit.

I used to think “What about my needs?” “Don’t I at least get to talk to you once in a while since you are my husband, instead of just taking orders?” “What about a little affection or romance?” But he just doesn’t have the time. One night after a very exhausting day I was praying and realized this is God’s will for my life: that I be a help meet to this man. But instead of feeling the burden of something I didn’t want, I realized God knows best. This realization that to finish in me this work that He started, for me to do and be all He created me to be. I had to live this life and be “deprived” (that’s the world talking) of a friendly romantic relationship with my husband. It may always be a master/servant kind of marriage, but Praise be to the Lord, because I don’t care anymore. I am free and now when I tell my children to be happy, and when I say “OK” to my husband, “OK, baby, whatever you say. I love you,” I am saying it with a happy face. I think my husband is the most handsome wonderful man alive and someday he may think something good about me, but if not, Praise be to GOD, because I am free. I could never believe in the Love of God really, that God’s love is so good, had I not learned the lessons you taught me from Romans. Thank you for making it free. God bless you.



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