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Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles)

this is my song. my theme song. believe me. this is the song. my song. I desperately wanna fly a thousand miles or even thousands of miles into the arms of Jesus in the Church Rapture. I’m fast when flying. I’m gotta be flying just like a hyper-sonic MIRV reentering into the atmosphere of the earth, so lightning speed and so capable of penetrating all the way through any sophisticated missile defense system, and hit the target without being intercepted. Because I’m fast. Nothing can hinder me. I’m Peter the Flying Bionic Boy Immortal. I love this song spelling out how much and how deep I love Jesus. He is my Man.

In FULL SWING. I’m gotta be flying all the way in the air in FULL SWING, unleashing all my immortal power at FULL STRENGTH, flying just like a lightning bullet, an intercontinental hyper-sonic MIRV reentering into the atmosphere of the earth, accelerating speed in an unlimited way in the Church Rapture, just so desperately and earnestly very much wanting to see my Emperor and Daddy Lover, Lord Jesus Christ, as soon as possible and the sooner the better.

My grandpa inflicted on me with mental and physical wounds when I was living with him from 3 to 8 years old, which has turned me an abused kid with insatiable appetite of very much so desperately wanting to be loved and cherished, a case of unthinkably incurable Electra Complex so extremely addicted to being loved and cherished by a daddy lover. So many years goes by, I’ve found Jesus, my truly and real Super Sugar Daddy. And, He is my Emperor, too. I don’t hate my grandpa. My abused childhood has given me a hidden treasure, detecting other people’s unspoken emotions and moods so that I can preemptively talk sweet to comfort him or her when needed. I love Jesus, indeed. He’s set up everything for me to grow spiritually.



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