Robert Byers #fundie

Yes what are called dinosaurs did exist as bones reveal.
They were a part of the unclean dominance that ruled the preflood world as hinted at by Genesis.
i don't know if they should be called lizards at all as these reptile/mammal terms I find incomplete in classifying creatures.
Indeed its possible that dinos are just regular creatures with a few twists.
I know marsupials and placentals types are the same kinds as they look and marsupialism is a minor adaption to a area or some need.
So perhaps dinos are also just regular animals with some adaption.
Triceratops could be in the rhino kind and I know they say there were dinos very much like dogs. Of coarse the famous reptile-mammalish creatures even evolution talks about.
Don't premise animals on manmade classification models.



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