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where do you want the gun battle?

you are gonna have to kill me. I wont go to an intuition and I wont give up God and I will continue to tell people about him. so you can just prove what you are.

you have these words about "freedom" you don't' believe in freedom. you want to put Christians in camps and that will happen. in my life that will happen. You will be right there cheering as we are murders in ovens.

becasue you have lie to yourself and tell yourself you are for freedom what you really mean by freedom is the omniscience do as you wish will taking revenge on those who disagree with your selfishness.

atheists are nazis and fascists. they do not understand the concepts of freedom or justice or fairness. atheist are not capable of being fair. look at the atheist use of the term "delusion"
you read that thread you see clearly they mean to say they want us in institutions. they can deny it by claiming they just use the word innocently, that is nto an innocent word. you say some one is delusional there's no way to soften taht. that's a serious charge.

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Homosexuals claiming to be a GLBT Christians are actually Christphobics


Homosexuals claiming to be a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Christians are not Christians. They are Chnristphobics and Biblephobics.
They are afraid of the true Jesus and hate His word. They do not want to accept what the true Jesus and His word says about them---that they are going to Hell.
Therefore from now on I will refer to a person claiming to be either a GLBT Christians as a Christphobic or Biblephobic or both.
I say this in the love of the Lord and call out to them to repent and be saved.

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[Yucatan penninsula impact site. Chixulub crater. Positively identified in the mid 1990s

Not "believed" so much as "accepted"


The Bible says it only took a week, so I'm not arguing.

That must be some crater over Yucatan way. Wonder why it doesn't cover half of Mexico. Apart from the fact that all the dinosaurs didn't live in Mexico.

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Suppose: The earth is 4600 million years old.
Suppose: 4600 million years ago the earth was a fireball. Burning from the center outwards.

Fact: That fire is still burning on the inside, and the surface of the earth is only occasionally affected by sporadic volcanic activity.

Question: If that fire started 4600 million years ago, why is it not already extinguished? I mean 4600 million years is an awful long time. Would the earth have a sufficient amount of combustion potential after that amount of time?

If it doesn't then this goes some of the way in answering the challenge made to me - to prove a young earth by scientific means.

Let's go for it on this one.

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The critical event that will mark the absolute timing of Armageddon is the destruction of Babylon the Great by the UN. Babylon the Great are the secret societies that run the world through money, including Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. So when the Federal Reserve is outlawed by the UN along with the IMF and the CIA, which is controlled by the Illuminati, then it will be 1 year and 3 months to Armageddon. Already there are protestors out there calling to "end the Fed." Just look on Youtube. That does not get into the mainstream media much. Ron Paul is associated with that movement. So if they end the fed, confiscate all its money, basically blame them for this economic crisis, then Armageddon will come within a year and 3 months. The governements will all join the UN as the final authority in the world to control global financing. That is already on the agenda of the Prime Minister of England! They are pushing for a new world authority to coordinate a global economic recovery. What choice do they have? The US will go along with it because it is totally bankrupt now, thanks to Obama! Money is everything. We are more terrorized by the economic collapse than local terrorists.

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yup....they ('Evolutionists') debate in groups and packs. They're like wolves. If you single them out individually they're weak, and their theory gets exposed -- but their strength comes in numbers. The more numbers they have the louder their bark becomes and the more intimidating they are -- or they think they are. It's a philosophy that goes back to their theory itself -- ToE is a theory of populations -- the strength is in the population, not in the individuals. Evos are never high on individual creativity or on giving people the right to think for themselves, or on self-reliance. That's why most of them are against capitalism and freedom of speech. This is why most of them are anti-american libs....they favor a strong government, not strong and free individuals. So here on Carm, they've formed their own "government" of sorts and use it to snuff out those who don't tote the party line.

[Wow, it's not a conspiracy.]

no...no conspiracy....it's just like if you have a class full of dunces -- they're all stupid -- they all think the same way; no conspiracy. Same here -- except you're not dumb; you're atheists...and you all think the same way. Not only that, but you never contradict or question each other. You never talk out any details about the theory or about how each person feels specifically.....it's all very shallow....it's all about being on the same team with your comrads -- it's all about hating creationists/Christians and beating us with a stick.

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[I've been on DOZENS of digs all throughout Colorado, Wyoming. Why haven't I found humans with dinosaurs?]

because humans didn't shack up with dinos...humans in the past probably got as far away from dinos as possible. You probably won't find humans near fossil lions either. It only makes sense that you'd get far away from creatures that might want to eat or hurt you.

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[I wonder if the apes in the zoo can tell the difference between stars and planets?
They can't read so I suppose they have an excuse but any literate human has NO excuse for being equally ignorant.]

Since you have no valid arguments to any of the discussions, all you can do is try to find something that you can criticize me for. And you've zeroed in on dinosaurs, planets and stars because you believe everything scientists say just like a robot. So I guess you'll have to find out when you die that the difference between planets and stars is so inconsequential and minute, it's not even worth arguing about.

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Then you need to retake Biology 101 to see which biological mechanisms in the brain cause cognition and behavioral motivations. I can tell you one thing, most humans can't even build a bridge because they don't have the ability to calculate the math to be able to do so. So you need to get educated before you make absurd statements like that.

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"Not natural"(inconsistent with or against the natural order of things) is indeed an argument. The best argument imo, because permitting gay marriage is essentially equalizing heterosexuality with homosexuality - and it doesn't take a scholar to see that the two are not equal.

[Not the best argument because we actually see homosexuality in nature. Ta da!]

There's a lot of unnatural things that occur in nature, hence the existence of the words "unnatural" and "abnormal" or even "freak" or "anomaly", and the list continues.... so what?

[It's the line "There's a lot of unnatural things that occur in nature" that gets me.]

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[And one of those presuppositions in science is that there are natural explanations for natural processes. This assumption is what makes science work because you could never factor in the effect of God into any system, formula, equation or theory.]

As I said, one can find something in reality to justify any fiction story such as evidence of; aliens, men from Mars, non-human animals turning into humans, just like Star Wars used rocket ships and computer technology. But that still doesn't make them any less fiction.

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[Chimps do "vocalize" to communicate, and can do sign language - even teaching others. They are altruistic. Koko the gorilla likes to paint.

Just degree...

Good Luck!]

Then it shouldn't be any stretch of the imagination to believe in talking donkeys or talking snakes. After all, evolutionists claim that that there are billions of talking apes.

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God repeatedly told the Jews to listen to Him. They didn't. So he punished them. They still didn't listen. So then he said He would punish their children and they still didn't listen. So anyone who risks the lives of his children to ignore God isn't showing any love to his children by doing so. You would be wise to heed that as well because God won't allow people to desecrate His laws and His creation without consequences. Sorry.<winking smiley.>

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[Dear Carm.org, when I read your beliefs earlier, I noticed that you do not believe that women should preach. There were several scriptures listed as support, but I have support as well why women can be able to preach. Acts 2:17-18, Accts 10:34, and Galatians 3:20 all give women the right to preach the gospel. Wouldn't you agree? Does anyone else agree with me or not? I have a woman pastor and I have been in the same church since I was approximately 2 years old. Are you saying that I have been under false teaching all of my church-going life? If not false teaching, then what kind of teaching am I under other than the Word of God?]

No, because scripture doesn't contradict itself. Prophesying is not teaching. Actually, several people told me they thought I have the gift of prophesy, God forbid. Prophesy is simply speaking the word of God. Teaching presumes authority over those you teach. And scripture is quite clear that women should have no authority over men.

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Sorry but truth never changes.

Sorry, but viruses don't mate and breed together. So flu vaccines aren't based on transferring genes via copulation as animals and humans breed offspring. so it's not evolution that leads scientists to invent vaccines. It's understanding how viruses react to outside stimuli.

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[If you actually read up on history you will find that Einstein was actually a very humble person who knew that he didn't know everything. How do you know he is hell? Did God send you a personal message? How do you know he didn't make it to Heaven because he had it right and you have it wrong?]

Read a biography of Einstein to see that he was working on a paper that explains everything, which he understandably never finished. Anyone who claims to know better than God does has delusions of grandeur. And scientists who reject the bible to claim that they're right and Jesus is wrong, not only have delusions of grandeur, but they look incredibly foolish as well as their changing theories prove.

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Belief can change reality. If you believe God can physically heal your body then He can work and do so, but if you do not believe then you will never be healed. Case in point, walking on water. We know that reality dictates that no one can walk on water unless he defies a few laws of nature, yet we know that Jesus walked on water and Peter did also.

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If I were to go to some hospital and found some person on life support and unplugged it, because they were inconvenienceing me, would that be murder? What if they woke up but still had an air tube down there throat and I took a pair of scissors and shoved it into the back of the head and sucked their brains out, would that be murder?

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this is just another example of how today's medicine is misguided. Instead of declaring "war" on everything ("war" on cancer, war on diabetes: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...845911,00.html etc) and attempting annihilate disease, the way to treat disease and to overcome it is by doing the exact opposite of declaring war. Just as Jesus defeated his enemies by loving them, the trick to beating cancer, and now bacteria, evidently, is by using the powers of the universe. Love and light and mind and water and spirit are surely the most powerful healers in the universe. Drugs can only get in the way of these. True health does not come from a lack of drugs, but from a lack of energy.

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Expelled was excellent. It was the top documentary in the U.S. for 2008. It documents the willingness of Darwinists to destroy the careers of brilliant people -- many of them evolutionists -- for not adhering to the party line. The premise is hard to argue with since it is often evolutionists who have been destroyed by the Darwin establishment.

The top Darwinists interviewed in the flim come off sounding stupid -- for instance Richard Dawkins says that we might some day find that DNA came from aliens -- and the people who have been destroyed by Darwinists come off sounding intelligent and reasonable.

My one quibble was that I thought it tried a little too hard to be cute and fast paced by splicing bits of illustrative imagery between points Ben Stein and the interviewees made. Most of these clips were from the early days of movies.

This gave the DarwiNazis an excuse to call the film propaganda when the premise of the flim stands without the insertion of the illustrative imagery -- it just would not have been as entertaining to watch and probably wouldn't have done as well as it has.

A follow up book called Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman continues the account of those destroyed by the DarwiNazis for daring to think outside the party line. I'm looking forward to reading it and hoping we'll see Expelled II -- Revenge of Intelligence.

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**NEWSFLASH ]] Fish comes out of water: FISH DIES!!**
1) Walking Catfish-The "walking skill" is used to move to other sources of water.
Fish out of water. Fish dies.
Creation 1 ------------------------Evolution 0

2) Lungfish- There has been a Queensland lungfish at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago since 1933. How did it get their? Did it "walk"? And why is it still in the water?
Fish out of water. Fish dies.
Creation 2------------------------Evolution 0

3) Mudskippers- Mudskippers can breathe through their skin and the lining of their mouth, but they must be wet.
Fish out of water. Fish dies.
Creation 3------------------------Evolution 0
4) Gar Fish -I have seen a garfish die out of the water with my own eyes. <<(observation)
Fish out of water. Fish dies.
Creation 4------------------------Evolution 0

Do the evolutionists have any more fish? Go fish.

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Why evolution is appealing
For individuals addicted to sin, slaves to the power of sin and do not wish for this to change- evolution is music to their ears. No Holy and Righteous creator God to have an appointment with one day. Man make the rules not God make the rules. They want to be left alone to carry on sinning because they say no such thing as sin everything is a product of evolution so there's no right or wrong- blame evolution. So for those engaging in sexual immorality- evolution is music to their ears. For those who disrespect their parents, who steal, who don't want to go to Church, who don't want to give to others- evolution is music to their ears. Evolution demands no repentance, instead if provides a justification tool for any kind of behaviour one engages in.

For addicted sinners, evolution is music to their ears.

Unfortunately for them, it's not truth. They will be accountable to God and evolution excuse won't wash.

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[When asking why the creation gods of other religions were false.]

How do you know what they found? IF they found a creator god, it is false. Do you not think it is logical to question one's beliefs in order to prove their validity. If I tell you the sky is green, will you take my word for it or will you go look for yourself? One must test his or her beliefs.
What evidence did they have for their God? They did not/ would not have any.

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it's probably an epigenetic disease just like homosexuality.....it will probably become more and more widespread as more and more people continue to eat junk/fried/fatty/milk-laden/high-carb/sweet foods in place of fruits and vegetables. There is no "gay gene" or "pedophilia gene."Homosexuality and pedophilia are surely both mental diseases stemming from prior generations, but they are actually derived from the effects of bad/unhealthy diets on developing embryos. Also involved, most surely, is prior abuse -- abused children are more likely to abuse their children or others'. Screwed-up children generally lead to screwed up adults unless there is some powerful supernatural intervention.