MattwhiteAmerica #racist

I'll admit that there's certainly a percentage of your population which are intelligent and certainly some that may well be good people. But can we admit that the bad and low iq'ed individuals within your race far outweigh the high?. Blacks make up 50% of all murders in this country and that is mostly done by 6% of this countries population that is black male. How the hell can you expect us to overlook that and trust that these people won't kill us? Killing us at 5 times the interracial rate compared to whites killing blacks. Based on the data it is folly to over look your crime and somehow blame us for your problems.

I could go on and on. I am not saying you're a bad person, but the truth is the truth. Can you accept that your people have problems? can you accept that your people practice tons of racism against mine. You expect me to be ok with your peoples violence and hatred against mine as you must believe that we're below you and don't have a right to an opinion or to live in safety when confronted by a people that hate us.

We're white nationalist because we won't live in fear and we will admit that we prefer our own people for many reasons including the ones given above.



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