usachinanukewar #fundie

After collapsing all the possible in and out entrances and exits of the banking cartels’ bunkers, which may takes within one hour, I’m gotta fly through all the way descending into their core control panel room, just to see their panic. And, of course, I must be very fast to collapse all the “doors” just within one hour, the shorter the better. I wanna cage all the banking cartels and their servants in the deep bunkers, no way out.

Me, invisible all the way fly through all the floors and layers down descending into the core control panel room. I wanna see their panic.

And, at the Day 1, I wanna cut off all the men and women’, young and old, index finger and middle finger and ring finger, of their right and left hands, except for the members of the medical team.

Why do I want to cut off all some of their fingers? Because when people get panic, sometimes, they shoot dead others. The only way those persons down there in the bunkers can die is to be slain by my sword, not being shot dead by others. I don’t want any of them to be able to use guns at all. So, I must cut off all the index fingers, middle fingers, and ring fingers, because there’re gotta be some professional and trained combat men and women down there who are able to use guns with their middle fingers or ring fingers. So, I decide to cut off all the index, middle, ring fingers at the Day 1.

So, I call the Day 1 is the “Fingers” Day.

Why do I let go of the members of the medical team? Because all the wounded need medical treatment for their cut-off fingers. So, I will let go of the doctors and nurses down there, because I need someone to take care the wounded.

So, After all exits are collapsed, after all men and women’ fingers cut off, except for the medical team, those brilliant banking cartels will know something is very wrong, because they all know they have no way out. And, they will figure out something invisible is around them, something is stalking and attacking them. Something invisible and intelligent is attacking them down there in the bunkers, their caged bunkers. I want them to know and grasp my very existence down there in their caged bunkers. Why? Because something invisible, which is cutting off their fingers, is going to horrify all of them to mental death. Those banking cartels know exactly something invisible is attacking them and this something is with them in the caged bunkers, no way out. This fear will be the most horrified fear. I want all of them to be in the most horrified fear in the Day 1, the “Fingers” Day.

When something invisible is attacking and cutting off people’s fingers, and those banking cartels can’t see this something invisible, which is me, Peter the Immortal and Invisible Boy. They know something is dangerous and is attacking them, but they can’t see this something. They gotta be very feared.



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