scooter #fundie

i am sick and tired of all the BIGOTS on this thread who continually voice a negative view towards pedophiles and bestials [sic]. They keep harping upon some happy sex between individuals of the same gender while denigrating that of young citizens and pets with rights.

All you who fail to see the great progress that pedophiles and bestials [sic] can and will make in gaining rights (following gay rights precedent) are small minded bigots.

Do you not understand that pedophiles and bestials [sic] DON'T want to be compared to gays sexually (they are attracted to different RIGHTS groups) they do however, want the SAME rights that gays get.

Why is it fair for a gay to get married by changing laws SODOMY, MARRIAGE? But not for a pedophile AGE of CONSENT, MARRIAGE?

Where is the justice in that? Not to mention, polygamy, necrophylias [sic], bestials [sic], incest,,, etc.....

If we are going to open this marriage thing to gays,,,, let us open it ALL the way for all the different groups rights. Why are the gays so special that they are the only one's getting this treatment?



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