Alistair #fundie

Okay as a scientist I am of course very interested in how sciece relates to the Bible. For quite some time now I have wrestled with the idea of the Laws of Science. I have now come this conclusion: there is no such thing as the Laws of Science. That the Laws of Science are a philosophic invention rather than a scientific fact.

So, let me explain. Take an object like a bunch of keys in your hand and let go. What happens? It falls to the ground. Why? Laws of Science says because there is a magnet in the earth called gravity that pulls all objects down. I think it is because God made it drop and if He had not made it drop it would have hovered about in the air.

In other words everything that happens in the scientific realm happens not because of the Laws of Science but by the direct action of God. The Laws of Science were invented by philosophers to explain away God. Look at Psalm 104:14 to find out why grass grows in your garden.



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