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Unlike most other religions where one is supposed to lay face down in the dirt and grovel for forgiveness, Odinism/Wodenism is very much a case of standing on your own two feet and getting on with it! Also, most other religions are all about 'up there in the sky' and what will happen when you die, whereas Heathenry is very much about 'down here on the earth' and what you can achieve whilst you are alive!

But most of all, Heathenry is all about revering the ancestors and defining their common place with ours in the great web of Wyrd. This is where the Universalists part company with us, their idea of ancestors is 'Back to Africa' and 'Apes in the Trees' stuff. Whereas we look to the birth of our Folk in a definite European setting. This distinct racial contrast of Europeans and Africans is just too much for the PC brain washed Universalist Heathens to accept.

We are not all the same, we are all different! Whether we are superior or inferior to others is immaterial, the fact is we are different and that's what they cannot stomach.

I say we should infiltrate the bastards, just like they infiltrate us, weed out the ones worth saving, point them in the right direction and strengthen our Folkish blood base and our Folkish connection to the Gods.

Don't let the Uni's have a free hand in these things, newbies seem to find their way to them long before they get anywhere near to us!



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