Dr. Ford #racist stormfront.org

((AntiWhitePower)Keep thinking the world revolves around Whites, this isn't the 20th century, your roles will diminish.)

(Dr. Ford)Yes, and with that will go the civilization.

That's the problem - that when non-Whites become the majority, they have to be able to maintain the civilization they inherited. And clearly, as we see in Detroit, California, etc. they are unable to do that. Take a good look at Haiti, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela - that's what the U.S. and Europe will begin to look like as Whites are replaced. And we have a clear record of before and after for all to see.

Now, you don't think that is going to happen without a push back by Whites do you? All they have to do to dramatically lower their taxes, improve their neighborhoods, end the endless wars for Israel, and resurrect their economy is to become racially aware. That's all they have to do - cut off the White man's burden, and they can dramatically improve their quality of life and their children's future.



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