Dennis #fundie

[You are the same people who tried to justify slavery “because the bible”… you don’t get to be bigots just because you happen to be superstitious bigots.

Turns out that institutionalized douchebaggery is not a winner in the marketplace of ideas, and anti-gay Jim Crow laws are not remotely going to make it past the SCOTUS even if an individual state manages to ram it through. But you will manage to wawste a bunch of taxpayer money trying (because “party of fiscal responsibility”?)”]

My GOD, do you eat with those hands that are more full of hate than I have seen in a long time??? The Bible does NOT call for slavery, idiot.. “Ante-Gay?” Jim Crow was action against the Negros, who never wanted to be here anyway.. They were forced here by their own neighbors in the next country in Africa.. What you don’t read history??? Should try it! And a “individual state” has rights the same as you, except you have done nothing to earn that right.. At 75 I can call you a fool, I have seen many in my life and you fit right in..



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