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(in response to) [Ranger B. Dear, dear, Ranger B. I've looked at your profile. I see you're a retired Army E-8. I salute you for your many years of service, and I'm glad you made it to retirement. Perhaps now you should take the time to attend a high-school English class. You write so poorly, sometimes it's difficult to be sure what you're trying to say. Your most recent post is so disconnected, I'm not even sure that people who agree with you could understand you. You bring up my family, but what does that have to do with any of this?

I will offer one piece of specific help. You signed off with: "HEAVEN ARE HELL YOUR CHOICE." Sir, the word "are" is the present-plural form of the verb "is." What you wanted was the word "OR," which indicates a choice between two alternatives*. And it wouldn't hurt to put some sort of punctuation, such as a colon ( : ) or double dash ( -- ) after the word "Hell." This sets off your introductory phrase, and signals to the reader that the following phrase is connected to, but a separate thought from, the introductory phrase.

* Now, as for those two alternatives: Prove either one exists. Not you of course, but someone literate. Since all these people are jumping in with you, you should have plenty of help]

Another unbeliever that reverts to grammar correction..Prove?....you'll see HELL close up unless you get "SAVED".There is "NO NEED TO PROVE". Jesus preached more about Hell than Heaven. I believe the Bible is the word(s) of God. That is all the "PROOF I NEED"




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