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Who is behind the horrific attack against travelers in the Istanbul International Airport? It does not make any sense that faithful Muslims would slaughter other Islamic people, innocents in an airport, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. However, the Zionists would do so, and they, in fact, do so routinely.

Yet, the world is in full chaos mode. Now, it has gone even deeper. While the criminal Zionist mind fakes certain ‘events,’ like the hoax Orlando and Brussels ‘shootings,’ simultaneously, it commits great acts of horror, actual false flag attacks: all of which it blames on Islam.

Categorically, the Qur’aan bans the slaughter of the innocent. It also bans terrorism, tyranny, and oppression. Regarding the events in this Turkish facility Islam is diametrically opposed to it. In this regard those responsible for the murder of unsuspecting people at Istanbul’s International Airport are criminals to the extreme.

In a report on May 19, 2016, it was stated by insider sources that the Turkish security forces work directly with the Israeli Mossad.

This is nothing new. The Mossad has for decades had full access to the Turkish infrastructure:

Once again, the bombing and shooting up of the Istanbul Airport would appear to be a Zionist plot. It suits the Zionists and is a detriment to Islamic people. After all, the primary victims, the dead and wounded, are Muslims. Here is further evidence for the embedded role of Zionist agents within the Turkish security apparatus, also within the airports themselves:



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