gstvtrp and suspension_collector #sexist

I'm not saying we need to force girls to have sex with us. But rather, we don't let Chad have sex.

If people complain about this, the answer is very clear: "YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO SEX!"

This is a pretty genius idea tbh. Normies never like the forced sex/legalized r ape ideas, but there is no way to object to this. Make a limit to how many women a single man can fuck per year, and set it low enough to equalize the market. If you go over it, you have your dick cut off.

Wouldn't that just make people have sex less overall and not actually decrease the number of incels? If sex is a social status thing for women (which is what a lot of people here say), they wouldn't lower their standards just for the physical sex. They'd just bang Chad a few less times a year.

No, if Chad can only have sex with 3 (or maybe it would have to be just 1) different women in a year he is going to hold out for his looksmatch. Less attractive women can't just bang him fewer times per year because the cap relates to number of different women, not number of times having sex, so even fucking him once removes 1 woman he can fuck for the year. Women would be forced to settle for their looksmatch, ending or severely reducing hypergamy.



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