sendtheclunkerbacktochicago #conspiracy

Before we criticize Putin and the Russian military lets ask ourselves how a "bunch of mangy hippies" (now politicians in thousand dollar suits with degrees in Communism, Marxism, Socialism) usurp the most powerful office in the world? Obama is much more dangerous than Putin will ever be.

Do you remember a recent interview this grifter had with Bob Costas? The man just got off a crack pipe to do the interview and everyone declares he was just tired (eyelids flopping, lips quivering and blue, etc). We have a damn "Secret" Service who knows this and they sit quietly by and let it happen.

Putin (the X KGB) knows this grifter is illegal and he knows this illegal status is about to be challenged in an open court of opinion and that Barry is in deep do do!! I believe most of the EU countries are aware of his fraud also thus they disrespect his sorry arse.



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