Bill P #fundie

The problem with MRA is that it’s the other side of the feminist coin. Guys like Warren Farrell and Paul Elam believe fervently in gender equality, even though it never has and never will exist, but they differ from feminists in the details.

I compare it to Trotskyites vs. Stalinists.

The solution isn’t to double down on gender equality, but to reject the concept altogether. I advocate replacing the word “equality” with “balance.” A society in which there is a balance between the masculine and feminine elements is a happy, healthy society. Same goes for a family.

Obviously, one won’t find balance in the individual, but that’s why nature created us man and woman in the first place — so we wouldn’t be merely a mass of individuals but complementary parts of the species.

This gender equality nonsense is the natural consequence of centuries of progressive individualism, which results in a bland, atomized society in which there are no natural divisions or communities. It turns out that Enlightenment thinking logically progresses to this kind of dystopia, so MRAs who refuse to abandon it will lead us to exactly the same place the feminists would.



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