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Bill P #wingnut #racist

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About fifteen years ago, I got ahold of this remarkable little book titled I was an NKVD Agent by Anatoli Granovsky, who defected to the West in 1946. Other than its lack of a plot, it reads like a spy novel, so I don’t know how much of it is true, but it was published in 1962, so it has some relevance here.

One of Granovsky’s potential missions following the Soviet victory in WWII was to infiltrate the West. He was to use two angles: one of which was to seduce women of high social standing who were active in social justice (e.g. feminism, civil rights, etc.); the other was to be a fake priest/minister.

So according to Granovsky, the top tier of Soviet intelligence had already identified the ministry, the sexual revolution and civil rights as key weaknesses to be exploited by communists by the end of WWII. This would explain a lot.

I strongly suspect that MLK was indeed handled by the KGB, probably not only through Levison but others as well. I doubt he was personally aware of it, but a man like that doesn’t need to be — he’s most useful just stirring up trouble with his sermons, sleeping around and not asking questions about where the money comes from.

Conservatives now (shamefully) often claim King as one of their own, so this is still important. King’s false Christianity also has to be exposed as fraud. Why was a Jewish communist (who prominently defended Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) writing sermons for a Christian pastor, anyway? To spread the good news about Christ? Give me a break…

For those of us who had to endure MLK day rallies and indoctrination sessions in grade school, and hated them, this is vindicating.

Before we Americans can move forward with a truly just, truly Christian solution to racial strife in our country, this fake Christian state cult of MLK has to be banished.

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Bill P #racist

Yes, AGW is the latest deus ex machina for the messianically inclined Russian people, who are typically helpless on their own. I’m sure they believe it will solve all their problems and lead to a world of limitless vodka and girls in tight skirts and high heels. There should be an Orthodox Christian global warming Jesus wandering through a methane-emitting birch forest, but there probably already is and the rest of the world simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Siberia should have made the Russians rich long ago, but the problem is that it is under the control of Russians. If it had been available to American settlement, the expanse would be thriving with lumber mills, gas wells and technologically advanced institutions, and the population would be much higher. Down-on-their-luck Americans would be driving tanker trucks across the taiga, wildcatting, selling burgers to the workers and building highways. Instead there are ballistic missile behemoths lumbering on dirt roads through the forests while stunted, alcoholic Asiatic peasants scratch a living out of the frozen swamps and rivers that only flow half the year, scraping the riverbanks for fossil mammoth tusks and shooting beavers.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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Lance Welton #racist

Perhaps Surprisingly, Indians REALLY Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average)

India is a confusing place. It is able to send hordes of extremely intelligent and highly-motivated scientists to the USA, yet its city centres are so chaotic that tourists have to pay street urchins to throw themselves into the road just so that they can cross it. The land of the Hindus is pursuing its own space program, yet vast areas of the country lack electricity, running water, and even people who can read. What does this say about Indian IQ?

The late J. Philippe Rushton gave an answer to this question back in 2007: Indians Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average). But much more evidence has since been developed.

A country’s average IQ is a massively important predictor of national accomplishment and national average living standards, as Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen showed in their seminal 2012 book Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences, as well as in their earlier book IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

For a few years now a German psychologist trained in political science called David Becker has been tracking down and collating every possible source that might permit assessment of any nation’s IQ. The young researcher, who is based at Chemnitz Technical University in East Germany (the city was known as Karl-Marx-Stadt under Communism) places all his research online so that those who criticise national IQ data can easily have their criticisms refuted. He clearly presents his methodology, in a way which Lynn did not, so that critics can see precisely what’s he’s done, how he’s done it and why: samples are rated for reliability, for example.

On this basis, Becker has also recalculated all of Richard Lynn’s much-denounced National IQs. Significantly, his calculations strongly correlate with Lynn’s—see the results at

As part of this project, Becker has also updated and recalculated the Indian IQ, the most recent known study of which was published in 2015 [Gender Performance on Intelligence Quotient Test among Medical Students in a Government Medical College, By B. Uppu et al., IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, 2015]

Incredibly, considering all of the “Raj from The Big Bang Theory” types populating science departments at America’s top universities, Becker’s meta-analysis of 11 studies revises the Indian average IQ downwards. Lynn and Vanhanen calculated it to be 82.2, but Becker has found it to be a mere 76.24.

How can a country with an IQ only six points above that of Sub-Saharan Africa churn out scientists of such high calibre and even begin to take people into space?

The answer: it is not merely in the geographical sense that India is a subcontinent—defined as a large mass of land separated by mountains from the rest of the continent. It is also continent-like in terms of its population.

India and China both contain over a billion people, but in China those people are overwhelmingly of one ethnicity, Han, and speak one language, Mandarin. The situation in India could hardly be more different.

The national languages are Hindi and (still) English. However, there are at least 780 distinct languages spoken in India, with most—though not all—of these languages being associated with a distinct ethnic group, rather as is the case with languages in Europe. Around 78% of Indians, and especially those in the north, speak Indo-Aryan languages that are distantly related to English, such as Hindi (41% of India’s population), Bengali (8%), and Gujarati(4.4%). Most of rest, particularly those in the South, speak Dravidian languages, such as Telegu (7.1%), Tamil (5.9%) and Kannada (3.6%). Some even speak language “isolates” unrelated to any other known language.(See Wikipedia’s List of languages by number of native speakers in India.)

There are also about 225,000 Anglo-Indians—down from some 2 million at independence in 1947. These are native English speakers, and usually Christian, ultimately descended from a union between an English colonial and a (usually female) Indian. Over the centuries, Anglo-Indians have married each other, effectively creating an ethnic group .

India is divided into 29 states and 7 territories, many of these states are named after their dominant ethnic group and its language. And, crucially, there seem to be exceptional IQ differences between these states, paralleling the way in which southern India is rich and northern India is poor.

Richard Lynn and Indian psychologist Prateek Yadav explored differences in intelligence between Indian states in a study published in the leading journal Intelligence in 2015. [Differences in cognitive ability, per capita income, infant mortality, fertility and latitude across the states of India, By Richard Lynn & Prateek Yadav, Intelligence, 2015]. Drawing upon data from all 29 states plus 4 territories, they found a very clear pattern.

Southern India is markedly more intelligent than northern India; the correlation between latitude and their test of cognitive ability being -0.43. Even more significantly, coastal India is more intelligent than inland India, the correlation between closeness to coast and average intelligence being -0.60.

The most intelligent (on average) area is a territory called Daman and Dui, two islands that were part of Portugal’s historic Goa colony, seized by India in 1961. (American pundit Dinesh D’Souza is descended from Goanese converts to Catholicism). Unfortunately, the authors do not calculate IQ scores, merely presenting average scores on standardized school tests. These islands are followed, in average score, by Kerala, a southern coastal state. The least intelligent, and also poorest, India state is Bihar, an inland northern state, close to Bangladesh.

Helpfully, Lynn and Yadav tested a host of other variables, meaning they were able to reasonably hypothesize as to the causes of these differences. A key factor: Islam. Around 20% of India’s population is Muslim and the Muslims overwhelmingly live in the north. Indeed, the Muslims were politically dominant in northern India—building the Taj Mahal and other such achievements—until the British fully took control in the nineteenth century.

The correlation between the percentage of Muslims in a state and its intelligence was -0.32. The authors propose that a likely reason is inbreeding. Hindus tend not to marry cousins, but Muslims tend strongly to marry their cousins. Cousin marriage elevates the probability of double doses of mutant genes, meaning that the brain works less well, so intelligences starts to fall. The more inbreeding there is in a nation the lower its IQ tends to be [Inbreeding depression and IQ in a study of 72 countries, by Michael A. Woodley, Intelligence, 2009]

Coastal India, they suggest, is more intelligent because there will have been greater breeding with European traders. This is most obvious when we consider that the most intelligent part of India is two islands which were run by Portugal until 1961. (American pundit Dinesh D’Souza is descended from Goanese converts to Catholicism). We would also expect that ambitious and intelligent Indians born in the interior would be likely to migrate to the wealthy coastal towns. Intelligence predicts migration, as the eminent intelligence researcher Arthur Jensen noted in his 1998 book The g Factor.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the only Indian citizen to win a Nobel Prize in the hard sciences—Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (right)who took the Physics prize in 1930—was a Tamil from Madras. Madras is (where else?) on the southern coast.

It is India’s ethnic diversity which explains why it displays extremes: intellectual brilliance yet grinding poverty. This may be a problem for India, in that it is the population’s average intelligence—which predicts so much about the fate of nations. With its low average IQ, India is corrupt, unfair, and shambolic.

This is perhaps why so many highly intelligent Indians are desperate to come to the West—probably reducing India’s average IQ even further in the process, but certainly not improving the GOP’s chances.

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pizza with hot pepper #racist

“The Negro is a phobogenic object.”

But it would be wrong to blame the media for this perception of blacks.

For most of American history, blacks were depicted as either docile Negroes(overly idealized) or as funny caricatures munching on watermelons. Neither was threatening. Sure, there were stuff like Birth of a Nation, but they were the exceptions, especially as Hollywood was ruled by yanomanos. Black characters are mostly kindly and likable in Gone with the Wind. There was then noble negro bellowing ‘ole man river’ in Showboat. And there were plenty of funny black stereotypes that presented blacks as childlike clowns–like Harpo in Marx Brothers though with less wit.

Also, after Jack Johnson scared white folks half to death, the media and sports industry went out of their way to build up the image of the dignified negro. Joe Louis the brown bomber was coached to be ‘gentle’. You’d think he didn’t mean to knock them all them white boys. He just stuck out his fist but white boys bumped into them, and he didn’t know what to do but say, “dang I is sorry”.
And there was the Jackie Robinson cult.

Look at most movies about crime in the 1970s–height of black mayhem in urban areas–, and Hollywood made most of the thugs out to be white. If you go by DEATH WISH, NY was mostly terrorized by white trash and swarthy looking ethnics. In DEATH WISH III, urban thugs are led by some multi-color-haired ‘Aryan’ type.
Rocky movies had people fantasize that Rocky Marciano was back and whupping all the Negroes.

If anything, Western media went out of its way to tone down the black physical threat.
But the image-of-black-physical-threat lingered because of a little thing called REALITY.

I personally grew up watching all those PBS docs about civil rights and about how race is just a ‘myth’. I took all those classes where the teacher and textbooks told us of evils of ‘racism’ and blah blah blah. But reality was something I had to reckon with(even against my will as I’d really and truly come to believe in all the hogwash fed to me in school and on PBS). Non-blacks flee from black areas because blacks are rowdier, more aggressive, more out-of-control, stronger, tougher, and nastier. It’s the truth.

I–and many honest people, including liberals–think this way because I’d rather be honest with reality than cowardly with PC.

If anything, the media have gone out of its way to cover up stories of black crime, thuggery, rape, and mayhem… all the while distorting, spinning, and sensationalizing stories where blacks are supposedly the ‘victims’. When twenty plus blacks raped a 11 yr Mexican girl in Texas, the media said ‘Texans’ did it.
Whatever one thinks of Zimmerman, he was a pudgy mestizo who got whupped by a much taller and bigger black kid, but the media put forth a narrative of an angelic black ‘child armed with only a bag of skittles’ shot down by a towering ‘white southern male’.
(Sometimes, I wonder if white libs peddle such silly notions–harking back to Civil Rights days–because it makes them feel powerful. As white libs are helpless to do anything about real black violence and crime, spinning such narratives creates the illusion that they are still powerful whites with the decency to care and weep about helpless black children who are still being victimized by white ‘racism’. Similarly, the likes of John McCain and John Bolton prefer to believe that they are strong powerful white knight warriors working tirelessly to protect helpless yanomanos from all-powerful Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Russians. If you’re powerless before something, spin the narrative so as to make believe you have power over it and are working to protect the poor thing from dangers–even though what you’re really doing is serving as its running dog.)

If black bodies are ‘phobogenic’, it’s not because but in spite of the media and mass education. The media, education, and government have been telling us forever that we are all equal, but in the streets and public places, it’s obvious as day that bigger/stronger Negroes do indeed cause lots of mayhem.

The power of media is considerable but it’s not total. Entertainment has given us lots of movies about invincible Asian kung fu masters, but most people don’t fear Asians because in the real world, they know that most Asians are scrawny and a physical threat to no one.
I mean who finds Asian bodies ‘phobogenic’?

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Lance Welton #racist

Dysgenics and Low Creativity: Why China Can’t Save Civilization

It’s possible to derive some comfort from contemplating the Chinese. Sure, unless something radical is done, Western civilization is going to collapse due to the most intelligent women having the fewest children and massive IQ (and highly fertile) immigration from the Third World [See At Our Wits’ End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What It Means for the Future, By Edward Dutton and Michael Woodley of Menie] but surely civilization will be preserved by the Chinese. Unfortunately, research is showing that this is just wishful thinking.

Thus the leading IQ researcher Professor Richard Lynn actually proclaimed in his book Dysgenics that China’s one child policy—introduced in 1979 and abolished in 2015—was the saviour of civilization. The strongly cultural desire in China for a boy and the abortion of female fetuses, meant that by the late-1990s, young males massively out-numbered females in China, showed Lynn. The females would naturally be attracted to the wealthiest and most educated males, as these males would be able to provide the optimum lifestyle for them and, anyway, females tend to sexually select for status because doing so, under evolutionary conditions, ensured the survival of their offspring [Women marry up, By Edward Dutton, In T. Shackleford, & V. Shackleford-Weeks,Encyclopaedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science, Springer, 2018]. The inevitable result, argued Lynn: less intelligent Chinese men would fail to breed, as intelligence robustly predicts wealth and status and is about 80% genetic. In addition, the ability to pay the fines for breaking the One-Child law would allow the wealthy, and thus more intelligent, to have more than one child. As such, concluded Lynn China must have “eugenic fertility” and it is to China that the “torch of civilization” will pass. [Richard Lynn: “Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied”, YouTube, at 42 minutes]

Unfortunately, this is not what research by a young Chinese psychologist has found. In a study published in 2016 in the leading journal Intelligence, Mingrui Wang presented some shocking—and counter-intuitive—findings. Even despite the one child policy, there is dysgenic fertility in China. [Evidence of Dysgenic Fertility in China, by Mingrui Wang et al, Intelligence, July-August 2016]

The Chinese researcher and his team explored the relationship between intelligence, education-level and fertility, using a large sample from the China Family Panel dataset, which is highly representative of the Chinese population. They found that among the cohort born between 1951 and 1970, the correlation between general intelligence and fertility was -0.1, very similar to that found in Western countries.

Between 1986 and the year 2000, the Chinese lost 0.31 IQ points per decade and between 1971 and the year 2000, the Chinese lost 0.75 IQ points.

The researchers also discovered that education level is negatively associated with fertility in China. And the negative correlation between fertility and both IQ and education level is stronger among females than males.

In other words, though the Chinese have an average IQ of 105 according to Richard Lynn, and despite their introduction of the One-Child policy, they are suffering precisely the same process as the West. The most intelligent females are not selecting for the most intelligent Chinese males or, indeed, any males. As in the West, they are dedicating themselves to their education and then their careers, meaning they are simply failing to pass on their genes at all.

In addition, the strong cultural tradition in China—especially in the low IQ countryside – of desiring sons rather than daughters, leading to selective abortion, is dual-edged. The more intelligent Chinese, living in the cities, are more likely to content themselves with having a daughter. And the more intelligent she is, the more likely she is to have no children, leading to the elimination of her (intelligent) parents’ genes. It is possible that this phenomenon could even be sufficiently strong to undermine any indirect benefits to IQ which may have been wrought by the one child policy.

Slightly less intelligent women are spending all of their twenties dedicated to their careers, only have children in their thirties and not having very many. The least intelligent Chinese women—too low in IQ and impulsive to use contraception—are, it would seem, having excess children even despite the fines and the risk of heavy-handed Communist Party officials (illegally) trying to compel them to have abortions []. Perhaps their husbands see the fines as a price worth paying if it ensures that they get a son.

In addition, the one child policy never even applied to China’s non-Han ethnic minorities. These groups are overwhelmingly rural-dwelling and they have lower IQ than the Han. The more Han a Chinese region is then the smarter it is [Differences in intelligence across the 31 regions of China and their economic and demographic correlates, By Richard Lynn & Helen Cheng, Intelligence, 2013]. For example, the average IQ of Tibetans in 92 [I Q and Mathematics Ability of Tibetans and Han Chinese, By Richard Lynn, Mankind Quarterly], meaning their IQ is almost 15 points lower than that of the Han, similar to that of Greece or Romania. [Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences, By Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, Ulster Institute for Social Research, 2012]

This decline is made all the more perilous due to research, led by a Japanese psychologist called Kenya Kura, which has shown that Northeast Asians are genetically less intellectually creative than Europeans. [Why do Northeast Asians Win So Few Nobel Prizes?, By Kenya Kura et al., Comprehensive Psychology, 4: 2015] Northeast Asians, compared to Europeans, have higher gene frequencies of polymorphisms which make people collectivist, socially anxious, and fearful of anything novel. Kura and his team argue that this is adaptation to a particular ecology, where it is vital to stay in a tightly-bonded group.

However, they note that scientific innovators tend to combine very high IQ with an optimally low level of collectivism, low social anxiety and low fearfulness of the new. In other words, they have high “Openness-Intellec t”, as psychologists term this trait. This psychological profile means that they can think outside the box and don’t care about the offence to vested interests which their new idea will almost certainly result in.

This is why, maintains Kura, it is the West that generated the Industrial Revolution, rather than more intelligent Northeast Asians. The West is indeed the Goldilocks Zone for genius.

“The torch of civilization” may well pass to China, but it will continue to get dimmer and dimmer and very little new fuel will be added to it. The torch’s bearer will slide into an increasingly authoritarian dictatorship—as happens to relatively low IQ societies—and the light of civilization will go out, unless it can somehow be passed to a society that is still under eugenic fertility.

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Bill P #sexist

That happened to me. My own mother made excuses for my adulterous ex. It sounds pretty awful, but I came out of that suspecting that she had done something similar.

It’s a shame, because I always thought she was better than the skank-ho single mommies of so many of my childhood friends from back in the 80s.

The worst part as a guy was thinking of all the opportunities I passed up in order to be a faithful husband. The beautiful women – better-looking than my wife – that I turned down in order to be a “good man.”

In retrospect, I’m actually glad I acted honorably, but my respect for women as equals was totally shattered. And that’s a good thing. What foolishness ever possessed me to think of women in that way? The only thing I can think of that justifies it is that my father was a morally deranged man, and I had no good standard by which to measure men aside from Jesus Christ, who is divine after all.

There is really no excuse for a wanton woman, except for the desire that burns in her loins. Let’s just be honest about that and call it as it is. In that case a man who cheats is as blameless as the “unhappy” young wife, and let us treat them equally.

Then maybe there will be as much fear on the part of the woman as the man, and divorce will be less common as there is no advantage either way.

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Bill P #sexist

It’s so obvious to me that this is the real problem with social media, but a lot of people don’t get it. Did they forget what being young was like or what?

No screen can replace physical intimacy.

There are also the Obama era crazy sex rules, which come from the lesbian lobby. Then there’s obesity, the skewed sex ratio in colleges, and Asian girls who siphon off a lot of white guys’ sexual energy.

It’s no wonder lots of women are going crazy in college.

Commenters here are overanalyzing the issue, as usual. Nature, God – whatever you want to call it – has designed us as we are for a reason. One thing young women have been designed for, and quite well if I do say so myself, is sex. If they are denied the opportunity to fulfill their natural role it’s going to cause all sorts of problems.

And no, I don’t mean wanton, promiscuous sex, but rather good old fashioned knock-her-up because you can’t get enough of her sex.

If most girls that age were properly serviced on a regular basis I can guarantee that this neurotic trend would disappear tomorrow. Because I am not a misogynist, I hope this comes to pass. We’d all be happier if young women got the sex they need.

As for the lesbos, well, they’re not really that important in the grand scheme, are they? Maybe we should reevaluate their place in university administration, because they aren’t actually necessary, they probably do more harm than good, and most women don’t even like them.

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Bill P #sexist

Maybe the problem is that colleges are mostly female and young people are not having sex as much as they used to.

If you have a large body of young women who are not getting any on a regular basis it’s going to be a troubled environment.

This is what happens when you put a bunch of lesbians in charge.

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AnotherDad #racist

It’s easy to mock this sort of leftist lunacy, now in “Confederate!” form.

But of course the GOP is the party of–and Trump appeals to–married white gentiles. The closer you are demographically to being a (private sector employed) married white gentile, the more likely you are to be a Trump voter.

Rather the big lie here is that the “who whom” is precisely the reverse of what she claims.

His supporters hark back to an 1860s fantasy of white male dominance. But the Confederacy won’t win in the long run

In the 158th year of the American civil war, also known as 2018, the Confederacy continues its recent resurgence. Its victims include black people, of course, but also immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women who want to exercise jurisdiction over their bodies.

The desire–demand!–for dominance here is not white men wanting to dominate “black people” and “immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women”, but the reverse!

“Black people” and “immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women” are demanding the right to dominate white guys–make white guys work for them and give them their white guy stuff.

They–the “coalition of the fringes” are the “slave power”, trying to enslave white men. Trump’s appeal to us evil white guys is essentially that we can be left alone, live our lives as free men and not be looted and abused by the fringes.

The way you can prove this is who is demanding what from whom? Or who is willing to separate form whom?

This is the acid test that i was attempting to flush out in the previous Zero Ammendment comment thread:

And the distinction between the whines of “oppression” from the fringes and actually slavery in the earlier comment:


This “who-whom” dependency issue is why i think raising the “separate nations” question is quite powerful and needs to be done by Trump and nationalists repeatedly.

Given the open treason and hatred (for white gentiles) that is now routine on the pages of the NYT, i’d be more than happy to split America right now. (We aren’t one nation, when “elites” openly spew out there desire to see the nation’s actual core population dispossesed.)

Let’s have all the Hillary voters group up in their areas–i’ll happily move if that’s necessary. They can have their rainbow hued, open-borders, “nation of immigrants”, hands-up-don’t-shoot, gender fluid utopia. I’m actually not dependent on them and don’t need them whatsoever.

We Trump voters can then have our regular old American nation. We’ll farm our fields, build our houses, tractors, trucks, cars, airplanes, drill for oil and gas (and do solar and nukes) and live our lives and get along just fine … in fact better! without being looted by the fringes.

Mention “separate nations” and the resulting screams of anguish will tell you who is actually intent on looting whom.

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Bill P #sexist

Witchcraft was popular during the Reagan presidency as well. I was privy to it at the time because I was a young boy and the women engaged in it, including a former nun who taught me in fourth grade, deemed me and my friends inconsequential. The “witches” used to have seances at my friend’s divorced single mother’s house.

I think it’s just a normal part of female spirituality. It’s institutionalized in Korea, and probably Mexico, too.

If men have their own, countervailing organizations, things are balanced out. The problem here is that we don’t, and a lot of contemporary Anglo men stubbornly ignore the fact that this is a problem.

As much as I respect and admire certain women, such as Ann Coulter and Mollie Hemingway, we men have to have our own woman-free institutions not only for rational discourse, but peace of mind as well.

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John Derbyshire #racist

The first thing to be said about this is that of course Harvard does discriminate against Asian-Americans. Ron Unz crunched the numbers j ust five years ago over at The American Conservative in a brilliant piece titled “The Myth of American Meritocracy” [November 28, 2012] You can also find the essay in Ron’s book of that title.

The centerpiece of Ron’s essay: a killer graph comparing the steady rise from 1990 to 2011 of the Asian-American college-age population with the dead-flat proportions of Asian-American admittances to Ivy League schools, held down firmly in a tight band between thirteen and eighteen percent.

Of course they are discriminating. Who doesn’t know it?

Needless to say, I’m going to take a much darker view. East Asians have higher mean IQ than whites, and of course far higher than mestizos and blacks. They especially excel at disciplines needing visuo-spatial skills. IQ aside, it seems likely they also have higher proportions of the personality characteristics that suit a person to high intellectual endeavor.

If Harvard and other high-prestige universities practice color-blind admissions, therefore, Asian-Americans will be way over-represented, and way-way over-represented in fields like math and computer science.

Think of the kind of resentment, anger, and bitterness that blacks feel when they see other races succeeding more than they do. Wouldn’t color-blind admissions just add a new layer of resentment in American society—with whites (known as “Americans” until the 1965 Immigration Act) watching Asians flood into the Ivies, displacing them?

Immigration patriots in the early 20th century strove to keep out East Asian immigrants, not because they “hated” them, as the infantile language of our current discourse would tell you, or because they thought them an inferior race, but because they feared mass immigration of East Asians would produce an overclass, generating discontent and resentment among legacy Americans.

I’m sure she would respond with a stream of race-denialist blather. “There are no innate differences between the races,” she’d protest. “That’s a horrible thing to suggest! We just need the right social policies. Fix the schools! Save the black family! …”

We’ve heard it all a thousand times. Race denialism is state dogma in the 21st-century West. No one with a gig writing op-eds for the New York Post is going to turn race-realist.

Unfortunately, race-realism is true and race-denialism is a lie. That being the case, we have to choose between two evils: unfairness in college admissions, or higher levels of social discord.

To date we have chosen Door Number One. Are we quite sure that wasn’t the better choice—the lesser of two evils?

If you go to a doctor with a bacterial infection—an infected blister perhaps—he can give you an antibiotic, and you’ll be cured. If you go to him with a broken leg, he’ll get it set for you, and soon you’ll be playing tennis again. Doctors can fix things and cure things.

If, however, you go to the doctor with arthritis, or diabetes, or a leukemia like the one I have, he can’t fix it, he can’t cure it. What he can do is manage it: set you up so that the pain and inconvenience are the least possible. We can’t cure those conditions, but we can manage them, minimizing the trouble they cause us.

America’s race problem is like that. There’s no cure, although the race denialists breezily assure us there is. We can’t fix the schools to produce equal racial outcomes. God knows, we’ve been trying for decades, with essentially zero results. W e can’t make whites as smart as East Asians; Mother Nature’s standing in the way.

What we can do—what we do do—is manage the situation, to keep social discord at a minimum. Race quotas in college admissions is one aspect of that management. It works pretty well.

There: I just said it again. We’ve foolishly, heedlessly made a mess for ourselves with these decades of mass immigration.

Now there are two things we have to do:

One: We have to manage the mess as best we can.

Two: We have to stop making it worse.

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Bill P #sexist

She didn’t cry out, make a scene or even tell her friends that night. The “he covered my mouth” part is the feeble lie – the fig leaf so to speak – that allows her and her supporters to claim that her allegation, if something resembling it actually happened, constitutes assault. But it is a transparent fabrication, because she says that she got out and said nothing.

Maybe, and more likely in my view, Kavanaugh rejected her advances, or never noticed her in the first place. Women can and often do concoct fantasies about the objects of their desire ravishing them, and they often sound a lot like this Kavanaugh story. A common theme is that the man uses force, but the force does not rise to the level used in actual rapes. For example, “he took me in his strong arms, and looked into my eyes with a passionate gaze; I felt my ability to resist slipping away as he removed my blouse, I would have cried out to preserve my honor, but he placed his hand over my mouth” instead of “he grabbed me by my throat and threatened to kill me if I made a sound, my eyes were wide open in terror, I tried to scream but he squeezed so hard I couldn’t make a sound and it felt like my eyes would pop out of my head, then after stunning me with a blow to the face, he displayed a knife and told me to shut up and take my clothes off or he’d gut me like a fish.”

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Je Suis Omar Mateen #racist

Ha, it’ll never happen. To forge strong alliances with Mexico City’s surrounding villages and towns, Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes ordered several of his men to marry the local savages. The savages were ecstatic about marrying these handsome white bearded men from the East, which their religion prophesied were gods come to rule over them, but the conquistadors were not happy about it. Though he sired several children with the local savages, Cortes himself married only Spanish senoritas.

Diversity (((TM))) is for reprrlelnt deplorables, not the high-born castes.

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Jason Liu #sexist

"I once stayed for a few weeks in an apartment complex in the Boston area that had a large number of well-dressed but extremely skinny teenaged girls with supercilious expressions. I finally figured out that one floor of the building was home to a residential treatment center for anorexia."

In other words kids are stupid and should have decisions made for them by their parents. Not always, just most of the time. Long live paternalism.

PS tumblr is turning your daughter into a tranny

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Steve Sailer #fundie

Snowpiercer is a sci-fi allegory directed by Joon-ho Bong in English with a mostly American cast.

Chris Evans of Captain America plays a rebel who looks just like Christian Bale, who fights his way to meeting the Dictator of the World, who is played by a very American actor. (I saw it without knowing who he would be, so I won’t mention his name here.)

A couple of South Korean performers steal the show, however, as a father-daughter pair of genius drug addicts.

Bong’s 2006 movie The Host holds the South Korean record for most tickets sold and this one set a national record for biggest opening weekend.

Set in 2031, 17 years after an attempt to arrest global warming has caused the Ultimate Ice Age, the only survivors are the passengers on board a train powered by a perpetual motion engine that allows it to roar around the snowy world nonstop.

Why does the train zoom endlessly around the frozen world instead of going some place well-insulated and staying there?

Perhaps for reasons of cinematic influence: Snowpiercer is reminiscent of another foreign-directed American movie star film about a train in a cold climate, 1985's R unaway Train, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts earning Oscar nominations playing tough guys. And it recalls Wong Kar-Wai’s gorgeous sci-fi erotic daydream about a round-the-world train, 2046.

But most sci-fi movies are about doing things that, while difficult, sound, prima facie, like fun: fly like Superman, travel through time, visit planets around other stars, etc. Then the spoilsports explain why you can’t do that, but you willingly suspend disbelief because it would be cool to have a laser gun or whatever. In contrast, traveling nonstop around a dead world on a train forever is both impossible and seems like a pointless ordeal, so the movie hasn’t been very appealing outside of South Korea.

The movie starts out among the poor in the ultra-crowded last carriages, where everybody dresses like the slightly grotesque nice people in Road Warrior. Evans leads the impoverished rebels into the first class carriages run by the dictator’s emissary Tilda Swinton. These appear to have been borrowed from Brazil: somebody should add up how much influence Evelyn Waugh has had on science fiction.

A remarkable fraction of big budget movies these days are obsessed with themes of either Malthusianism, Darwinism, or eugenics, or all three. In Snowpiercer, the Dictator of the World apologizes at the end that he hasn’t had time for eugenics yet, so I guessed most of the Big Reveal at the end about an hour beforehand.

Then there’s a second surprise ending that I didn’t guess, but only because this one is pretty stupid. In the end, two individuals from races at the different ends of Rushton’s continuum go off to start a new human race presumably cleansed of racial division.

Is it a good movie? Snowpiercer has some cool elements, but the lack of even an attempt to justify rationally why it takes place on a train puts a lot of stress on the style to make up for the lack of sense, and it doesn’t quite have enough visual chops to pull that off. A movie entirely about moving from the caboose to the locomotive will be by nature linear and segmented, kind of like a submarine movie. That’s a challenge that sometimes inspires directors, but not quite enough in Bong’s case.

P.S., I think I figured out why this going around the world on a train movie was a giant hit in South Korea but not, so far, in the rest of the world: South Korea is a three-sided peninsula and the fourth side is mined.

In other words, you can’t go very far on any train that starts in South Korea. You can’t even get to North Korea, and that breaks the hearts of Koreans. The rail system is claustrophobic, so traveling around the world on a train sounds cool.

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Bill P #racist

These elite republican pundits need to spend more time with proles. They seem to think that being supplicating will increase the share of the minority vote.

This is exactly backward. Republicans who are unapologetic, tough and practical – while also fair – will get more respect from all but the elite minorities. For example, cracking down on illegal immigration will be more popular with Hispanic voters than open borders. Why people can’t understand that a Texan roofer named Jorge might not be happy about a couple million Central Americans suddenly showing up just confounds me. And as for black voters, you aren’t going to outdemocrat the democrats, so appeal to the types who have their lives together and dislike the BLM punks. They need a reason to vote Republican, and if you just imitate the democrats with racial platitudes there is no reason.

Pandering will get Republicans nowhere. It will have diminishing returns for democrats as well. Now that minorities have more of their own candidates to choose from, why vote for some supplicating white sad sack?

The way forward for Republicans is to be unapologetic Americans. That includes being unapologetic about race, culture, religion, etc. You don’t gain admirers by grovelling. Especially not among your typical working class minorities.

Now the elite minorities are another story. They have assimilated to white elite norms of contempt for non-elite white Americans. Most of them are fully onboard with the new Morgenthau Plan for non-progressive white America. It’s a shame but it is what it is, and there’s probably not much that can be done about it besides clamping down on immigration from Asia and letting the Sarah Jeong’s of this world have it with both barrels.

And speaking of her, that fine lady is now Ross Douthat’ s esteemed colleague. Mr. Douthat, always ready to condemn any hint of something inoffensive and normal such as white solidarity, hasn’t made a peep about Jeong’s racial trash-talking. Her employment at the Times is only going to make him look more like a hypocrite than he already does. I mean, you could make excuses for Charles Blow, but not an ungrateful little snake like her. So every time he gets on his high horse about racism, people are going to know he works for a paper that endorses racial hatred of whites.

That can’t be a very comfortable position to be in for Ross.

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Bill P #racist

Obviously it’s easy for the nonwhites, because they clearly like moving to white countries, neighborhoods, school districts, etc.

I don’t see much evidence of the reverse happening except in tiny numbers (there are more Chinese in my hometown of Seattle than there are white Americans in all of China). And despite the tiny numbers of whites in China, a very vocal contingent of Chinese still throws fits about it.

So no, I don’t think I learned what it’s like to be a nonwhite in white society during my stay in China, because it’s obviously far more comfortable than being white over there. This is why I’m certain that most long-term expats must really like and appreciate China. You’d have to to put up with it for that long, or else you’d have to be getting paid a whole lot of money for living there.

As for the Sinicization issue, I live near Vancouver BC now, and it has definitely Sinicized. So have parts of California. It is not a welcome development to most Anglos when they find their children priced out of their cities and shoved out of the universities they built.

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Lance Welton #sexist

Since the beginning of the “Me, too!” movement, “patriarchy”—and the very idea that females prefer to be feminine—is under attack as never before. The Swedish capital Stockholm has banned ads that portray female stereotypes [Stockholm bans “sexist” and “degrading” adverts from public spaces, By Sara Malm, Daily Mail, 13 June 2018]. An Austrian museum about James Bond will cut out “sexist” aspects of the movie series about the Alpha male and his assorted scantily-dressed Bond girls [Not Licensed to Offend, By Tim Walker, Guardian, June 11, 2018]. On Father’s Day, fathers were supposed to receive “feminist” gifts, to undermine the patriarchal undertones of the celebration [9 Feminist Father’s Day 2017 Gifts For The Dad Who Believes In Equality, By Lindsay Mack, Romper, 7 June 2017, ].

But if a theory recently presented by two female researchers from Britain is correct, then patriarchy only evolved because of the male need to give women what they wanted, females are literally evolved to like and accept the patriarchal system, and, by implication, we’d have no civilization if it hadn’t developed.


Grant and Montrose argued that patriarchy is, therefore, entirely understandable in evolutionary terms. In China, women’s feet were bound so they couldn’t run away and have affairs. In the Islamic world, women are concealed in public so that no potential cuckolder can be attracted to them. Religions render these traditions—as well as general obedience to the male will—as the desire of the gods, making it even more likely to be obeyed.

And females who fail to obey risk severe punishment, including simply being killed to restore the families’ honour. There are, the authors report, about 300 honour killings in Pakistan annually, with sentences being very lenient compared to those for other murders. In the Middle East, women are killed for actual or alleged adultery, for refusing arranged marriage, for not being virgins when they get married and for being raped, as this implies that they were not being chaperoned by a male relative as mandated. Most societies give daughters far less freedom than sons. Not only are daughters worth more—in the sense that their child will definitely be your grandchild—but we’ve been selected to control them.

The fascinating result of this, argue the authors, is that females are literally evolutionarily selected to accept patriarchy. Those who refuse to have their feet bound, or be circumcised so they can’t enjoy sex, will not be able to get married and so won’t pass on their genes. Such refusal to obey the rules also elevates the likelihood that they’ll be ostracised—in societies where laws make it very hard to be an independent female—or directly killed. Grant and Montrose argue that abortion is particularly problematic in patriarchal societies because it allows women far too much control over themselves.

What this system means is that males—trusting that their investment in the female and her offspring will be worth it—can afford to be less violent, less jealous and more cooperative. They will invest more of their energy in looking after their children, making these children less short-term oriented, able to create stronger social bonds, and likely to be more cooperative.

And so a civilization will duly be able to develop.

This is a compelling theory and the authors also present some clear ways that future researchers can test it: Cuckoldry rates should be lower, and fertility higher, in more patriarchal societies and fundamentalist sub-cultures; the more fundamentalist and patriarchal a society the faster growing its population will be, as women will have no control over their bodies and no option but motherhood; and patriarchy will be stronger in polygamous systems, like Islam, because there will be more women for a husband to control.

Anecdotally, at least, this all these seems to be the case.

So, reducing these findings down to their basics, patriarchy is a result of the evolved psychology and physiology of females. Its development has, in turn, pushed females, for biological reasons, towards being more accepting of patriarchy.

Could it be that the rise in “feminism” is not just due to the collapse of patriarchy but, more profoundly, due to weakened Darwinian selection, due to the less harsh life created by the Industrial Revolution? (See Social Epistasis Amplifies the Fitness Costs of Deleterious Mutations, Engendering Rapid Fitness Decline Among Modernized Populations, By Michael Woodley of Menie et al., Evolutionary Psychological Science, June 2017).

This would mean more “mutant genes” not being removed through high child mortality or spinsterhood for “undesirable” women, such as those which might make people challenge patriarchy?

The authors insist “It’s a Man’s World” but it only became that way due to the power women have over men to force them to bend to their evolved desires for investment and status, as evidence of the ability to invest in resources in their children.

“It’s a Man’s World”—and it’s Women’s Fault?

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Bill P #sexist

Ms. Jeong’s behavior can be partly explained by the peculiarities of Korean culture. Korean women are accustomed to being dominated by men. Not patronized, condescended to or exploited, but straight up dominated.

Men who don’t behave as expected are subjected to what Roissy would call “shit tests,” which involve insults, deprecation both subtle and overt, and psychological emasculation. Korean women even go after their sons in this manner, which goes some way toward explaining the volcanic rage that has led a number of young Korean men to go on shooting rampages.

My bet is that Ms. Jeong has had some intense but dysfunctional relationships with white men that have left her cultural expectations unfulfilled. The problem being that Western men don’t dominate so much as they patronize women, which to Koreans is weird and aggravating.

Her response has been to hurl insults at white men in order to goad them into a properly wrathful and dominant attitude toward her. This is to be expected from Korean women. The only way to get them to stop is to give in and treat them like a doormat.

It sounds worse to Westerners than it really is. For the most part it involves ritual submission; one Korean woman I worked with in China proudly described how she washed her husband’s feet every day when he came home from work. I found this puzzling, but she insisted that she really enjoyed serving him in this manner, and I didn’t detect any hint of resentment in her expression, but rather the opposite.

There is a darker side, however; apparently wife-beating is common among Koreans, but they take that in stride and most agree that it is usually due to wifely misbehavior or rebelliousness.

So, as academics would say, one should view Ms. Jeong’s outbursts “through the lens” of her native culture and try to sympathize. All she really wants, after all, is for the objects of her affection to treat her the way a proper Korean lady ought to be treated.

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Jus Sayin #fundie

I saw the movie last night. It was idiotic and annoying but the visuals are gorgeous. The local movie critic loved it, of course, because overtly it’s completely anti-white and pro-underclass; an extended, Marxist “five-minute hate. It’s hard to capture the blunt crudity of the movie on these issues.

Far more interesting to me were the multiple levels on which the movie plays out: A jaded, disingenuous synopsis of the first level might be: Crazed global-warming fanatics create a permanent ice age that desolates the planet. A brilliant, white, European, scientist-entrepeneur devises an advanced technology to save a small remnant of humanity. He is charitable enough to save some prole scum and non-Europeans, even though they contribute almost nothing to this survival system. This salvaged lumpen-proletariat eventually revolts against their limited share in the rewards provided to more productive persons. The result is a bloody apocylapse that destroys all humanity except two lumpen proles who will soon be eaten by a polar bear because they have zero Darwinian fitness.

The second level plays out as a mindless, racist scream of hatred against the white race, engineers, entrepeneurs, and ecenomically productive persons in general. The script writers’ and director’s intent seems to be to diminish the humanity of all these persons compared to the underclass in economically developed countries and non-whites everywhere. As an example, the brutal massacre by axe, knife, and club of a classroom of young white children and their pregnant, young school teacher is played for laughs (even more effectively than the machine gunning of a fat woman during the “five-minute hate” in Orwell’s 1984).

On the third level, although it appears unintentional in this case, something happens reminiscent of what Steve Sailer has noticed in another recent movie, Elysium. The white-baiting message that seems to be the primary intent of the movie’s makers is overwhelmed by the overt message of the first level (see paragraph two above) and the grotesque nastiness of the second level, e.g., the school room massacre.

I saw this movie at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts. The audience was composed of the usual, mostly white and Asian, ultra-progressive crowd of local college students, aging hippies, and new class progressives that tends to frequent this theater, salted with a large dose of sci-fi lovers. The audience reaction was very subdued and most left the theater with rather thoughtful miens. My distinct impression was that recent events on our border, instigated by our current third-world leadership, may have made this particular crowd aware that white self-hatred is not a good long-term strategy for preserving one’s current standard of living, freedom, and survivability.

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Anonymous #racist

“I find that only extremely insecure caucasians cling to this utterly asinine canard[East Asians uncreative conformists], in the face of such a plethora of evidence to the contrary.”

I think there something in it, without wanting to go too far.

After all here we are talking about it on the internet (invented by who?) on using computers (invented by who) regarding a movie (film invented by who) set on a train (invented by who) . And we’re doing it in English which may well have had a little white input somewhere in its development. Still, you Asian guys feel free to chip in at any point because rehashing assorted movie tropes do top all that of course.

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Priss Factor #racist

(About the movie Snowpiercer)

This having been made by a Korean, shouldn’t the train have crashed, with the captain telling everyone to stay put while and he and the crew make it out to safety?

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Bill P #sexist

[Quote across two comments]

A college degree is the new dowry. I work with a lot of high-income blue collar guys (Todd Palin types), and the gender pay gap in this social class is enormous. While the men, given enough seniority and the willingness to put in the hours, can easily make six figures a year, the women don’t even come close unless they run successful businesses (some do but it’s rare). You’d think that might induce women to stick around, but due to family law it has the opposite effect.

Say you’re a 27-year-old woman who doesn’t have a college degree and your likewise non-degreed husband is a firefighter. Or he could be a railroader, a mariner, heavy equipment operator, cop, etc. The husband is raking in the dough by the time he’s in his thirties, and you’ve got a couple kids with him. You could get a job in an office making $12/hr, but why bother? Your husband is making significantly more than most guys with 4-year degrees, so there’s no point.

This builds up an enormous inequality in income vs. assets due to “community property” laws. What this does is incentivize the seizure of these assets on the part of the partner with less income. Without working a day, you can get a house, half of retirement savings, and enough monthly maintenance and child support to avoid working for years. It’s a very attractive prospect for a lot of young women, who resent being tied down to one man. It’s really like winning the lottery, as the overall payout frequently runs into the mid six figures.

For the degreed woman, on the other hand, there’s the expectation that she’ll be working too, especially because she has good income potential. Therefore there’s far less incentive to make a break for it, because the assets and debts/mortgages – and even child custody – will be split more or less equally because she has a job and an income. In other words, she doesn’t “win” anything. Her victory is as likely as not to be pyrrhic.

This is the true value of a college education for girls in the upper middle class. It essentially makes them marriageable (i.e safe bets) to men who have good income and employment potential. It provides some insurance that she will not fly the coop while the man is still rising in his career, because she knows she stands little to gain from doing so.

It’s all about incentives.


The salient aspect of divorce law is that it is empirically overwhelmingly true that divorced women are much, much more likely to see their economic well being fall than men until they remarry, because divorce moves the spouses closer to not equally sharing resources, because women on average earn less than men, and because two households are more expensive than one.

But, on the other hand, the best predictor of divorce is that the wife earns more than the husband and is not financially dependent upon him. From a modeling perspective, the closest match to reality is to view divorce as a decision made almost entirely by wives.

So this suggests that women act against their own and their children’s interests at alarmingly high rates when empowered to do so. Who would have thought?

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Bill P #sexist

Yeah, young whites are already getting out of cities and forming their own communities. Gentrification is too expensive for them, especially if they want to have kids.

Some of them are starting or trying to start intentional communities, and coming up with all sorts of complicated schemes to try to ensure they live with like-minded people.

Personally, I think a lot of them are naive and highly unlikely to succeed, but I sympathize.

The real key to successful communities is not the communes the idealistic ones tend to envision, but rather old fashioned fraternally organized, faith-based communities, AKA patriarchy.

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Bill P #fundie

Once it’s gone, what you call “uniformity” is gone forever. And who could call Korea “uniform” except for someone who has contempt for all distinct cultures? Neither the religion, the people, nor the intellectual heritage of Korea is uniform. But it is “Korean, ” and that still means something.

Would you prefer it’s replaced with some “hodgepodge” as Obama recently called the US? Multiculturalism is drab and ugly in practice. I prefer to see different things in different places, and not just geographical features and plants. The idea of a world in which everyone is some indiscriminate shade and character is a nightmare. I have no idea why some people revel in that. Is it hatred, envy or a twisted aesthetic? I can’t tell.

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Bill P #sexist

Actually, no, I don’t think so. Not so many lesbos row, because it’s an exclusive sport that requires very high physical and psychological “wholesomeness” (genetic fitness in fact). I couldn’t stick with it myself because I don’t have the temperament. However, I will say that during that brief period of my life in which I lived with that extreme discipline I was healthier and got more done every day than I ever had before or since. But honestly it held no appeal aside from the feeling of being in extremely good shape. As someone who had played a lot of skill sports, I felt a certain degree of contempt for the discipline. In retrospect, that explains a lot about my life and personality.

Rowers are among the most stable and “solid” athletes of all, and have an amazing ability to sacrifice for the greater good without complaining (you know what I mean if you’ve ever finished a 2,000 meter race at full throttle — you feel like you’re about to expire toward the end). And what do they get for their effort? A ribbon or medal and the feeling of having been part of a team effort, and little else, and that’s enough for them. None of those hunter/killer rewards you get from striking someone out, putting a ball in the net, slamming a dunk or laying out some chump with a well-placed hit.

Lesbians generally don’t have that psychology. The women I’ve known who were elite rowers were like goddesses in their feminine physicality, and on top of it they were well-behaved and had a naturally holistic, communal and sacrificial attitude. Definitely not lesbian-like.

The only problem with female rowers is that they often end up somewhat beefier than most women, but that’s a relatively minor flaw all things considered. Doesn’t bother me so long as it’s in the right places.

Lesbians tend to excel in sports where the competition is personal and individual. Unlike normal women, lesbians thrill to the kill. And unlike men, they are deceptive by nature. Not a good combination.

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Bill P #sexist

There’s no real comparison here. Chinese imperial tests were usually heavily biased culturally to an extent the old SAT never was. There was also affirmative action dating from at least the Yuan dynasty, and not long after that neoconfucianism held a stranglehold on Chinese higher education. In fact, for much of the history of the imperial exams the reality was more like what we have today in the US, where people passed based on their ideological orthodoxy.

I’d bet that Chinese rebels had a far more legitimate grievance than your typical contemporary American gynobot academic placeholder. And anyway, who would care if these upper middle class womyn raised a ruckus? It wouldn’t be the Taiping Rebellion or anything close to it.

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Bill P #sexist

[Quote is two back-to-back comments]

Yes it does. One of the most important factors in resisting a concussion is muscular strength. Same with preventing injury in all sorts of other situations. Of course, there’s a tradeoff with higher mass, because heavier people fall harder and so on, but all else being equal strength absolutely does contribute to durability.

As an example, a young woman in Seattle was recently struck in the head and knocked out cold — by an egg!

I’ve been hit in the face with a line drive, kicked in the head, punched on the skull or in the face a number of times and the only thing that knocked me out was smashing my head into and breaking a car’s windshield in an accident that probably would have killed me if I’d been a woman. For the record, I was pretty strong when these things happened, but not out of the ordinary for a young, physically active guy trained in sports.

Women are much, much weaker than men. If you hit a normal man and a normal woman with equal force, it’s going to hurt the woman a lot more — this is something everyone should know by at least the age of twelve. I refused to play sports with girls past a certain age, because there was just no contest at all, and if I played as I would with a man they’d end up in the hospital.

Another thing that is too often left out of this debate is that men are not just stronger than women, but better in virtually every single measure of physical ability. So if there’s a woman who’s a freak of nature and able to outlift 90% of men, chances are that when compared to other men at her strength level she’ll be lacking in other measures of fitness such as speed, endurance, heat tolerance, agility, etc. When you consider the statistical likelihood of a woman being as good as an elite man at every single one of these measures the idea of a woman being a Navy Seal becomes laughable. I doubt there is one single woman on earth who could perform at the level of the average US elite special forces soldier in all his tasks. And no, trannies don’t count.


What a load of bullshit. My uncle’s a former top gun Navy F-14 pilot, and he was highly skeptical of women flying fighter planes from the beginning, so he opposed the clearance of the first female F-14 pilot to fly. His and other pilots’ objections were ignored, and she promptly crashed her plane into the side of an aircraft carrier, killing herself and the rio and destroying millions of dollars of equipment if I recall correctly.

Men don’t have “twisted emotions bouncing around inside [their] heads” — it’s just that they don’t want to have to go to war alongside people who do.

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JSM #sexist

Gents, let me explain something to you. In 1974, Congress passed and Gerald Ford signed “Equal Credit Opportunity Act.” Supposedly to “stop discriminating against women in getting credit.” “How terrible that a married woman can’t have credit in her own name” blah blah blah. Prior to ECOA, to qualify a married couple for a mortgage, a bank could only consider the husband’s income, because it’s common sense that, even if the wife is working now, when the kids show up, she’ll be a stay at home mom, so we can’t write loans for 30 years for income that won’t continue that long.

So, when Congress (more men than women, you’ll note) in its infinite wisdom of bowing to feminist pressures, decided to make it so that the wife’s income could be considered under ECOA, that very act is what has utterly destroyed the American family.

As my dad (a home builder) pointed out at the time, all this will do is drive up housing prices. Because, since a couple CAN borrow more now, the sellers will demand more money. And, as we see, that’s EXACTLY what’s happened. Such that, nowadays a family can NOT buy a house in most cases unless the wife works too to pay the mortgage.

But, a full time job and full time motherhood are just incompatible. It’s just too hard. And since houses in neighborhoods with “good schools” (i.e., safe, i.e., White) cost so much that the wife has to work to make the payment and since motherhood and full time work are too hard to do at the same time, American women either don’t have kids (cuz they’re NOT gonna put em in bad, i.e., minority, schools) or have to leave kids in daycare, where godknowswhat will happen to them.

So, decry the feminists, by all means. But let’s heap the requisite share of opprobrium upon the MEN in Congress (only 16 of the 535 members of Congress were women in the 93rd Congress) who are, in actual FACT, the ones responsible for the single most destructive act against Affordable Family Formation that’s ever occurred.

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Bill P #fundie

Those are fighting words. The Latin Americans already have citizenship in another country. Most Trump voters do not.

As for this sudden sympathy for families being broken up by courts, geez, I think the democrats should shut up before people start pointing out that they do it to American people all the time. Including totally innocent people who haven’t even been accused of a crime.

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Steve Sailer #fundie

Oh, yeah, around 1965 a bright young fifth grader named Steve Jobs informed his adoptive parents that he was sick of getting bullied by lowbrow nonwhites at his public school and they must move to a better school district. They scraped together every penny they had and bought a house in Cupertino. There Steve Jobs had a classmate name Wozniak, who had an older brother named Steve Wozniak.

What did Wozniak and Jobs ever do for anybody (other than more or less invent the personal computer)?

Is the world better off with more Detroits where girls outscore boys in math or with more Cupertinos where the Wozniaks and Jobs outscore the girls in math?

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Steve Sailer #fundie

One reason there are such a microscopic number of blacks at Stuyvesant is because the handful who could ace the test are more likely to accept a $40k per year scholarship to bring diversity to elite private schools like Dalton. You’d be crazy to send your kid to Stuyvesant to hang out with and compete against Asian immigrant grinds if, for the same price, your child could be the Cool Black Friend of the scions of America’s ruling class at a Manhattan prep school that rich white families are desperate to get into.

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Bill P #sexist

Lucky you. I have attraction to adventurous, mercurial types. I have paid dearly for that, but it’s been quite a ride.

I wish I preferred level-headed nice girls, but they bore me, and I don’t treat them as well as I ought to.

But ultimately I think good fatherhood, i.e. benevolent patriarchy, is more important to children’s development than whether or not their mothers are supermoms, which most women are not.

By working to destroy patriarchy, feminists have done more harm to children than anyone else in our society (both meanings of that sentence are true). If people don’t believe me when I say that, I tell them to look up the sexual assault stats for daughters of single moms vs. daughters who live with their bio dads. The figures are very instructive. People who know them should be outraged by feminists and the judges who indulge them.

There are of course scores of other measures that prove my point, but the above may be the most salient to women who might otherwise agree with witches like the lesbian who wrote the WaPo screed (and who actually have a conscience).

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Bill P #sexist

Women can play all they want in the life sciences and humanities, but there has to a male-only space in these disciplines.

It may be the case that women on the balance have higher verbal skills (although the SAT seems to suggest otherwise), but that doesn’t matter given their deficiencies in other areas, especially objectivity.

There are lots of smart women out there, but they’re often the biggest offenders in academia, and lots of other areas, too. A woman’s higher IQ just makes her a more formidable opponent of reason, which is an enormous drain on one’s time and mental health.

As sympathetic as I am (at times) to bright women, I actually grew up with them and live with them to this day, and it is no bed of roses let me tell you. Sometimes, guys just need a break to think about things. This is how material progress occurs. Without male-only spaces this will not happen.

Women can rail against “the patriarchy” all they want, but its existence only proves that men need safe spaces, too. The destruction of these male organizations and societies goes a long way to explain the precipitous decline in civil society and male achievement.

Charles Murray should explore this angle, but he prefers to pile onto hard-pressed men and praise the great achievements of the women who live in the mediocre, non-productive communities they create and prefer when given the whip hand over the local men.

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Peter Frost #racist

To some degree, sedentary Amerindians were already "pre-adapted" by their earlier heritage as hunter-gatherers in temperate/sub-Arctic environments (which require planning over a yearly cycle).

It may be significant that the pace of cultural change seems to have been faster in eastern North America than in Mesoamerica, and faster still at the northern end (i.e., among the Iroquois). It looks as if advanced sedentary societies tend to arise at lower latitudes but are then overtaken by faster developing societies at higher latitudes.

This may tie in with the correlation between cranial capacity and latitude, even among Amerindians. Northern hunter-gatherers tend to evolve the highest cranial capacities because hunting distances are longer and require greater storage of spatiotemporal information. When these same hunter-gatherers become sedentary and agricultural, they have more potential for further cultural evolution.

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Thomm #fundie

Note that there are far more women freebie seekers than man, and that the men are the ones who, for the most part, look like actual Native Americans.

But the fact that white women flock to this type of identity is partly due to the low quality of bottom 20% white men (the WN losers). They are the ones who drive white women into non-white identities.

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Bill P #racist

A large proportion of what you hear from the left these days would indeed be considered inciting racial hatred if you applied their own standards in an objective way. I can’t even listen to NPR anymore without the feeling that many of the hosts would be happy to have me genocided.

Ultimately, I think that’s what’s going to happen: some group of whites is going to be slaughtered somewhere. Probably in South Africa or some similar area.

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Bill P #racist

Who does Rothman think is going to do the “wet work” for him this time? At least the Bolsheviks had impressive numbers of Balts, Caucasians and various other tough, smart white ethnics on their side.

What do their equivalents in the US have? Mexicans and blacks? Private school antifa white kids whose fathers would sacrifice a testicle to keep out of harm’s way?

Maybe this explains Masha Gessen’s love of Chechens. But there must be another explanation for her support for bringing in the world’s most murderous white people, right?

These types are why we need to provide both moral and material support to Jews like this guy. [Link to Wikipedia article on Ze'ev Jabotinsky]

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Bill P #fundie

I support the Mexicans. I got gentrified out of my blue urban neighborhood for knocking up my wife before 30, which you just do not do in Seattle these days. Most of the mothers were older than I was at the local kids’ park, and you should have seen the fathers — they all looked like grandpas.

This rentier urban economy has to stop somewhere. If the hipster SJWs are the ones who have to pay for it, all the better. Let them taste what I had to deal with when I was a little kid dodging rocks and hostile dogs as a little white boy in a crappy urban neighborhood. Maybe they’ll experience a belated awakening.


In Seattle, Mexicans have little to nothing to do with it. Jeff Bezos and his minions, OTOH…

So yes, I would fully support Mexicans protesting against Bezos’s pod people. I’d even chip in for signs and tiki torches.

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Bill P #fundie

[Bill Price at his peak "spiritual but not religious"]

As an aside, it gives me some ambivalent feelings about the decline of Christianity in the US. On the one hand, I’m worried about the accompanying shattering of communal norms, but on the other maybe we’ll be free to be ourselves again. But if you think about it, being ourselves might not be such a bowl of cherries if you take the past into account.

Either way, it’s a pleasure to have the historical perspective you offer here. If I could add anything, perhaps in the broader picture sometimes we lose sight of the ancient things hidden in our little communities and families. There’s still witchcraft, magic and the warp and weft of fate pulling us this way and that, and sometimes it seems that all the world is a winter night with only the hearth to illuminate the darkness. Maybe that’s how the Greeks felt as they kept the flame alive at Delphi.

In my mind, at least, it’s a metaphor for the embers of the faith in life itself that characterizes womankind. But you’re right: only a fool would believe it could be absent in a surviving people.

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Bill P #fundie

Being able to not worry about surveillance is a privilege (really a status marker) of sorts, so those who are “paranoid” are signaling lower status. But often they have good reason to be paranoid. Not only – or primarily – because of law enforcement, but also because of the taxman and other assorted busybodies.

There’s a town in the next county inhabited largely by tarheels, who arrived during the Depression for the timber jobs, and they’re notoriously averse to outside attention. I was driving through the backwoods around there a couple weeks ago taking in the beautiful scenery, which in addition to the peaks and glaciers included a mother bear and her cubs and a herd of elk, and I saw some chickens running around in a yard. I remarked to my local friend that those were gamecocks rather than your typical utility chicken, and he informed me that cock fighting was big in the area. I asked whether it was Mexicans, and he said “no, it’s the tarheels.” He added that there were some places those who weren’t from the town knew to avoid, because “if you go in you might not come out.” Later, when I saw a ruined building on a big concrete lot through the woods my friend told me that it had been a mandatory weigh station for logging trucks until someone blew it up with dynamite.

Of course, he added that it’s all changing these days, because everyone’s losing community and local character due to the information age. He sounded as though he preferred the old, paranoid edgy past to the Brave New World growing up around us. I think I do, too.

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Bill P #fundie

This “we’re only hurting Canada!” cry from the left is either disingenuous or stupid. Canada, like the US, is a net steel importer.

So when the Canadians sell us steel, where do you think they make up the deficit in domestic supply? I can tell you:

Chinese steel is shipped directly from Tianjin to the Port of Vancouver. So it doesn’t really matter whether the Canadians are selling us domestically produced steel (probably produced from Chinese import billet anyway) or simply turning the Chinese produced steel over and selling it directly to US consumers. They are effectively middlemen in either case, and middlemen we certainly don’t need.

Because of this kind of practice, the 25% tariff has to be across the board.

It’s sad for me here in the Pac. NW just a short drive from Vancouver to see trainloads of raw materials heading north to Canadian ports to be shipped to China, only to see them returning as value added products like steel and finished lumber. We aren’t even getting the benefit of the port jobs that handle the coal — it all goes up to Roberts Bank near the Tsawassen ferry terminal, less than a mile north of the border. Americans are really getting screwed by these deals, and what do we get in return? Overvalued tech companies that offer us lousy entertainment and “social media” at the expense of our privacy and real communities.

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Bill P #fundie

Part of our problem regarding human rights is that the Christian concept of the community has been debased.

I have become convinced that freedom of religion was, in its time, considered sufficient for ensuring communal freedom in the United States. To British settlers and early Americans, the church was the community. I don’t think anyone who knows American history can honestly argue against that point. However, in recent times this fact of American life, which was always taken for granted until only a few decades ago, has been largely eradicated.

Thus we are left only with individual rights, which are inconsequential to an organization with a monopoly on force, e.g. the ATF and FBI in 1993 during the Waco siege.

When Christians no longer have the right to form their own communities according to their own principles, they are rendered impotent and defenseless.

Freedom of religion is essential in that there is ultimately no rational basis for human rights or liberty. As was made clear in the founding documents of the United States, our rights are God-given, and not subject to repeal based on sophistry or the declamations of prophet killers or would-be deicides.

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Bill P #fundie

I can guarantee you that this cable is only one of many – hundreds if not thousands – along these lines, so the effect from this particular one is not that important as it’s simply a part of a larger concerted effort.

The effect of this effort is pretty much the same as it is here in the US when these people organize to get what they want. First, they start hectoring people through their various forms of leverage, and in the beginning the people resist a bit, but through persistence you eventually arrive at little liberal power centers staffed by utter degenerates, moral midgets, misfits and assorted others who detest the native population.

After some time you have a budding San Francisco in some place like Prague or Riga, and the poor rubes never know what hit them.

It’s not really so great for America, because while we gain some allies among the muck, it makes us look kind of disgusting to the natives, much as big city liberal politicians tend to disgust flyover Americans.

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Bill P #fundie

US State dept. bullying of Eastern Europeans – particularly compliant, obedient ones like Estonians and Latvians – was commonplace during the Bush and Obama regimes. They pushed homosexuality, diversity, tolerance — all the usual stuff. This included upbraiding the natives for not being nice enough to the Russians who invaded them in the 40s.

The US embassy even went to the trouble of helping organize gay pride marches in these countries.

Also, ambassadors typically hailed from a particular ethnic group that doesn’t happen to like Eastern Europeans very much. It’s pretty amazing the amount of abuse these people put up with from State, but perhaps that’s the point of power: you use it when and where you can.

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Bill P #fundie

[Bolding added, when you hate fat people so much that you consider it a mark against feeding the poor]

Sorry Bill. Not quite right. The 10% tithing does not go towards welfare at all.
The welfare program comes from a system we have where we are expected to fast for two meals a month, and pool that money to help the poor. Unlike taxes, we literally sacrifice our meals to feed others. The recipients of this assistance know that they are quite literally having others go hungry to help them out. While there are still abusers and freeloaders, of course, I think this cuts down substantially on the sense of entitlement I often see in tax-based government welfare programs.

Don’t get me wrong though — there is no public shaming or the like in the program. The congregation is unaware of who is receiving the funds, aside from a couple of trusted volunteers that are in the know in administrating the funds (which are fully audited as well, of course, to prevent abuses).

The program works quite well, and my son once did an analysis of data on hunger in the US that indicated that if this “skip two meals once a month to help others” program were deployed nationally, it could end hunger in the US.

Thanks for the info. So there’s actually a separate “tax” beyond the 10% tithing, which comes out to roughly what? I know Mormons know how to eat on the cheap (so do I; I have been known to visit the bulk aisles at Winco from time to time), so the cost of two meals could vary considerably.

Also, what about the hard cases? Say you have someone who just sleeps in until noon every day, spends the rest on social media and blows her child support check on frivolous entertainment and sexy clothes, yet still has an pharaonic sense of entitlement. This is actually a pretty common profile, BTW. How do you deal with her?

As to your son’s idea, I’m sure he’s correct. Skipping two meals a month would more than eliminate hunger in the US. However, it would have another less desirable consequence: it would exacerbate the class difference in obesity rates by making the middle class and above thinner while making the underclass even fatter.

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Bill P #fundie

It’s really quite simple:

Mormon welfare (among other expenses) is paid for with a 10% flat tax on earnings (tithing). It is also administered by elders who apply Mormon moral tests to recipients.

You don’t get much welfare for being a single mother whose baby-daddy is in prison for gang-related activities. Nor do you get it for being an adulteress, a layabout or an addict.

Therefore, Mormons who have it together can afford more kids, even if they are working class. Since having it together is correlated with rational decisionmaking ability, it is correlated with IQ.

Traditional Christianity used to be the same. The New Testament makes it clear that if you don’t behave yourself, do your fair share of work and make the right choices you’re out of the community.

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Bill P #fundie

This isn’t just a problem in politics. Look at media and academia, where there has been a concerted effort to marginalize straight white males of Christian heritage born after 1965 or so since at least the late 80s.

The only younger white guys who make it big now are sycophants like Ross Douthat and Rod Dreher or sociopaths who hate their own kind like Kevin Williamson. The rest of us have been banished from the “conversation.”

On the positive side, this creates an enormous vacuum that can and will be filled by those with a decidedly different agenda. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a big struggle for most of us to find the time and funds to make ourselves heard, but we’ll get there eventually.

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Bill P #fundie

Mormons have a flat tax that provides community welfare. Obviously, those with more resources can afford more children. If the welfare is distributed on moral grounds, as I suspect it is, as opposed to pure “need” (e.g. single mothers, adulteresses, addicts, criminals, etc.) then it would be all the more eugenic.

Traditional Christianity is highly eugenic as well, but this element has been eliminated by progressives, who demand Marxist forms of redistribution that fail to take moral behavior into account.

I live in a working class white region with lots of Mormons. Mormons are, by origin, working class whites. Their religion and social hierarchy are cleverly designed to improve the station and quality of working class people, and I’ve seen it work in real time. However, their unfortunate prohibitions and the science fiction origins of the religion are a bit of an impediment to conversion, to put it mildly.

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Bill P #fundie

[Seriously again with the dogs?]

The childhood nostalgia makes sense. Being a young(er) adult sucks compared to previous decades, and being a child isn’t really all that awesome either. Things were better in the 1980s. For example, we still had a country and a culture back then. Disney, for all its faults, is one of the remaining cultural touchstones of what used to be the USA.

That said, I don’t have much sympathy for these overgrown children. They’re shoving little kids out of the way by taking over rides. I’d ban them the same as I’d ban dogs from children’s playgrounds (another problem that annoys me immensely).

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ThreeCranes #fundie

I’ve yet to meet a woman who cared to discuss an issue of the day in transcendent, impartial, objective terms. As has been said, for a woman, Right and Wrong are determined by what’s good for her kids.

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Attilathehen #fundie

You are one degenerate cuck. You envy Derbyshire? WOW!!! Are you trying to import an Asian woman into the USA? People of different political view and races can love each? You sound like a teenager. I don’t respect liberal men because logically they are idiots. Blacks/Asians are inferior races so why would a Caucasian pollute his offspring’s bloodline? I listed facts about his worthless spawn and you consider them a fine family? WOW!!! I did give Derbyshire a chance. Asian genes can be recessive over time. What he would have to do is go to an AmRen conference and announce that he knows the West is best, being white is best and then his wife and children would have to go on stage and say the same thing. They would give thanks for being a part of the West. But when Derbyshire gave me his Stalin/Harding comparison, he basically stated that the Chinese are superior to whites. I don’t know if he realizes that the Japanese are smarter than the Chinese. The Japanese are still inferior to Caucasians/Europeans though

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Nsa #fundie

Compare the j-media treatment of the two pervs, stink finger Nassar and wee wee licker Sandusky. Sandusky was the subject of j-media hysteria for many months, whereas Nassar has been treated with almost diffidence (the author recommends a ten year sentence for molesting 160 underage girlies). Could the explanation be as simple as american culture being sublimated homo and more titillated by same sex perversion?

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3g4me #fundie

@113 Rosamond Vincy: Kudos on a well conceived and written comment. What Nassar did was inexcusable, but the fame-struck and egotistical parents are equally despicable. While I detest our vile court system and judges’ hubris in general, Aquilina struck me as the epitome of histrionic. A la Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg claiming to have been sexually harassed – all jump aboard the “metoo” everlasting estrogen train.

Women need to shut the hell up and get out of most of public life where they are ill-suited, ill-trained, and ill-intentioned. With rare exceptions (and your comment indicates you are one), most women cannot separate the rational from the emotional.

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Diversity Heretic #fundie

I remember the highly inappropriate behavior of the female trial judge in the Georges Zimmerman case. Women, in general, lack judicial temperament and ought not to be on the bench (or practicing law, for that matter).

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Bill P #fundie

They’re freaking out because they are going to lose the argument soon, one way or another. There will be another Cold War, because America’s elites are going to start to see what happens when a patriotic country runs the table on them. All these billionaires are going to shortly find themselves tributaries to China, and they aren’t going to like it. American militarism will collapse under progressive assaults as transsexuals occupy privileged posts in the military and chase out all but their faithful allies, who don’t want to fight.

The fools who thought that selling out the American people would perpetually be good for their bottom line will find out otherwise. Corruption and moral decline have consequences.

When elite secular Anglos and Jews find themselves under the thumb of Chinese functionaries they will suddenly find themselves looking favorably upon American nationalism. It’s entirely predictable. Anti-white racism will be put on hiatus indefinitely. The only problem is that they may have already done so much damage to the country that they won’t be able to preserve their interests.

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Bill P #fundie

So we white Americans are not real, but rather an “idea.” This what follows from saying that there is no American race. Real human beings have races, or at least nationalities, but we don’t, so we are not human beings.

So I guess my children and I are all figments of someone’s imagination. We exist conditionally, according to whether or not the idea of American includes us.

The hundreds of years that my ancestors lived on the fringe of civilization settling and building this “idea” count for nothing more than the whims of our new colonial masters.

From an objective viewpoint, one would have to come to the conclusion that a powerful faction is waging war against the American people.

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Thorfinnsson #racist

I don’t think exclusively dating oriental women is an alt-right rite of passage at all.

It’s perhaps a nerd right of passage, and there’s considerable overlap here.

I had one Asian girlfriend, and it was prior to becoming a committed racist. I was also interested in white women at the time and never had any kind of exclusive yellow fever.

I do still slam zipper pussy when it’s available (proud member of the bleach right), but I only date white women now.

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Backwoods Bob #racist

I married an Asian because she was hot, young, and loves me for laying down the bacon and slapping her ass every time she’s close enough to swat.

There isn’t a hint of feminism in these beautiful East Asian units guys. They love men to pieces.

What kind of a retard would choose a fugly Asian? The fugly strain causes feminism. Even in lab rats.

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Bill P #sexist

She’s [Susan Wojcicki] a typical female authority figure: a tyrant. What does it matter whether the rationale is dressed up in maternal feelings? Maternal priorities have terminated some 60 million viable babies in the United States alone since 1973.

As for tipping my hat to that woman, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t take off my hat or drop my guard for a second around that type. You take your hat off in church in deference to your Lord Jesus Christ. At least that’s what I learned as a kid. Not some worldly woman with hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Harri Honkanen #fundie

Given that Finns were clearly reacting against the Establishment and its plans for mass Third World immigration, why didn’t the Finnish Right strike? The answer lies in the Finnish national character itself. Political Correctness is more dangerous in Finland than elsewhere in Western Europe. Like East Asians (some geneticists argue Finns have relatively high East Asian admixture by European standards), Finns are conformist. They can’t stand disagreement. They’re chronically shy, conflict averse and rule-governed. As I argued above, this may reflect adaption to extremely harsh yet predictable conditions, where cooperative groups are more likely to survive. Society is harmonious and efficient but with a tiny gene pool everyone thinks similarly. You don’t risk being shamed. Indeed, scholars have highlighted the way that Finland has an effectively East Asian “shame culture”

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Bill P #sexist

So regarding divorce we’re just doing the same as the Muslims but putting it in the woman’s hands.

That ought to work out great in the long run!

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Bill P #fundie

Shoplifting is a right, doncha know? Unauthorized immigrants, unauthorized shoppers — they are all facing unjust discrimination.

Seriously, it’s a huge problem in black communities, and more than a few white ones. To me, it poses a bit of an ethical dilemma:

I think it’s wrong to gouge people in poor neighborhoods, but given the high rate of theft, is there any other viable business model?

People don’t take theft seriously enough. It imposes a tax on all honest folks for the benefit of criminals. It actually hurts the poor more than the wealthy, so when liberals refuse to take it seriously they are “punching down” so to speak. Isn’t it curious how virtually all socially liberal policies do more harm to the weaker members of society?

It would be better for blacks overall if theft were punished swiftly and seriously, preferably with hard labor. Stealing is appropriating other people’s labor, after all, so it’s only fair that thieves provide some compensation to society.

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Bill P #sexist

No, it isn’t an awakening as of yet. It will be an awakening when Americans realize en masse that the idea of gender equality is a remarkably brazen con job.

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Bill P #fundie

That Steve King tweet was “monstrous” trolling of people like John Podhoretz. It’s actually pretty funny, because few of his voters will know or care about Victor Orban, so including that quote was purely for the laughs.

Steve King must have a pretty safe seat, or maybe he just doesn’t care. Probably a bit of both. Being an Anglo-Celtic politician with a conservative Germanic constituency is about as good as it gets.

King is probably the awesomest politician in congress. He has proposed abolishing civil marriage, he defends cock-fighting (prima facie evidence of redneck ancestry), he personally despatched a rabid raccoon that was menacing his family and he routinely trolls wimpy republicans.

We need more young men with King’s attitude.

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Bill P #racist

How many whites will be left in California after the illegals chase them all out with fire?

Is anyone in California talking about this potential ethnic cleansing in Los Angeles?

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Bill P #sexist

[About the firing of public radio figures for sexual harassment]

How much of this is this clearing out elderly deadwood because there are younger people raring to move up

About 50%. The other 50% is score-settling for younger women (not really so young — GenXers actually) who are pissed off that putting out didn’t actually pay off.

I think the lesbians are encouraging them in this big time, but ultimately I don’t think that this will lead to lesbian cultural totalitarianism. Instead, it will result in the women becoming exhausted and demanding that their male peers step up to the plate and take over so they can finally have some guys who are suitable marriage material in their lives instead of creepy old married baby boomer guys.

Our girls are subconsciously leveling things. Good for them.

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Thomm #racist

A lot of prime locations are totally wasted due to blacks.

South-Central LA is 44 square miles, right between Downtown and the beach. It is *prime*, as every other major part of LA is within 12 miles of the periphery of South-Central, if not for blacks.

Oakland is a superb suburb for San Francisco, right between SF and Berkeley. Alas, blacks have made it uninhabitable.

The Bronx, Newark, and Harlem section of Manhattan are all prime locations that are ruined.

Entire cities like Detroit, DC-Baltimore, the southern half of Chicago, most of urban Cleveland, etc. could all be great if not for blacks.

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Bill P #sexist

Anon is pretty close to the mark.

This charade plays to the autoeroticism at the heart of female sexuality. To be chased – to be an object of desire – gets women going. The higher status the pursuer, the more it satisfies this craving to be the object of interest. The “damsel in distress” part serves the same purpose. When people rush to comfort, console and show concern it further validates the need to be the center of attention.

Some of the best works of art are all about this aspect of the female heart.

So, essentially, this issue is insoluble in mixed sex environments. Where it doesn’t exist both men and women will do their best to create it. This is why, back in the bad old days, men and women more or less agreed to control different domains, and to exert a lot of cultural control (e.g. formal manners, laws, etc) over those where they overlapped.

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Bill P #racist

Rand Paul isn’t that naive given his constituency. While he should really cool it with the “police oppress blacks” thing, because it isn’t true, he’s speaking to a lot of whites who are dealing with all of the downsides of police militarization with none of the benefits.

The fact is that democrats – including blacks – are the main beneficiaries of the police state, while it’s just another burden for working class and flyover whites. Sure, you need guys in bulletproof vests with ballistic shields and M-4 assault rifles busting into gangsters’ crackhouses to make urban neighborhoods livable, but you don’t need them breaking down doors and shooting the family dog in front of kids whose parents who grow a few pot plants in the garage. Also, you don’t need jumpy vets with PTSD gunning down mentally ill homeless people who aren’t coordinated enough to instantly obey police commands.

There’s a real disconnect here because white communities simply don’t need the same kind of policing as urban communities. I sympathize to some extent with whites who live in minority white areas like LA and NYC, but their stopgap policies just perpetuate the problem, and for most whites they are terribly oppressive. Yes, throwing tons of people in jail works. So does suiting up cops like special forces soldiers on a raid in Sadr City. But it’s a crappy society to live in, and it’s really a tax for the benefit of the Matt Yglesias crowd.

From what I understand, a lot of cops feel the same way, and would be happy to go back to the days when a whistle, a uniform and a shillelagh were enough for the job in the vast majority of cases.

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Bill P #racist

The American left is indeed Maoist. That’s a very racially aggressive poster. Why not turn that racial aggression on its main proponents: the white billionaires who run this country, and those in California in particular?

We deplorables are a hard, meagre target. Well-armed, impecunious and irredeemable (according to the left). We also might not care if POC seize some beachside estates in Malibu and Marin County.

If we were really deplorable, what we’d do is agitate the Maoists into a frenzy in their breeding grounds, and turn them loose on their wealthy, liberal neighbors.

Morally, that sounds pretty bad, but one of these days some of our people are going to start asking “why not?” If the elites really hate us so much, then who are our real enemies? The aimless brown masses or their duplicitous would-be masters who want to use them to crush us? I think we’re starting to figure out the answer to that.

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Jim #fundie

The qualities that make for effective leaders probably vary by the racial/ethnic composition of a society. East Asians are the product of a different evolutionary history. They obviously tend to high intelligence, high conformity, low violence and other traits that are conducive to success in our society. However they may also tend to be lower in other traits that are important in a Western society.

East Asians and Europeans have evolved largely separately for a long time. It is not surprising that they do not always mix well together. Altitude toward nepotism for example. It’s not really anybody’s fault. I probably wouldn’t do well as a member of a wolf-pack. That wouldn’t be my fault or the fault of the wolves. It’s just reality.

At any rate East Asians and whites get along a lot better than whites and blacks.

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Myra Esoteric #fundie

I’m a first / 1.5 generation Chinese immigrant in favor of affirmative action for URMs and feel that this was a good post, Razib. When I was younger, of course we were against AA and felt it was unfair. Especially since, where I grew up, Asians were on average poorer than African Americans and we got our butts kicked regularly by URMs.

This isn’t because I think it would be a good idea for the schools. I believe in expanding the pie, not shrinking it. Moreover, I think that sending our kids to state schools as opposed to the ‘Harvard or bust’ mentality can help boost the average of those state schools.

This is also for social stability, because developing a middleman minority group is an awful idea (c.f. Amy Chua’s book World on Fire). I was always told to remember the anti-Chinese pogroms throughout Southeast Asia.

I don’t know if Asian underrepresentation in the Ivy Leagues and upper echelons of society is really due to ‘character’ and leadership skills, but whether or not the general public sees itself reflected in the Asian leaders.

Anthropologically, tribes look for leaders that are culturally similar to them. Note the uproar over Obama’s election not just among whites, but also among blacks who did not view him as authentically African American because he is of recent immigrant descent.

Although the yellow / brown peril stereotype is there, there is no ‘firm’ color bar as long as the underlying culture is strong enough. Mixed race celebrities Chrissy Teigen, Nicki Minaj (who is Indo-Trinidadian) and Keanu Reeves are accepted as ‘local’ and neither of them look pure African or European.

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Razib Khan #fundie

This is related to something Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones pointed out recently: Asians are far underrepresented in top management in relation to their representation among rank and file workers, especially in technical positions, in Silicon Valley. This is well known. People make all sorts of excuses for this. For example, a large number of the Asians are immigrants to the children of immigrants, who may not have the “social capital” to be successful in management at an American firm.

For me, here’s the upshot: we just need to be honest. Perhaps the cultural skills and dispositions that Asian Americans bring to the labor force are naturally more amenable to technical positions and professions like medicine than they are to management. It may not be as much discrimination, even of the implicit sort, as opposed to the natural sorting of personality types. This is an option we may need to entertain, rather than assuming that it is all invidious discrimination. It does strike me as obvious that Harvard and other Ivy League schools are attempting to racially balance by putting their fingers on the admission knobs in just the perfect manner. Though I’m not particularly happy about this, being transparent and honest would at least allow us to address what’s going on, and wonder whether we should do something about it. The fact is that Asian Americans are doing relatively well, even if their proportion at Harvard is 20% instead of 40%. Do we as a society need to abolish all discrimination by any means necessary? I’d say no.

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Colleen Pater #fundie

I suppose I should take solace that the enemy has bad intelligence, Its still disturbing though how they always reach the conclusions they want and are so clueless.
Its hard to define the alt right because the media hysterics and cluelessness led a lot of non cuckservative and cuck lite people to think it was they who were meant by alt right. And before that the White nationalists and neonazis had slid in under the altright brand as a remake.Then theres quite a lot of non cucked right who are clear they are not alt right but the left will insist are because they actually think anyone to the right of, Che? is a nazi, well who knows it changes so fast. These would include the paleos, the teas the BB, the neoreactionaries, and others.

Whats going on is simple, Liberalism is at the end of the road.Its ridiculous absurd. Its been creating ever more bizarre reasons why it never works as predicted for decades,centuries.While many wise people even hundreds of years ago could see the inherent evil, it took this long for it to get to the point even some kid on the street will declare the empire has no clothes.Liberalism is not only very explicit about its intentions to genocide whites, its begun to eat its own. Its lost all discipline, and cant help constantly exposing its genocidal tendencies.
Worse its all happening while other trends are working against it. there debt thats so absurd it cant even be rationally conceived, as a result of the liar loans to make minorities equal through free houses theres now and the subsequent crash and QE theres not a quadrillion in credit default swaps out there more than ten times the amount that caused the crash.The internet shorted out the lefts stranglehold on thought and now they are reduced to stalinist suppression tactics, immigration mostly illegal or quasi illegal throughout the white world has been so absurdly bad in every single possible way its become crystal clear that was the design, its also clear the left and global corporatists have merged, while this may have had strategic advantages its optics work against the lefts marketing, and this is a huge problem the left is increasingly exposed as a naked grab for power by any means possible. its constantly in alliances and positions that are illiberal, whether championing islam, enforcing speech codes, having its largest power brokers be the billionaire class, and opposing democratic self determination like Brexit,Catalan,Trump,Scotland etc.
And its very foundations are being rocked by reality.Democracy is increasingly shown to be more like a cultural quirk than the end of history.The all men are created equal expansion has come up against the reality the certainly are not.To keep the truth from coming out on that and all sorts of supposed truths science has been whored out to such shocking extents that besides it being taken about as seriously as fake news its increasingly alienated scientists who for now try to keep their heads down to eat but are seething in many quarters at the commie humiliation tactics. This of course is just another undermining factor in the lefts always dubious claim to be the side of reason.
Leftism was bound to be tried, enough things had not caught up to new information that reasonable people thought perhaps; perhaps black people oughtn’t be slaves, perhaps they could be cultivated to the standard of the whites, perhaps women needn’t be under men’s authority, perhaps every stupid person with a pulse ought to be allowed an equal voice in the decisions of a nation, perhaps its wise to discard thousands of years of human wisdom and wing it, perhaps nations needn’t be ethnically homogenous, perhaps a secularized christianity will work better,and thousands of other experiments.
Every last scrap of it has by now been proved patently untrue so many times and then retried and failed so many times its a joke,
Halloween is the 500 anniversary of Martin Luthers little tantrum.Leftisms done stick a fork n it

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Colleen Pater #sexist

“strengths of order, thoroughness, detail-orientation,”- Seriously?!!
have you ever tried to explain something complex to a female? dude they’re idiots, even with 145 IQs they are functional morons. TALK TALK TALK is all they are good at

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Bill P #sexist

Groups and teams are very different. In teams, each individual has a specific job, like parts in a machine. Groups are more like herds that form a sort of unified consciousness wherein individuality is subsumed.

Men do teams better, while women are more group oriented. In teams, individual IQ/talent is salient, because a team is only as strong as its weakest part. In groups, it doesn’t matter so much because the group’s strength is based on numbers.

If you think about it in a hunter gatherer context this is an important distinction. Say the men are going hunting, and they consist of a bowman with great eyesight and good aim, a young, agile runner to harry and flush out the game, a big, strong man to spear/finish off larger, more dangerous game, and leading the team a wise, older hunter with decades of experience who knows the animal behavior, territory and seasons better than anyone else.

In this scenario the team is greater than the sum of its parts, because alone none of the hunters could bag a large animal like a moose, and alone none could have access to a wide variety of game. Even the loss of one member would cripple the team, because each plays an important role. Combined into a game killing team/machine, they increase the amount of meat bagged per hunter and decrease the likelihood of a serious injury.

Meanwhile the women are foraging for roots and berries in a meadow. Young and old, short and tall, fast and slow, stupid and smart all together doing the same thing. The individual distinctions matter little. What is important is that everyone is on the same page, singing the same note. Often, they are in fact singing together as they work. If individuality disrupts this harmony, it must be suppressed. If one individual has to be cast out, it doesn’t matter much because the group’s effectiveness lies in unity and cohesion.

The group can gather more food because it suppresses individuality, which would only result in squabbling, hostility and disruption of workflow.

Hence we can envision the origins of human division of labor by sex, the roots of which are deeper in time than the emergence of our species.

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Bill P #racist

This is entirely about white elites’ moral justification for keeping a boot on the neck of the little people. If they can absolve themselves of any responsibility for the plight of their lessers, e.g. the White Death, then life is so much easier and more comfortable. If they can blame the troubles of all colored people on badwhites, all the better!

There’s really no plan. It’s just the same old “you work, I eat” sentiment that has plagued humanity from the beginning.

But eventually, and it won’t take long, this will stop working. More and more goodwhites will be forced into badwhite status as they are thrust into competition with minorities, find themselves ineligible for nice positions, taste real poverty, etc. Also, outer party goodwhites are under so much pressure to maintain the lifestyle that allows them to don the mantle of goodness that they are practically infertile.

If demographics is destiny, then white demographics is white destiny. White America will be noticeably different in a generation, and my bet is that it won’t be to the advantage of the current elites.

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Bill P #sexist

I’ll happily argue for it. I should have been educated in single sex classrooms. You know what it’s like to be a 17yo boy with a hot girl wearing a tank top and tight shorts sitting a few feet in front of you suggestively twirling her hair with her finger? Do you think that kind of environment is conducive to paying attention to what the teacher is saying?

Boys who actually have balls are poorly served in mixed-sex learning environments, and for more reasons than the very important one I referred to above.

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Bill P #sexist

[This is a follow-up quote to this quote after an exchange:]

[When your wife yells at you so you join ISIS]

Oh, OK. Middle-aged lady angrily denounces guys who aren’t so keen on defending contemporary Western society as degenerate, sackless eunuchs.

Well, maybe you don’t see it, but I think you just proved my (and Houllebecq’s) point.

Let’s see, hmm… Devoted brides in this life and houris in the next on one hand, soul-killing submission to entitled scolds on the other. What advantage could Islam possibly have with fighting-age men?

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Bill P #fundie

People who “don’t want to be bothered” by children are the most controlling of all. They want to banish children from public space, they do their utmost to divert resources away from children toward themselves, they invariably support killing children in the womb, they always support overregulation of parenting, and then they expect the children they hate to pay to fund their “well-deserved” retirement.

I am teaching my children about these people, so that as adults they can make informed decisions about who deserves to share in the fruits of their labor.

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Mark Minter #fundie

My opinion was that Bernie was wanting to get away from a minority alright, the Jews.

There were over 2.5 million of them in New York in the mid 50s. He married Deborah Shiling in 1964, the daughter of the head of surgery at Mt Sinai, another Jewish girl. She was probably another Jew that wanted to break free of the mold. And they moved into the house together. Maybe the money came from her parents. They divorced after 18 months. She still lives in Vermont and is very much the Jewish Vermont organic Birkenstock liberal. I imagine Bernie was sort of Jewish beta, sort of small and short, and he sexually bored the crap out of Debbie. In many pics, Bernie looks like a Woody Allen Nebbish guy during that period. One account says they never really stayed at the “sugar shack” much but they “traveled through Europe as the Vietnam war was heating up.” Again, the money for that must have come from the wife’s family. Maybe they were sort of down on Bernie’s prospects and talked a lot of crap about him to their daughter. By 1968, it was done and over and she had a new guy and she “bought out Bernie’s share of the property”.

I would say Sanders is very much like a character from a Philip Roth novel, one of the Jews that is a little annoyed with being Jewish, that wants to be like everybody else, and went all 60s, rejecting standard Jewish American life of being a dentist, marrying a nice Jewish girl, moving to Great Neck. That was the motivation for so many Jews to have embraced Socialism, to rip down the prevailing power structure so they could “be a man on the street and a Jew in the home.” Sort of self-loathing Jew.

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Autochotlon #racist

I agree with your second point (about overpopoluation) entirely, though Anna Eshoo (D – Assyria) passionately disagrees. Notwithstanding the overpopulation, though, white women are increasingly failing to bear even two children (replacement-rates). I hypothesise (and you may agree) that part of the trouble here is that we whites are like angel fish: just as they only grow as large as their aquariums will comfortably allow, we seem to reproduce only up to a sustainable level, whereas the brown peoples of the world breed like unchecked deer or lemmings, until they destroy their very habitats. Here again, you are right: that perverse behavior would be fine, if we sensibly confined them to destroying their lands and facing the consequences, rather than blithely inviting them to move along to destroying ours as well.

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Bill P #sexist

I’ve taken more than a few shots from big, strong athletic women (that’s my type). It’s nothing to speak of. Even your typical male office dweeb can hit harder.

BTW, it’s not that easy to knock a young, healthy guy down with a punch. You’ve got to hit like you’re swinging for the fence. The idea that slender girls can do that is laughable. I’d let Charlize hit me as hard as she could for 50 bucks and feel like I got a deal.

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dfordoom #racist

We do need to address the issue of white-on-white hatred. Why do white gentile elites hate white people so much? More importantly, why do a majority of white gentiles want to destroy their own civilisation? How to explain the determination of the Swedes, the Germans, the French, to destroy themselves?
In fact there is an explanation. It has nothing whatever to do with race. What we’re seeing is pure class hatred. The hatred of upper-class and middle-class urban whites for working-class and rural whites.

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Bill P #racist

[TBH this is kind of a tossup]

Four IQ points sounds about right to me. For white people, that is.

I’m pretty sure that whites are more sexually dimorphic intellectually speaking than Asians. Check the SAT scores by race and gender, then look at whites and orientals, and you’ll see that white women fall significantly behind oriental women whereas white men and oriental men are pretty close.

A significant portion of the white/oriental achievement test gap can be accounted for by lower white female scores.

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Bill P #sexist

I just want my daughter to marry a healthy guy with a good work ethic and a kind heart. Preferably good looking and athletic, too. I’m not so sure she’d find that at MIT or Caltech. Or the Ivies, for that matter. I want vigorous, bouncing grandkids someday, but I shudder at the thought of what she might bring back from those places.

No, I’d rather she spends time with earnest white jocks who like hunting, hiking and fishing in their spare time.

My sons, on the other hand, can go in for all the nerdy pursuits they want. In their case at least I can influence them in a manly direction.

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Bill P #fundie

[Actual quote is across two comments]

On another note, there are too many dogs out there already. They literally chase children out of playgrounds in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, while their owners openly blame the kids for “provoking” them. I personally wouldn’t have much problem with a culling of the dogs, if done humanely of course.


A bullet costs a few cents, and is a lot more humane than dragging the animal off to be held down and stabbed with a needle in a terrifying place. “Putting them to sleep” is a really misleading euphemism. Why not just be a man and shoot them? I know it’s hard for the owner, but it’s much better for the pet. People are such cowards these days that they’d rather other living beings go through pain than suffer a pinprick to their own conscience.

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Bill P #sexist

Feminist writing is one of the most horribly brutal assaults on the English language that ever came out of academia. It makes legalese sound like fine poetry in comparison.

I suspect that a lot of the rage comes from the fact that feminists tend to have an inability to think objectively, hence their constant attacks on objectivity. I don’t think it’s just willful solipsism; it’s a real mental disability (in an academic setting at least). Universities were founded on the masculine ideal of objective thought, so feminists have a permanent outsider status no matter how many jobs they get at universities. Therefore, they can only “deconstruct” (i.e. destroy) the foundations of Western scholarship. Hence the belligerent language and failure to contribute anything meaningful at all.

I really don’t think we’ll be able to restore our standards without re-segregating universities by sex. Maybe somebody can leverage the campus rape hysteria for just that purpose, although I’m not hopeful.

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Bill P #sexist

It’s Title IX. Colleges can’t afford unknown quantity poor boys anymore because they have to subsidize girls’ sports as per Obama’s gender feminist appointees’ diktats. That is the only thing that could explain this precipitous drop during the Obama administration. Notice that although girls were not as impacted as boys, only girls’ volleyball and tennis (and boys’ swimming for some reason — Michael Phelps hopefuls? Gay male preference for the sport? who knows…) included more first gens over the next five years. Kinda looks like wealthy people did some more WINNING! under Obama as usual.

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Bill P #fundie

She’s from Portland’s upper class. Catlin Gabel is where the local elites send their kids. I wonder sometimes whether this kind of SJW stuff isn’t covert elite warfare on upstart working whites who might be so bold as to defend their own interests. Sure seems like they don’t want any non-bubble white boys in college.

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Bill P #fundie

I expect that in the not too distant future the Chinese will again commence the old rituals, offer sacrifices and reestablish the traditional state religion, or some version of it. There will be a global religious revival if, as appears likely, we run into diminishing returns from science and secular philosophy, and I think that will be the Chinese response.

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Bill P #fundie

[On the film "Get Out"]

They’re jumping the gun here. There are still a lot of white women in America, and they are still highly influential.

I predicted – and didn’t take much mental effort – that feminism would decline as race became more important years ago. The silly men vs. women charade of the last four decades was the result of a civilization with nothing better to do. Well, those days are drawing to a close, and women probably know it better than anyone. Hence this film that panders to racial hostility and slaps the erstwhile white sistahs across the face.

White women never should have been as intimately involved with black issues as they have been since Eleanor Roosevelt (maybe even Harriet Beecher Stowe), but being tolerant, ever-patient American men we have always indulged them. Big mistake, and of course we’ll be blamed for the inevitable result, which will be pretty grim for whites and blacks alike.

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Duke of Qin #racist

This is precisely why I am opposed to continued Chinese immigration to the West, because more than anything else I want to preserve the cultural and racial patrimony of my forefathers rather than throwing it away in a slow inevitable demographic death. It is also why the Communist Party’s overthrow is so vital so that a racially conscious government can take it’s place and mold the Chinese for our continued survival. The Cultural Revolution instructed all Chinese to smash authority, that type of state influenced movement can also be used to turn the Chinese into the perfect racists rather than revolutionaries.

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Anonymous #racist

Let’s calm down, it’s not a Chinese age. The same things were said about Japan, and where are they now? They all returned to Japan, because the men couldn’t cut it. Japan has no sense of exploring the world, despite being one of the most intelligent, dominant races ever. Even today, the Japanese will stay in Japan, rather than have to take a single risk with their lives on the rest of the planet. Their women eventually outmarried at 70% the last I checked, and today they are the least likely to intramarry and have kids. The same is happening to Chinese, but they’re just 2 generations behind.

The Chinese are even lower on Maslow’s hierarchy ladder. They’re concerns are primitive, or at most about looking rich and status hunting. They will buy anything European or American. Their men have no greater cause. They have no sense of self-actualization. Their young men are mostly concerned with obedience or notice the lack of sex available to them, and are incapable of thinking beyond that. They will do nothing more than make some good money, have 1 or 2 kids, and hang out at the golf course or have goals of having sex with a white girl.

Look at the streets, nightclubs and bars of NYC. Their men and women have no self-esteem, and it shows in their dating and marrying habits. Despite having the highest IQ, East Asians are willing to take away their offsprings’ IQ advantage, so they can be less Asian. Even if they have kids, most East Asians have 2 kids maximum. When’s the last time you’ve seen a proud 2nd generation East Asian father with 5 kids? Probably never.

They take their 1 or 2 kids and take them for tennis and piano lessons, so they can show other Asians how cultured their kids are. East Asians have the highest overall IQ, especially in mathematical areas of the brain. They are also the least likely race prone to disease and aging. When they mix, their children are less intelligent and less healthy on average, but still smarter and healthier than whites. However, if you talk with young East Asians, it’s abundantly clear they’re willing to trade it for height and becoming more white, no matter how they rationalize. Imagine if 70% of white girls all wanted to become black, despite black culture. That’s what East Asians do.

So they dress their kids in clothes as if they’re cute dogs and spend way too investment, because they’re in denial about nature vs nurture just like educated white liberals. For a scientific people, they have a blind spot when it comes to genetics and it’s overwhelming role over nature in IQ and life success.

Instead they have the Amy Chua mindset, and they try to mold their perfect one or two Asian kids through being the “perfect parent”. Also, Asian women are have a tremendous reputation for interracial sex and out-marriage. Again, how independent thinking can Asians be? They have 1.5 kids each, and half that time it’s with a non-Asian. None of them notice that white IQ > mixed white/black IQ > black IQ. Even with the highest IQs, Asian women make kids with lesser IQ races more than they make Asian kids. And Asian men honestly do not care. None of them want kids. They’d rather become robots or spend 1000 hours on a video game. They’re intelligent, but don’t seem to have metacognition.

The is where Jews or intelligent whites have done a vastly better job than East Asians. We all know you should have multiple children, and you must encourage rhetorical skills along with a logical understand of mathematical concepts, rather than memorization, repetition and application. The children learn to discuss adult topics and offer their opinion with their parents. You encourage them to offer opinions, listen and debate. Teach them to develop habits to self-determination and self-actualization. They learn to make decisions, and as a parent you set the guideline. You accept that your child could fail, but you also have many more of them. Your value as a parent is your emotional support. Your self-esteem isn’t dependent on your child’s success to the degree it is for East Asians. And it always helps that you didn’t just have 1 or 2 kids, just so you could live in a nicer house with a nicer car at a nicer vacation spot. You shun aside materialism and build a family instead.

Even ghetto black men are wise enough to know they should have alot of children. They simply lack the moral compass or the proper education to raise them. Their concerns are about on how people hate blacks, rather than correcting their own mistakes. Hispanics are actually stronger in a sense they have men who take risks, women who have pride, and for all their faults and lower IQ, they value big families. They have their share of idiots, but they are the single group that has taken over more parts of the cities, more politicians, and have more children.

Asians are stereotypically lone wolves and take a perverse pride in that. If one East Asian is having a tough time, another one will not be there to help. They abandon each other faster than any other race. Their social scenes are about one-up manship status. They will discuss their prestigious academic record, company position, or income and wealth. Maybe she will introduce her Jewish boyfriend to you, as if she’s won the lottery. He will unconvincingly brag about some machismo anecdote, which highlights his insecurities. It’s a bore.

So despite their overall population today, as long as this trend continues, East Asians will go extinct before whites. You cannot argue with the fact that their women don’t like their men, and their men have no goals of fathering many children like their great ancestors. You can go to any college and white collar workplace. East Asian women are all single and overworked. Most of them are with non-Asian men. East Asian men are mostly concerned with studying, video games, making money, and maybe meeting some nice girl to have 1 or 2 kids with. This includes the American raised ones. Look to the Japanese as the precedent.

If any group of Asians will be successful, it will be South Asians. The Brahmin Indians are the most intelligent and successful race in the US. Many speak English, the lingua franca, before coming to America. They win all the spelling bees, because they are highly linguistically developed. That’s why they have such incredibly long names. Look at the lists for top successful men under 40 in any business magazine. It’s Indians. Look at the highest median income, other than Jews, it’s Indians. East Asians are low risk shame cultures, and they bring that same sense of conformity here, from the bedroom to the boardroom. They have no sense of Asian identity that they want to develop and pass on through parenthood fatherhood. They want to adapt in, and will behave like liberal whites. They are horrendously uneducated about genetics and IQ, and refuse to learn about it because it is not politically correct as liberals inform them. This works because of their shame culture, and shame only works if you are prone to conformity. It’s why East Asian women are the least race loyal. They conform quickly to whomever is in power with little self-awareness and zero conviction. They’d have to be an independent thinking race to do otherwise.

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Bill P #fundie

" The people on TV said it was terrible because it wasn’t “soaring.” Something tells me they never worked in a factory and probably don’t know anyone who does."

It’s the first inaugural address I’ve ever heard that has ever touched me in any way, and it touched me deeply. I honestly never before felt like politicians gave a damn about working American families, and it sounded to me very much like he did. I also didn’t anticipate that having someone in power who will look out for people like me and mine would actually make me feel any different, but it does. It’s a potent mixture of gratitude and hope.

He set a very high bar for himself.

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Jefferson #racist

There are only 2 types of Asian Americans, rotten bananas (Asian Wiggers) and nerds. There is not a lot of diversity in the Asian American community when it comes to different types of personalities.

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Bill P #fundie

Northern European gender equality is a myth supported by the great indulgence shown to Nordic women. Feminine weakness and foibles are tolerated in Scandinavia to a degree that would seem absurd to Asians or Africans. Scandinavian women’s participation at the highest levels is possible because of the extreme deference shown to women in these countries, which would be unthinkable in the rest of the world. I’d argue that this demonstrates higher levels of sexual dimorphism: if women were really treated “equally” then they would be marginalized as they are in most of the world.

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Bill P #fundie

I still can’t believe it. I just hope he doesn’t forget San Jose and what those people did to his supporters. Or any of the other arrogant cities, universities, corporations and other “progressive” institutions across the US. It’s time for some justice.