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This, in fact, proves the foreign women aren’t that great either. Why?

Because if they were, they would flood into the Anglosphere to get all the money and better men that are to be had.

In the US, since 70-80% of government spending is a transfer from men to women, the average adult women gets $40K/year (and this is just direct resources) in some form or the other from the government. Individual results vary, of course, from women who get very little, all the way up to Sheryl Sandberg. But in most middle-income countries, not only does the average MAN earn just $10,000/yr or so, but few jobs are available to women at all, and those are usually low status.

It makes astronomically good financial and marital sense for attractive women from EE/LatAm/SE Asia to come here by the millions. But they don’t.

Women are so pathetic in economic thought that even this massive arbitrage opportunity does not inspire them to flood into the Anglosphere. There is no industry where an uncompetitive company earning so much will not attract competition, but with women, it is true.

America is, arguably, no better for a man than Mexico, Thailand, or Poland, since here there are millions of men who have to fight the court system just to see their kids (a concept unheard of outside of the Anglosphere). But for women, the benefits are so astronomically high that if women were capable of proactive thought, this imbalance would correct quickly.


The American man does have higher MMV. But women are too stupid to do what would happen in every other market – go where the low-hanging fruits are.

I mean, millions of illegal MEN came from Mexico to work in low-status labor here. Why didn’t some of the better looking but still poor women of Latam do the same, just to land an American man?

The fact that the American man has to devote months or years overseas for a foreign woman is itself testament to female inferiority of thought. They don’t even move to pursue obviously better opportunities (a few Russian woman are the exception, but almost all of them that I know did eventually divorce their BB American husband).


Interesting. I always thought that before puberty, boys and girls were equally capable, mentally, whereas puberty is where a female actually goes backwards in certain attributes (since her entire psychology has to orient towards the SMP of 10,000 BC).

But for all the talk of how ‘foreign women are better, even if you bring them to the US’, any basic economic normalization would lead to the wide world of women coming in to feed at the trough that so many Western Women are gluttonously consuming from.

Like I said, in the US, about $40,000 is transferred from adult men to adult women each year. This is several times higher than what a girl in Poland or Mexico can earn on her own, and much more than even her future husband can earn there.

Would you not move to a country where the government was transferring a huge amount of money to you with no strings attached, and the entire society was rigged to inflate your SMV? If you said yes, that is because you think like a man, not a woman.



So the only reason foreign women don’t move here is that they don’t understand long term economic reasoning?

Yes. Next Question.

Don’t you think maybe attachment to their homeland, culture, family and not speaking the language might play into that decision? Also we are far more risk averse.

As if men don’t have these attachments or impediments. Thanks for inadvertantly disclosing that men are not seen as fully human.

Women are ‘risk averse’, but immigration to the US is much riskier for a man than for a woman who can even slightly focus on the goal of getting an American husband and extracting government goodies already flowing to women in a torrent.

Sorry, but you don’t have a good understanding of how women think, even after all these years in the ‘sphere.



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