Some TERFs #transphobia

Re: Cultures that have ‘third genders’ don’t prove transgenderism is either ubiquitous or progressive

There's a lot of "noble savage" romanticism in trans ideology. They don't respect these cultures enough to learn anything in depth about them. They just want what they want out of it,

It looks more like a barbaric practice of mainly men that don't embrace a sexist toxic form of masculinity to set them apart from women, but see themselves as non-men. it is enforced in the hierarchy of a male system.

Women that don't feel like women can just be killed by their family.

That's been my conclusion from reading about the vast majority of third gender cultures. It's infuriating when libfems try to justify transgenderism with it, when it's clear they know nothing about the practices or the cultures.

And how many of these "third genders" treated the person as a member of the opposite sex? Unless they were treated identically to members of the opposite sex, it's not comparable to modern trans.

They say "Transwomen are women", not "transwomen are a third category/transwomen are a category of biological males".

Having extra genders doesn't make any sense unless the culture already had a rigid gender role binary. Not to mention the implication that being gay or GNC makes you a less valid or valuable member of your sex so you get tossed into the "non-man" category. None of these cultures viewed GNC men the same as actual women, and certainly not the same as being biologically female. Were they even allowed to have relationships or marriages with other men? Just because this is better than how they'd be treated in most cultures influenced by Abrahamic religions, that doesn't mean all these tribes lived in progressive, queer-affirming, sex-positive intersectional feminist utopias. /eyeroll?

I'm no anthropologist so feel free to chime in with any evidence to the contrary, but it seems like a lot of "third genders" are just for males. What did they do with the lesbians or transmen?

Married off and repeatedly impregnated is my guess.



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