Frank Toliver #racist

Hello students, welcome to Niggerology 101, I am your professor, Frank T., certified Niggerologist, and for our first session we will discuss traits of the nigger, a quasi human creature which can be taught to do many human tasks, but is still an animal nonetheless, with possible origins in human and ape mating.

Please write a short blurb on the chalkboard no longer than 3 sentences about distinguishing characteristics of the nigger. Here are some examples.

Niggers are surly and belligerent on good days, and aggressive and violent on others. This is due to low intelligence, high testosterone, low impulse control, and the passes given to them by non-nigger societies.

Niggers are fascinated with adorning themselves with baubles, bright colors, and garish makeups / wigs. This may have to do with their bland brown to black colors making them all look roughly the same.

Niggers are disease carriers, much of which is due to having little to no planning skills, or concern for the ramifications of their actions.

I look forward to your observations and I hope this will be a great semester for us all.


Students, please take out your tablets or notebooks. This will be on the pop quiz.

1. No matter how much money you funnel into the nigger's hands, the result is always nothing but less than what you began with. For example, niggers like to smash anything that is smashable. If you install windows for them, they will be smashed, the same with plumbing systems or traffic lights. Investing in negroes is a bad investment, and is only done by the delusional and those who are adverse to civilization.

2. White people misunderstand niggers as humans, when they are in fact a raw expression of aggression. Each part of their daily life is preoccupied with what advantage can I take, who can I overpower, with the minimal work involved. This is why nigger women will go out of your way to cut you off in traffic or make any interaction with government (where they are given free jobs) you have difficult. This is why any nigger in any position of power will always use that power to have sex with as many (white) women as he can. We can actually learn something from this, and perhaps see that we need to have aggression of our own.

3. Niggers are mesmerized by the idea of magic and instant gratification. This is why voodoo resonates with them; get everything you want with no work and only with a payment of muti (pieces of other people killed for magical gain). The failure of white people to capitalize on the negro's love of magic is a great failing. A question on the exam may be how can we benefit from the nigger's presence until we have the power to remove the nigger's presence.

4. The nigger owes his great physical power and size to eugenics, and the infrastructure of whites. Without this breeding, the average black (in his natural state) is the same or smaller than the average white person. Removed from white society and forced to depend on their own resources, the black would return to his natural state of unremarkableness.



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