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Re: Fresh confession, from same name subreddit 6 hours ago. That's exactly how AGP starts and you being led to think that you may actually be a girl.


It's funny that gay fashion designers have been trying to make man skirts and dresses a thing for decades but get zero support. Poor Jean Paul Gaultier keeps trying again every couple of years but finds no takers. It's mad that western men have to make this huge mental leap that they are women before they can allow themselves to wear a bit of cloth in a different shape to the cloth they usually wear. In many cultures dresses, shirts and bright colours are male fashion.

you’ve got it backwards and sort of proved it in your last sentence about other cultures. the AGP westerner is not a guy who wishes he could wear dresses and thus has to rationalise that he must be a woman - he wants to specifically feel like a woman, so he rationalises why clothes in the women section are superior because that’s part of what he associates with being a woman, which is what he wants - the clothes are symbolic. he wouldn’t be happy with a “man dress” (which is why there’s no market) he wants the “REAL THING”. he wants to escape his own sense of ”boring” masculinity into the “comfort” of the utopian feminine of his own projection. it’s way too materialist to assume that it’s as simple as guys wanting to dress androgynous or wear women’s clothes but being so rigid that they must claim to be woman beforehand... it’s about dissociating into “womanhood” from his perceived failed manhood and the clothes are a big mental cue and avenue to feeling “feminine”, add to that the sexual element and he’s hooked



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