Gabbylittleangel #fundie

[regarding the question of fossil evidence and what happened to Dinosaurs]

Believe it or not, this is one of the topics that I discussed with the Lord. gators and crocks, yes. So are elephants and Rhinoceros's (Praise God for spellcheck )

Some of the things that God revealed to me was that they were not vicious. The big guy with the huge pointy teeth? He ate trees. There was one dino that was found that scientist had believed had swallowed another dinosaur whole? He did not. She was pregnant. They did not lay eggs, they gave live birth, like rhinos do today.
Well, except for the big bird thingy. And unlike its Hollywood and Japanese film counterparts, they had feathers.

Why are they gone? The Lord says that there were not all that many of them to begin with. They were on the ark. And they simply did not reproduce after the flood rapidly enough to survive. With the exception of the ones that survived. Crocks, gators, elephants, rhinos.



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