Cybersex is our hope #fundie

Religion is 100% better than atheism and materialism

Every time in history where secular cucks tried to deviate from the word of Gods and to create an utopia it all went to shit and the deaths caused by them would have made every inquisitor pale.
I'm not talking only about communism with its 100 billion deaths but also about French jacobinism with its 41.000 executions in a year (the inquisition killed 3000 in 3 centuries. KEK many American cities maybe have 3000 murders in a year). Not to mention how, after repression and persecution, the result was always shittier than the starting pre-revolutionary point.

Psychologically speaking religion makes people feel and live better than atheism

Also, religion says women should be submissive and obey men while secular cucks want to force equality upon us (from a redpilled perspective, who was right? LOL)

I my self am an over analyzer aspie skeptic but I would 200% choose a fundamentalist catholic society than an atheist neckbeard feminist on. Not even up to debate. Hands down.



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