Memphis Dwight #fundie

[Yeah, but that's the thing. Promoting polygyny narrows it down by making sure women don't have the same rights, thus keeping them enslaved.]

I didn't write the bible and the MEN that did write it were writing what God told them. And you're the one that would keep single women from having a husband. Yes, Social Security can take care of them.

It is not a matter of women belonging to man versus women being independent. It is either women belong to man or women belonging to the State.

Those telling the lie to woman that she can get a better deal by 'working for herself' always leave out that no one wants to marry an old spinster. That is why and other dating websites are making money hand over fist. Its because these women that either put off marriage till late in life or divorced their husbands thinking they would trade up have begun to realize they were sold some magic beans.

Woman was not made independent. When she was made, the man was already here. As the writer or I Corinthians puts it, Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man, 11:9.



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