kingjameswriter1965 #conspiracy

I discovered something eerie about my phone. It keeps track of my whereabouts all the time. Whenever I leave the house, it follows me. It marks off the exact places where I’ve been, and the route I took going to them. I do NOT like that at all. So I just turned the location off completely, except for my apps. Now it can’t find me, haha! The phone makers insist that it marks off my path for my benefit, in that I can more easily find certain locations based on my own, but I think that’s hogwash. I think the government is spying on me and everyone else who has a “smartphone,” which is about 9 in 10 people, I’d guess. They should admit what they’re really up to and call it a “SPYphone.” I bet it wouldn’t be so much of an idol as it is now if people knew the truth.



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